Traveling with Lipedema - Mainland Spain

Traveling with Lipedema - Mainland Spain

Hello everyone,

I can finally take you on my travels again.

This time we were in the beautiful Spain. Due to the pregnancy, we decided to travel to a nearby destination. Almost two hours of flight time were totally okay and the destination was easy to find. Pineda de Mar!

The small town is right on the beach, as the name suggests (de Mar). It's a quiet place, with a few bars, restaurants and shops on site. Smaller hotels and a beautiful beach are also located there. The best thing, however, is the train connection. The train station is right on the beach and you can be in Barcelona within 50 minutes. Top! And that for just € 10 there and back. We actually used this offer 3 times.


Yes, what should I tell you about it without wandering into the endless. Barcelona is more than worth a trip. The buildings and streets look beautiful. You have the feeling of diving into a completely different world. Hustle and bustle and a good mood - these are the words with which I would describe this city. There is so much to discover, but unfortunately we didn't make it all.

The triumphal arch is really worth seeing, the Sagrada Familia is breathtaking (please be smarter than us and book a ticket online in advance), the old town is more than worth seeing. There are many things that cannot be put into words. I'll just attach a few pictures to you. These say more than a thousand words.

What else is there?

Blanes and the Botanical Gardens. Such beautiful gardens! Here too we went by train, at Blanes train station you take the bus to go into the city center. There are already many buses waiting to go to the gardens. It's worth it as we spent a whole day just looking at the gardens. Cacti in abundance and beautiful statues and figurines. They are located on the hills in Blanes and from there you get a gorgeous view!


We can really recommend Spain, explicitly the mainland. Completely different from the Balearic Islands, it exudes its own charm and invites you to many adventures. We would love to come back.

I gave up my compression in Spain. I was doing very well and I was able to cool my legs in the pool or the sea every day. But if you have a problem you should wear the compression - especially on excursions in and around Barcelona. Good footwear is also a MUST. You walk a lot.

Good Trip!

Handwriting Anja

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