The search for the right medical supply store

One of the most frequently asked questions when someone has a diagnosis is:

"What happens now, what do I have to do?"

After the diagnosis is in front of the medical supply store

Here I would like to pass on my experiences to you, tell you what is important to me in a medical supply store and what is a must or a no-go for me.

  1. If possible, always call or visit several medical supply stores.
  2. How do the employees behave, do they respond to you?
  3. Am I perceived as a person and treated with respect?
  4. Does this medical supply store have a broad selection?
  5. Cleanliness and hygiene
  6. expertise

First of all, these are the rough points that need to be considered.

Good research is everything

The first thing I would do is ask the WorldWideWeb about medical supply stores. They often have great websites where you can learn a lot about them. Photos of employees, what they specialize in and of course something like opening times, and maybe even photos of the premises.

Now you can consider whether you would rather go there in person and ask for an appointment or call in advance. The characters are different there. I always find it important whether the person responds to my needs or just works through them bluntly.

That is one of the most important points for me. A good medical supply store is at your side when perhaps nobody can anymore. Adjusting a compression fitting is an incredibly intimate and private moment, because compression changes your whole life and it is very important that you feel that you are in good hands and can trust your medical supply store and especially the Sani-Fee. Even in the event of any complaints, changes or worsening of the disease, the medical supply store is your contact (of course after and in consultation with your doctor) but they usually know a lot better than a doctor and can give you and often the doctor many good tips . Of course, a medical supply store also has its limits and can only be as good as you let it be.

A good selection is always an advantage

Many medical supply stores specialize in one manufacturer or have several well-trained sanitary facilities in-house who can measure you depending on the brand. It is best to have different manufacturers and to work with you to find the perfect manufacturer for you and your needs. This may take a while, but there is a compression garment for everyone. Be patient.

Of course, cleanliness and hygiene play a very important role. If a shop is not in a good condition, then unfortunately this often reflects the cleanliness of the employees. Everything that happens to people must always be clean and hygienic. I am aware that everyone of you knows this, but for the sake of clarity I would of course like to leave this point out.

Trust is good, control can't hurt?

And now the point that makes many stomach aches. The subject of expertise! Many of us have now become our own little specialists. This is part of the subject of self-management and is essential if you have a chronic illness. I think that's very good and I support it. Nevertheless, of course, employees in a medical supply store often have years of experience and know their way around wonderfully. Here it is important to trust, but of course never blindly. Questioning, exchanging ideas and communicating are the be-all and end-all. On the one hand, you may learn something more and, on the other hand, your contact person will see that you also know your way around and, in my experience, a good relationship develops.

I have already got to know many medical supply stores and I can really say that my experience was mostly very positive. Nevertheless, it is important that you always think of yourself and not allow yourself to be influenced too much. You are responsible for yourself and your health, nobody can do that for you and I can only say: "Fortunately!"

Share experiences and help everyone

These are some experiences that I have gained over the years and that I consider to be very important. I would of course like to learn more about your experiences. What is particularly important to you and what is not. Have you already found a great fitting compression and have you found a great medical supply store or is that not so important to you?

Handwriting Britta

Author: Britta

Hello everyone, my name is Britta and I am a spring child from 1984. I love fashion and make-up and, as a person affected by lip and lymphoedema, I deal with it very intensively. My motto is loosely based on Pipi Longstocking, "I make the world as I like it". I would like to take you on my journey and share my discoveries with you.

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