Scarves - well wrapped through the cold season

They not only keep you cozy and warm, but are also an absolute styling must-have for the cold winter days. Scarves, scarves and more scarves! The motto this winter is ... the bigger the better. Oversize isn't just in demand as a coat or sweater this winter, no! The scarves can also convince in abundance. It doesn't matter at all whether plain colors, checkered, with or without fringes. Of course you can also reach for your less conspicuous conspecifics. If you want to be at the forefront, choose the color of the scarf according to the current trend colors, such as: Marsala, mud (kaki), azure blue, nude or in beautiful pastel colors.

A big bonus for the oversize scarves is not only that they keep you super warm on cold days, but are also versatile. So girls, dare to mumble yourselves.

The checkered super miracle.

The plaid oversized scarf is an indispensable part of this winter. Everything that pleases can be allowed here, whether delicate pastel tones or the classic black and white variant. But if you want to escape a bit from the gray winter time, reach for the more colorful colleagues and get in a much better mood.


Checkered redcheckered mudcheckered pastelazure checked


Monochrome and yet not boring

If you prefer the classic scarves, there are a large number of great colored scarves in every shape and size. These scarves not only spice up the business outfit, but also any leisure look. You should note that the brighter and more conspicuous the color, the more muted the rest of the outfit must be kept. A bright pink scarf (here in picture four) needs a lot of space, choose for example white, cream or beige tones. Black and light shades of gray go with everything, of course.

solid redsolid bluesolid pink


Grandma is not the same as rough

Yes, it's back and no, it was never really gone either - the chunky knitted scarf. Hated as a child, it is now an indispensable part of the wardrobe. Do you like it more relaxed and casual? Come on then, girls! Reach for the great chunky knitted scarves or those who are gifted with craftsmanship can knit them themselves. You can find beautiful wool in every craft or sewing shop.

Chunky beigechunky graychunky mintChunky pink


Oversize is all you need!

Scarves can also be styled and used very differently. Oversized scarves in particular offer plenty of scope for this. Whether worn as a poncho (see picture one), I often do it when it is too cold in the office, or just let it hang casually (see picture five). Here you can wrap, fold, throw wildly over your shoulder as you like. The main thing is you feel comfortable and it is nice and warm.

black styling 1styling4styling marsalastyling3styling2

All these great scarves are available from, Mango, Asos, H&M and Zara.

I wish you a nice warm winter time with your many great scarves.


Handwriting Michaela

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Author: Mitcha

I'm Michaela and I come from beautiful Hessen (Central Hesse). I am fashion at lipedema because a good idea has become reality! Caroline is a very good friend of mine and I have seen her illness first hand, so to speak, since the beginning of our friendship. Through this I learned and experienced a lot about the disease and its suffering that it brings with it. Of course, their pitfalls too, especially when it comes to fashion. Every woman should feel beautiful and desirable, even with the diagnosis of lipedema or other ailments that a woman has. In this regard, I am at Caroline’s side with words and deeds, and together we’re looking for beautiful, fashionable variants that will give your own outfit that certain something despite compression garments. So it happens that I support the blog in terms of fashion, lifestyle, nutrition and sport, even without having lipedema myself. Because everyone should feel comfortable in their body.

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