Slim support bustiers - the bra revolution!

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Let's be honest: For me, the bra is the first thing that is taken off at home.

A long day at work, a traffic jam on the way home, quick shopping for dinner. Now just unlock the front door and then: ZACK! The first thing I take off at home besides my shoes and my jacket is my bra. Well, if there aren't any visitors - don't get me wrong.

But isn't it a liberating feeling? Perhaps not everyone shares this view, and of course there are beautiful bras out there too. For everyone who likes to topless walk around, I have the material moisture meter shows you the Tip. Let's start at the beginning ...

The post was there!

In February the post was there (again). This time, however, no delivery from the usual mail-order companies, where you still order at 1 a.m. because you fell into the night-time shopping frenzy again.

It was a surprise package from the wonderful Slimming support-Team. Dear Patricia gave us a lot of pleasure!

A few days later, Caroline came to see me to open the package together.

lipedema fashion slim support bustier bra hse24 blogger lymphedema

Good support for a little "more" leg

Now what was in this package? So first of all leggings laughed at us. A red 7/8 length with a lace waistband on the leg. Perhaps just the thing for the girls among you who have already had surgery and who are struggling with sagging skin.

The fabric is super comfortable on the skin and will certainly be nice and cool in summer. I can pull it over my stomach and best of all: it doesn't roll up on the waistband. The legs feel well supported and firm, you cannot move a lot when walking if you have a little "more" leg. A really great product! Look here stop by if you are still looking for great leggings for everyday life. There are sure to be new models online.

The highlight for both of us -
The slim support bustiers

"What kind of small packages are these?" I asked Caro. Then she had already opened one and we were amazed. Okay, they're not tops. At first I thought:

"But how is that supposed to hold up with a large bust? It's definitely not for my bosom. "

I disappeared into the bathroom without further ado, because the pink version with a lace top appealed to me quite a bit. Back in the living room we were on fire - and I really mean it!

Without further ado I wrote a message to Patricia: "Thanks for the no-bra feeling without any visible loss!"

You have the feeling that you are not wearing a bra: no underwire is uncomfortable or straps cut into it. Now I can confess that I've often worn the bustiers to work.

With this product, Schlankstütz has once again completely convinced us. And they also look really nice. Of course, it's not a super sexy bra like the Victoria's Secret angels wear. But they are a great change for everyday life!

lipedema fashion slim support bustier bra hse24 blogger lymphedema

Beneficial for the lymph flow

It can only be conducive to the lymph flow if no bra straps or underbust bands cut into the skin. In addition, you have no prints.

The material is certainly very comfortable even in summer, as it is air-permeable and breathable. So far, I have no smell of z. B. can detect sweat!

The lean support lover circle is getting bigger

I recently brought one of the bustiers for my mother with me because I wanted to know her opinion on it too. A day later she wrote to me:

"This is not possible! Where did you get these?"

Her conclusion: great to wear, super comfortable, great colors! The only problem we have is that the tip curls up a bit despite the anti-slip collar. But in our opinion, this can be got over with the overwhelming advantages.

Do you remember our first post about slimming support? Here you can find out more about the company and all products.

lipedema fashion slim support bustier bra hse24 blogger lymphedema


Hopefully I've made you curious about the bustiers!

Take a look at the HSE24 slim support online shop, here you can take a look at the current models and simply order one for a trial. Trust yourself, it's worth it!

The bustiers are available individually and also in 2 packs, which I think is a great offer. The light green and pink are also available - basically a partner look with Caroline and me. 🙂

We look forward to your feedback!
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All the best
Pia & Caroline

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