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Who has been with zapping HSE24 got stuck, has probably seen a program with the supportive underwear from Schlankstütz. I came across it through Facebook and just had to test what has made this company such a best seller since 2000. Dear Patricia provided us with some PR samples, which Caroline and I unpacked together as soon as we received them.

At first, however, we remained skeptical, because the fear of old "grandma underwear" was great. I couldn't identify with it until I saw myself in her. I thought the idea behind the laundry was great from the first minute, but admittedly I felt too young for it. Driven by curiosity about how the slimming lingerie can be worn together with the compression, Caroline could hardly wait and so we embarked on this little adventure.

lipedema fashion lipedema fashion slim support shapewear

Prejudices and why they should be cleared up quickly

Well, so much in advance: the prejudices lasted only a few seconds after unpacking the products. Let me briefly describe the process of this Tuesday evening:

After a long day at work, I drove to Caroline’s house at around seven o'clock, with the package I had received the day before from Schlankstütz. We opened the package together and at first couldn't stop being amazed: a very nice greeting was on top, underneath were countless samples of the laundry. We first divided everything according to size and then unpacked some parts - and we were amazed. No boring colors, there are also, for example, coral or berry-colored parts that do not look boring and conservative at all. Of course, it's still shapewear, it's not lingerie. But we were pleasantly surprised. Shortly afterwards, I disappeared into the bathroom with a magic waist top in size XXL and support force 3 and put it on.

The packaging said that you step in with your feet and then ... what ?! Tighten from the bottom up? As far as I am concerned, if it helps! You will find out why later. The feeling was amazing: super fabric, comfortable on the skin, not constricting and not warm, so you have to sweat. I pulled my blouse over it and came out. Caroline was surprised because everything was in great shape and was in the right place. In the mirror I then saw that I could certainly conjure up a dress size with it.

Now the most important test: are the clothes comfortable?

I sat on the sofa, put my legs up - so it's not at all uncomfortable, you don't feel restricted or constricted at all, as you often do with shapewear. So: test passed!

lipedema fashion lipedema fashion slim support shapewear

Caroline: Away with you, Röllekes - here with you, comfort!

Uff, more compression on the body? Will I pack that? Thanks to the lipedema, I wear compression tights from foot to waist every day and also an arm stocking on my arms and hands. So I'm pretty well wrapped up by default and have gotten used to it for the last 7 years. But I have to admit that my curiosity about slimming support had to outweigh my concerns about exposing myself to even more compression. And I'm glad she made it! Because I am simply really surprised and impressed by the comfort of the laundry.

You have to somehow put aside the familiar thought of the flat knit supply and be able to get involved in a new feeling of compression.

The feeling of wearing the belly killer tops and magic waist bodies is really completely different than expected and does not restrict or restrict you in any way. And the most important thing for us Kompri wearers: The tops with an anti-slip edge hold on to the compression and do not move!

Another plus point for me is the leveling of those wretched bra rolls on my armpits and back. The tops make them much more inconspicuous and the clothes slide off them much better. On some days I even enjoyed taking off my bra completely. However, if you shout "Nipple alarm" on this occasion, be reassured. There are extra pads that quickly disarm the alarm.

lipedema fashion lipedema fashion slim support shapewear

Do you have problems with your panties? I've had an inquiry from a reader before about underwear that the compression just wouldn't stop slipping on. If you know this phenomenon, the seamless slip could be something for you. The compression held up well and on the side it doesn't cut anywhere, which can only be good for the lymph flow.

Slim support, that's the beginning of a damn good friendship!


If you look at the Schlankstütz website, the collection is divided into support forces. So every preference will find a product here, from only very light support to strongly figure-shaping underwear. From trousers to bodies to swimsuits, you can find everything here that gives the cushions support. In general it can be said that the products are sold exclusively through HSE24 - have a look at the Online-Shop .

I've given you the link to the homepage for the respective collections - so you can see at a glance which products are available here. Sometimes there are tops, bodies or trousers in the collections. Tights and bustiers are also offered.

  • Support force 1
    • Light (light hold and support of the chest)
    • Comfort (slight optimization of the silhouette)
  • Support force 2
    • Cool (reinforced abdominal zone and cooling through special yarn)
    • Compact (reinforcement of the abdomen and back / push-up effect for the chest)
    • Midi Control (reinforced side and abdominal area)
  • Support force 3
    • Abdominal control (reinforced rib zone in the stomach and back area)
    • Multifunction (support waist & abdomen and relief of the bust)
    • Perfect Push (bodies to support the chest and buttocks)
    • Perfect Push Plus (bodies with a reinforced push-up effect thanks to the reinforced zone in the chest and bottom area)
    • Slim Control (shapes tummy and waist)
    • Support cup (supports the chest area, even with large sizes)
    • Magic waist (conjures up a great waist)
    • Tummy way magic waist (combined SK3 on the waist and SK5 on the stomach for special shaping)
  • Support force 3,5
    • Belly killer light (supporting the stomach)
    • Hip killer (shapes the hips)
  • Support force 4
    • Lift Star (focus is on the stomach, chest and bottom)
    • Slim Control Ultra Strong (forms the stomach and waist perfectly)
  • Support force 5
    • Belly killer (strong optimization of the silhouette in the abdominal zone)
    • Waist power (strong shaping in the stomach and waist zone)

General information about the company

The family business has had Schlankstütz in its range since 2000 and has since then been very successfully presenting entire lingerie collections made from multifiber comfort yarn on the HSE24 shopping channel. There are currently 16 collections with a total of 1360 articles!

Pia's favorite products

My absolute favorite is the magic waist top with lace trimmings in support force 3 (that's enough for me) - you don't feel cramped, but it provides excellent support and you can definitely see the difference. My friend asked me over coffee if I had lost weight.

The pads between arm and back also disappear under the top, the waist is nicely shaped and everything is held in place. It just feels great to wear the top and for this reason it is my absolute favorite!

Here you can see one of the tops in all its glory:

Also worth mentioning is that Panty - so far I only knew shapewear that cut into the Beim. This panty was by no means a drastic experience, because it is only supportive up to about the middle of the thigh. From then on, a softer fabric is sewn on, which prevents the thighs from rubbing uncomfortably, but does not hurt the skin.

lipedema fashion lipedema fashion slim support shapewear

My favorite with the bodies is the Slim Control Body ultra in the color sandalwood. The support force here is 4, which is by no means uncomfortable. I actually didn't want to take it off anymore ...

The hooks can be opened and closed super, even with little effort you can z. B. very quickly to the toilet. My tip for outfits with dresses or skirts: wear the tights under the body so they don't always slip down!

Caroline's favorite products

My absolute highlight is the Baukiller Top with anti-slip ring band! I love this great color that goes perfectly with my coral colored compression. Thanks to the rubber coating, the laundry does not slide up despite the compression and follows every movement.

What makes the underwear from Schlankstütz something special for me are the small design details like this lace insert, which can also peek out from under the sweater. I couldn't wear this multifunctional top with framed lace décolleté in anthracite often enough!

Last but not least, I fell in love with this body, which is just such a beautiful color and immediately made me feel good. The best thing about it is that the compression hardly slips on it here either.

Interesting facts and tips

How do I find the right size for me?

Look here over, here you will find a size table with measurements and some tips for determining the size. Armed with a tape measure, you can start!

Even women with a cup size larger than D with a calculated size of M or S would have to order a size larger than specified.

Is there anything special to consider with tall people?

From a height of approx. 1,80 m, it is advisable to choose a size larger.

Don't you sweat in your underwear?

It's hard to believe but you don't sweat through the built-in ventilation zones - at least not visibly. Even if you're practically on a second shift, with which you feel much more comfortable than you think at first glance, it doesn't feel uncomfortable even in summer when the temperatures are warm.

Look here for the various ventilation zones in the body, briefs and top (scroll down a little).

How do I wash the slimming products correctly?

From sweating we come to the right washing of the articles - only with the right care you will get something from your slimming products for a long time.

In general, the washing instructions can be found in the waistband or on bodies on a sewn-in label. Everything can easily be washed at 30–40 degrees Celsius. What you have to note here is that fabric softener should never be used. The products should also be kept away from the dryer (because of the elastane it contains).

Here you can also read everything again.

Why do I put the laundry on from below?

Sounds strange - that's what I thought at first and that was about the first question I asked Patricia. But the answer was so simple and obvious: putting on from below, which takes some getting used to, ensures better distribution below the shapewear. In addition, you have a lot more strength that z. B. Top to put on. I tested it ... after 3 minutes of putting on the top from above, I thought that I would never get any further or out. Then I put it on from below and it went great. You simply have a lot more strength in your arms. Look again here pure, there the dressing is shown by means of pictures.

You can see the nipples through my top / body - what can I do?

No panic! There are insert pads, a small privacy screen and voilà: everything is covered.

Where can I buy the items?

The articles are sold exclusively through HSE24, have a look at HSE24 Online-Shop over or switches on with the next program. It's really worth it!

Are there also swimwear with supportive power?

Yes! And the products are really good - unfortunately the samples are not my cup of tea, but that's a matter of taste. I also prefer a skirt or something more leg-covering on my swimming outfit. The swimsuits that we were allowed to test are very comfortable and cut a great figure in the water. Everything stays in shape - I was in the water with it recently!

Hold that here at HSE24 Keep your eyes open for the swimwear in spring, the products always sell out quickly, but it's worth taking a look. New patterns are constantly being produced, so I definitely won't rule out a slim support swimsuit for myself in the future. My wish would be white dots on black or dark blue.

Do you still have any questions? We or Patricia from Schlankstütz are happy to help!

Click here for the article about the slim support bustiers - a true bra revolution!

All the best to you,
Caroline and Pia

With the kind support of Schlankstütz. The products were made available to us by Schlankstütz free of charge and without obligation.

Pictures: Michaela Kern

The articles are sometimes not in stock, so it is always worth checking out. We have linked similar products if they were no longer available.

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Author: Pia

I'm Pia, 26 years old and live in beautiful Central Hesse. Professionally, I am a hotel buyer for a package tour operator, responsible for Ireland. Why am I on the lipedema fashion blog? That's a good question because I am not affected by lipedema myself. The question quickly arises: yes, and why are you participating? You have no idea about the subject! Well, it's very simple - I'm a fashion enthusiast and especially when it comes to beauty. I don't really have any hobbies, at least not such as painting or playing a musical instrument (to be honest, I'm worlds away from them). So I basically look after the cosmetics sector - my hobby! With just a few means to a radiant appearance - and the positive charisma does the rest! Who else looks at compressions, girls?

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  • Dear Caro, dear Pia… ..a really nice report…. For me, the woman, who always wanted us women to be able to make our lives a little easier… .if it was "only" by wearing comfortable underwear, the heart opens. Thank you for that ... and if you ladies have any questions for me ... I am always there for you ❤️ Kind regards ... Patricia from the Schlankstütz team

  • Thanks for this great article! Before I was prescribed flat knitting, I made do with shapewear for my stomach and thighs: After 3 abdominal surgeries with a 40cm continuous belly scar along the way, I was saved! And from now on in autumn again an absolute 'must' - a belly killer top with a ring band or body so that the compress doesn't slip, exactly as described in the article! And as a lymph patient, I can confirm that the lymph flow is NOT restricted in my case - I make sure that the body sits well under the arms. Better than a constricting bra !!! ♥ ️A little more quality of life again. By the way: my husband doesn’t find the bodies sexy at all! So far I've only found Trumpf, I'm happy about the link, now I just have to order online ...

  • Hello Pia ... Today I discovered your blog and I am glad and relieved about your tips and information.
    I also know about Schlankstürz and have been using it for a long time ... before I knew that my fatness was called lipedema!
    Keep it up .. It's good to read about such tough young women!

  • Great report, dear ones! Thanks also for the photos 🙂 Maybe with the bodysuits I can switch to stockings instead of pantyhose, which interfere with breathing in the long run. I will definitely try it.

  • Dear Pia, dear Caro,
    i found a new love
    Thanks to your great report, I became curious. I have ordered, tested and can fully agree with your judgment.
    THANK YOU for your time and effort that you invest in your fantastic blog!
    Greetings from South Hesse

    • Dear Kerstin,

      We are very happy about that, because we and our friends have also become slim support fans one after the other. 🙂 I don't want to go without it anymore!

      Best regards,