Pregnancy with lipedema # 2: Completed 1st trimester

Pregnancy with lipedema: 1st trimester done

Pregnancy with lipedema - the first three months are over. I am currently in the 16th week. I thought it was time for a little one Update. Shortly ahead, everything is fine with the baby. All the studies that have been made so far show a very well developed child. Which of course makes us more than happy.

16th week of pregnancy with lipedema mode
16th week of pregnancy with lipedema

Mood and feelings

Basically, I'm pretty balanced. I hardly have any mood swings. There are small squabbles, but I think they were there before. There have been three days so far when I was upset and in an extremely bad mood. The bad mood lasted exactly for a whole day. But okay ... there are worse things. We are still very much looking forward to our little miracle! Anticipation is a very big point for us. We talk about it very often, about our plans and wishes. It is really a wonderful feeling to make plans.

Desires / dislikes

Unfortunately, I still feel bad. The nausea has a firm grip on me. Unfortunately, there are only a few foods available, mainly tomatoes and cucumbers and something fresh like lettuce. I also like to eat tuna very much. Bread rolls were very popular with me for a while, but that has now turned into an aversion again. Smells are extremely bad for me, it is very exhausting to go for a walk in the city. Every bratwurst stand, kebab shop or chip shop is my absolute horror. The smell of food really makes my stomach turn. So you can see, now in the 15th week I'm really having fun.

I have absolutely no cravings. I'm happy when I find something to eat, haha. But now I'm going back to work and trying to do my duties. However, it is questionable how long I can do this now. An end is in sight.

Pregnancy with lipedema

So far I've been on my pregnancy compression of juzo waited. This actually arrived yesterday. I will write an extra post about this, which only deals with compression. My fingers suffer a lot, after a long time there is no callus left. We all know the beginning - plaster on every finger. I am at this point right now. I can report positively about the pain and deposits. I no longer have pain, fluid retention or heavy legs. Maybe I'll be spared. TOI Toi Toi!

Other ailments

I'm not sure if it's pregnancy, but I definitely didn't have it before. If I sit on a hard floor, I get pain in the buttocks area. The pain then goes down to my legs and usually accompanies me for half a day. You don't walk away even when you walk or run, bending forward is not possible at all. Yes, you already have your worries, maybe they are just signs of wear and tear?

What accompanies me to the nausea is a strange, sweet taste in the mouth. I'm brushing my teeth 4–5 times to somehow make up for it, but it doesn't help. Fisher Mens Friend are currently the only drops that last for approx. 5 min. make the taste go away. Sometimes I feel sick just because of that ... How you do it, you do it the wrong way.

Carousing thoughts, quite often at night. I think about which stroller is best (If you have a tip here, I would be very grateful)what we put in the room and everything we need. You can keep busy with it forever. I also talk a lot with my mom about such things. Most of the time, she always has good advice.

Current research

We had the first fine screening. The neck fold is wonderfully narrow. Our little worm danced around the whole time and made our doctor a little bit desperate. Hihihi, my husband and I thought that was really funny. On 01.08/XNUMX The second major screening is due, where all important organs will be checked.

Current size: The little creature is currently about the size of an apple.

That was my update from my pregnancy with lipedema. I hope you found it interesting and will be back next time.

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