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At my weddings 7 years ago I weighed 126,6 kg at 1,81 m. It was a difficult time because I was dissatisfied with everything, including my clothes. However, I wasn't really sure where to find really decent young fashion at good prices. I knew the most popular German mail order companies, but nobody gave me a good overview at the time.

And then came Asos.

Asos Curve offers everything a plus size heart could desire and above all the full price range from very cheap to designer items. Oddly enough it is Curve-Collection in my opinion even better designed than the "normal" offer. If you want to dress from underwear to coats and accessories, you will always find it here.

As is of course in most cases, the sale is always a coveted moment. With really big discounts you can of course find far too many bargains that gradually end up in the shopping cart, but I've found absolute key pieces there so often that I can count them among my favorite shops. In addition to the house brand, they also sell a few other plus size labels ranging from 46 to 54, such as B. Junarose, New Look, Club L etc. What also strikes me as positive over and over again are the models. Sometimes really great models are booked here who also have a fuller figure and don't roughly scratch the 42.


Screenshot sale

I feel that the biggest disadvantage is being able to order on account, as I have everything sent to my packing station. So you pay in advance with PayPal and sometimes wait up to a month for a return payment. That's what the shipping costs are for discord free. And then my mind is gracious again.

I hope that I can help you a little with this recommendation in your search for the next favorite part and look forward to your feedback!
Where do you prefer to shop? Do you prefer to do it online or do you go to a shop you trust?

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