Flat Knit Compression: This side seam is a game changer for me

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There are things in life that you don't know you need until you have them. The side seam for flat knit compression is one of them and I didn't see its big impact on my comfort coming. But once again I'm anticipating too much.

When I first saw the new option as a tester, I was probably as skeptical as all the other flat knitting heroes out there were when it was released.

“What can this seam change?
Is it really necessary?
Although... especially when you wear pants, the seam on the outside visually extends, which might not look bad.
Well, let’s see.”

Side seam compression medi lipedema lymphedema lilac trend color

And then I put them on and couldn't believe it. No, really now!

I already thought, “Stop it… It’s incredibly comfortable! I have to imagine it.” However, when I heard about the enthusiasm of the other tester, the Medicare-model colleague Jana Crämer, I was relieved - I wasn't imagining anything, the seam was there really so comfortable, as she seemed.

My decision is made, I never want it any other way again! (If you're thinking that I'm just writing this because I'll get someone on my ass, you're completely wrong. I have to restrain myself because otherwise it might sound a bit crazy.)

Side seam: The advantages

What is it really good for? On the one hand, the difference to the back seam is very clearly noticeable in the back of the knee! Where the seam used to pinch or pinch a lot, it is suddenly much more comfortable.

I don't know what it's like for you, but I feel it sometimes back seam on the back of the thighs when sitting for a long time or under your foot when hiking. That's finally a thing of the past - a real blessing.

I really wouldn't have thought it, but the look is really different because of the side seam. Where the back seam is reminiscent of the old nylon stockings of the last century, it is much more intuitive to me. She is also described as more sporty and I see it that way too.

The most frequently asked questions

  • Does the seam run over the little toe and doesn't it pinch?

I don't feel the seam on the toe and a lot of emphasis was placed on this aspect during the test. So far I haven't heard any voices that feel otherwise. Of course, this can also be related to the footwear and the shape of the foot, so you will only be able to get a definitive answer to this question through your own experience.

  • Why is the seam on the outside and not on the inside?

If the seam were to run on the inside, it could run the risk of friction from the inner thighs. damaged more quickly to become or to promote pressure points.

  • What are the general conditions for this option?

Currently she is only for mediven® cozy can be ordered as an option, as this innovation is a big step that involves a lot of effort. However, since after a short time many of those affected are absolutely thrilled and fortunately confirm my impression, I am confident that this innovation will also cover other products in the future, such as: B. the mediven 550. As soon as this information is distributed, I will of course report.

Side seam compression medi lipedema lymphedema lilac trend color

As with everything: trying is better than studying

Whether this option is the right choice for you can be determined on the one hand Your Sanifee/Sanielf will best answer and above all, your own experience will provide the greatest insight. If you give the new option from medi a chance, Report your experience in the comments. I'm really excited!

  • There is more information about the side seam for the flat knit compression mediven® cozy here.
  • Are you looking for more outfit inspiration for the medi trend color “lilac”? Then you can find them here.

This article was created in cooperation with Medi.
Pictures: Michaela Kern

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  • I've also recently had the side seam. However, it actually sometimes chafes the little toe if the seam isn't quite right, but otherwise it's comfortable. Especially in the back of the knee.

  • I've had my side seam flat knit tights for a month now, and what can I say?
    No pinching in the back of the knee, no pressing on the sole of the foot! And the wearing comfort is much more comfortable
    My next one will definitely be one with the side seam

  • I couldn't cope with the new version and had to exchange it. She wasn't sitting at all. Now wear the back seam again