Not just in winter - tips on skin care for lipedema and lymphedema

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The snow falls quietly - unfortunately not only in winter. Our skin is subjected to a lot of stress every day and therefore needs a lot of care. Very. Much. Baby Popo-a lot. To ensure that your lipedema and lymphedema skin gets through the year well-nourished, strong and healthy, I have a few tips for skin care and matching products here average for you. 

You can tell what ingredients they have and my experiences with the products here ...

Tips on skin care for lipedema and lymphedema

1. Cream yourself in the evening

At night, after a long day, your skin finally has the opportunity to take a deep breath. Help them regenerate and apply a generous amount of cream before going to bed. Your night cream should be very rich so that the time is used perfectly without the compression. I use for this mediNight.

lipoedem mode Skin care for lipedema and lymphedema medi night cream

2. Use a scrubbing kit

The condition of your skin can have a major impact on the hold of the compression stockings. Loose skin flakes are deposited in the knitted fabric and allow your supply to slip. So scrub and brush your body with that scrub set from. This not only gives you velvety skin, but also prevents hair from growing in.

3. Don't use just any cream

Make sure that you do not apply any body lotion, as this can cause deposits to form in the tissue. So please only use care products that are intended directly for compression wearers. The medi day gel is also cooling, for example, which can make the start of the day easier for heavy legs. The medi Fresh Spray also gives you that freshness kick for in between. Simply feel the compression on hot days and enjoy.

4. Stimulate your skin

There are several ways to really get your skin going and stimulate blood circulation. in the Power Sprotte online shop one can find there for example the "Rollo Banano" massage roller. Stimulating your skin not only has regenerative benefits, but also stimulates the lymphatic system.

power sprat massage roller rollo banano lymph drainage lipedema lymphedema cellulite

5. Keep the adhesive edge clean and avoid irritation

Remember that the smallest wounds can be your doom - especially with lymphedema. Sometimes skin irritations occur due to the silicone coating on the adhesive edge of your compression stockings. The least I can do for your skin is to free it from impurities. You do this mainly by making sure that the inside of the stockings is always facing outwards when washing. When you're out and about, take a suitable detergent with you to freshen up your compression in the sink, even if it's just the silicone edge. For this you can pack medi clean in your travel bag.

lipoedem mode Skin care for lipedema and lymphedema medi clean

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The skin is our largest organ

Be good to your skin, care for it until you can reflect yourself in it and do something good for you. Because these small care units are a nice break that you can take for yourself. Or simply give it to others. Perhaps you've made a great friendship in your self-help group or the regulars' table. Such a skincare breakout basket is quick to pack and definitely puts a smile on your face! 

You can purchase medi care products in your trusted medical supply store. The next birthday and Christmas is somehow always coming up.

I hope you enjoy grooming!

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