The ultimate summer tips for flat knit wearers

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It's crazy, it was hardly Christmas, it's summer again. And it comes every year too, although I could imagine something more pleasant between spring and autumn. But well, you can't hide from the sun for weeks like an olm. I need a few good tips for the heat and I have a few up my sleeve.

The spray bottle - fog yourself up

Always keep your compression a little "damp" with a spray bottle. This cools down, provides a fresh breeze and can be used anytime and anywhere. There are two great little helpers for your handbag. For one thing medi Fresh Spray with refreshing menthol (guaranteed to be suitable for your flat knit compression, e.g. mine here in the picture mediven 550 arm in navy) from the medical supply store or the Spray bottle "Bye Bye, Lava Feet" from the Power Sprotte online shop, which you can fill as you like.

Morning freshness kick

When it comes to skin care, I don't get tired of praying that the morning routine must be different from the evening routine, otherwise deposits can build up in the knitted fabric. If you need more detailed information about this, you can in this article ...

This is a special tip in the whole jungle of care products medi day gel, which not only cares when applied, but also has a pleasantly cooling effect. The perfect start to the summer day!

lipedema fashion power sprotte medi day gel skin care lymphedema summer tips

Go swimming in the morning

Morning laps through the outdoor pool are a real miracle weapon. They not only cool your body, but also act almost like a lymphatic drainage through the movement in the water and refresh you for the rest of the day. The water pressure has an even stronger effect on your body than the compression stockings and you can take advantage of that. But don't forget that the effect only lasts for about 3–4 hours if you don't put the compression stocking on again afterwards.

This is also an important note for your summer vacation. If you feel like wearing compression during this time, get in the water at least every few hours and swim persistently, kick your feet, and give rubber!

lipedema vacation ocean summer tips caroline sprott summer tips for flat knit wearers

Beware of mosquito bites

Anyone with lipedema or lymphedema knows the drama all too well. Mosquito bites are not just bites - these creatures admittedly have a good taste, but they leave us with dangerous focal points of infection. The giant flaps can become inflamed and, in the worst case, end with erysipelas, especially in people with lymphedema. Of course we don't want that. So watch out, watch out! Use whenever possible Anti-mosquito spray (keeps the vampires away, ... and mosquitoes too) and one dick away (heats the stings and neutralizes the itching).

Mosquito biting on skin

Summer tips for flat knit wearers from the community: Cool off at home

In some attic apartments it can get really warm. That's why I often get great tips on how to make the summer more bearable in your own four walls. Give it a try with the Cooling mat of your pet. What is good for Bello and Mikesch is probably fine for your legs.

Such a Capes fan disturbs your style, but if you wear it with dignity, I turn a blind eye. The main thing is that a mild breeze blows around you.

My current highlight is ice-cold coffee, when I'm crazy I add Cola Zero. I learned from the Swiss. Just take your morning coffee and cool it down with ice cubes - wonderful! You can of course pour it on the Kompri to refresh yourself, but then it will definitely not be able to sleep at night.

clear glass pitcher with cola and ice on wooden chopping board

Do you know the sun protection factor of your compression?

Yes, you read that right, your compression has an SPF. So much so that in everyday life you tend not to need sunscreen in the places where you wear flat knit compression. Here is a list of the sun protection factors for medi compressions:

  • mediven 550 leg: SPF 40
  • mediven cozy: SPF 80
  • mediven mondi: SPF 80
  • mediven 550 arm: UV protection factor 20
  • mediven mondi esprit: UV protection factor 40

You can find out why you should at least protect yourself with enough sunscreen when you are exposed to the sun review by lymphedema blogger Anna Maisetti @stile_compresso. Great reading recommendation!

Summer tips for flat knit wearers sun protection factor compression flat knit medi lipedema mode lymphedema

Summer tips for flat knit wearers

And that's it, the ultimate summer tips for flat knit wearers. But what are your secret tricks? How do you stand the heat in compression? Tell us in the comments!

This article was created in cooperation with Medi.
Pictures: Michaela Kern

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