Sport with lipedema: kettlebell / kettlebell - stronger, faster, better

As lipedema patients in particular, we need a lot of energy and perseverance. On the one hand when wearing the compression and on the other hand when putting on the same. To train our strength and endurance, the kettlebell is ideal. During training, muscle building is promoted and our endurance is strained. After a few workouts you will notice a significant increase. It's a wonderful full body workout.

To start your kettlebell training you need the following:

  • Comfortable clothes and sports shoes
  • A kettlebell*, alternatively one is also possible dumbbell*
  • Fun and motivation

Which kettlebell do i need?

If you are a beginner it is best to use a kettlebell between 6-8 kilos, you can always improve later. Rather take a little less weight and do your exercises cleanly. This is more beneficial than improperly performed exercises that cause you pain.

What to look for when buying:

  • Smooth handles are much more comfortable than rough ones. It reduces the formation of bubbles. Unless you have no problem wearing training gloves.
  • A rubber cover on the dumbbell has advantages, the dumbbell can be placed more calmly and quietly and your furniture is protected if you are on a collision course.
  • Steel dumbbells will not break - there are also cast dumbbells, there is a risk that they will break apart if dropped.
  • Flexible weight, there are kettlebells with flexible insertable weights - has been on my wish list for a long time, but is also very price-intensive.

Small workout with basic exercises

The kettlebell swing

Broad, firm stance (a little more than hip width), feet pointing forward.

The kettlebell is in front of you. Grab it and bend your legs slightly, pushing your hips backwards (similar to squats).

Swing the barbell slightly under you. Now lift your hips forward and swing the dumbbell forward in a straight motion, at eye level.

Now let the dumbbell swing loosely under you again and start over.

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The Kettelball Deadlift

Start in a hip-width position with the dumbbell in front of you.

Do a squat while gripping the dumbbell.

The back remains straight, the hips are pushed through and the stomach and bottom are tensed while you lift the kettlebell. Hold briefly and lower again.

DSCF4080 - copy DSCF4090 DSCF4092

Kettlebell clean and press

Start again in a shoulder width stand with the dumbbell in front of you.

Lean your hips forward, keeping your upper body / hips straight. Grab the kettlebell.

Now you pull the kettlebell up in a controlled explosive movement (chest height). Stay straight and tense your buttocks. The arm should stay straight.

Now you rotate your elbow and push your palm up and the dumbbell gently slides towards your shoulder.

Now you lift the dumbbell over your head and stretch your arm upwards. Hold this position for a few seconds.

DSCF4080 - copy DSCF4081 - copy DSCF4082 - copy DSCF4088

Kettlebell squat

Grasp your dumbbell from the outside left and right and hold it close to your chest.

Your elbows point outwards, tense your body.

Now try to sit on an imaginary chair behind you, go deep with your buttocks. Make sure your knees don't go over the tip of your toes.

Now straighten up again in a controlled and explosive manner. Keep your legs slightly bent throughout the exercise.


You repeat each exercise 12 times and do the whole workout in three sets. If you have learned the techniques properly, you can still vary here.

Here are 2 links to small but nice kettlebell workouts:

Have fun and energy

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