14 must-haves for your spring vacation with lipedema and lymphedema

The first rays of sunshine tickle my nose. The world awakens in new colors. The scent of spring captivates my senses. A warm wind blows through my hair. When I'm shopping, mischievous Easter bunnies smile at me everywhere. It's spring. The long Easter weekend is approaching! My heart starts jumping up and down joyfully. And my dear lipedema legs say: “Let’s go somewhere!”

Do you know that, too? As soon as it gets warmer, I feel an overwhelming urge to go out. And by getting out I don't just mean taking a walk to the lake, but getting out of familiar surroundings. For me, spring means new life and new experiences. Hiking, excursions, vacations, visiting family and friends – the main thing is to be on the go!

However, especially if you have a lipedema or lymphedema diagnosis or a venous disease, it can't hurt to tell you before your trip a packing list to ensure that everything important is included. After all, you don't want to go looking for care products during the Easter holidays. So that you can optimally prepare for your next excursion, visit and vacation, we have put together a few favorites. One or another By the way, little things are also suitable for the Easter basket the older children. 😉

April April…

... as we all know, does what he wants. Because you usually don't go on Easter vacation before infamous April weather is protected, they may sustainable Umbrellas from Duckhead not missing. For one thing, they put you in a good mood - I mean, who doesn't like ducks? – become another nine plastic bottles recycled per umbrella. In addition, Duckhead, like POWER sprat, is a women-run company. Last but not least, they just look damn good AND ensure that you, dear flat knitting hero, stay dry. What if this isn't a win-win situation?

Bring on the lipedema swag

You love the sprat swag, right? Correct. Of course, you can't take everything with you on vacation, as your suitcase is always full. What, in our opinion, should not be missing on the Easter holiday are these Peace beanies in mustard yellow and pink – they literally scream spring and will keep you warm on the colder spring days. On such days it is “No pressure, no diamonds” loop scarf Your best friend. And because it's so thin, if it suddenly gets warm again, you can just throw it in your handbag. Of course you can Flat knit heroine shirt don't miss it on the go. Why? Because you can just remember it over and over again, that you are a flat knitting hero. Very easy. And now imagine this situation: It's really cold in the morning, you're going on a hiking tour bundled up, then it gets really warm on the way and, like Clark Kent, you rip open your jacket. Your flat-knit heroine shirt appears underneath. Transformation successful!

Ciao, shoehorn!

Whenever you travel (and in everyday life, by the way). slip elegantly into your shoes If you want, then I can give it to you Lymph Laces just recommend it to your heart. This means you can wear Doc Martens without any problems. By the way, they are particularly suitable if you are in the... Reha goes. The elastic lacesbridge the spectrum from “with normal socks in the shoe” to “fully bandaged in the shoe”. Brilliant, right? Because we are so convinced of them, these game changers are now available in every color imaginable in the shop: from gold and silver to all spring colors. Don't worry, there is also black and white.

Wash compression daily – but how?

You may have asked yourself this question several times in the last few months and weeks. At home, this can usually be easily done in the sink, or you can do a load of laundry at the end of the day anyway. Whatever can be easily solved in the hotel will become a reality at the latest on a camping holiday or medieval festival more difficult. That's what it's for foldable bucket in the POWER Sprat Shop! You can take it with you anywhere and Simply wash your compression (and other items such as period underwear) in it. After use, simply hang it up and let it dry. But the foldable bucket can do much more. Alternatively, it can also be used spontaneously Carry bag be converted or, what I personally find brilliant, on particularly hot days it becomes a... Mini pool.

Shine is my favorite color – and yours?

You actually don't need a coffee-to-go cup on vacation. At least not on an all-inclusive beach holiday, where you can help yourself to the coffee bar all day long. But for all those who... City or camping trips do and travel economically want to be, is that “Shine is my favorite color” coffee-to-go mug an ingenious invention. With that you are Travel sustainably and stylishly and can often save a few cents. And who knows, maybe you're out and about in another city at Easter and suddenly you will approached by someone in the community?

Lipedema and lymphedema skin care minis – small but mighty!

You are now Self-management professional and apply cream morning and evening. So that you can continue your care routine optimally even on the go, the POWER Sprotte Shop has the extra small ones Sample and travel sizes. If you've ever tried to pack for a weekend trip and packed EVERYTHING in regular sizes, then you know why trial sizes were invented. A small suitcase like this fills up quicker than you think, when you have packed your compression garment(s), hair and shower care and all sorts of creams. I praise the small sizes that are available in a pinch also in your handbag can take with you. Particularly noteworthy are: Callusan Extra (for very dry skin) and Callusan Forte (for calluses and fissures), as well as the wonderful Care Dermal against chafing (e.g. after long hikes).

This is a special tip in the whole jungle of care products medi day gel which not only nourishes when applied, but also pleasantly cooling works. The perfect start to your vacation day! In the evening the skin can then be treated with the Medi Night Gel be pampered. Especially for City trips and hikes, where you cover a few kilometers a day, I recommend that you put your feet up in the evening. To do this, you can either stack all the pillows you find or use one inflatable wedge pillowthat you can easily fold up very small before and after your vacation.

Mindfulness on vacation

And speaking of wellness, Then why not integrate a little mindfulness into your vacation day? Especially when traveling there is often an opportunity for self-reflection numerous everyday tasks left at home become. A great way to finally take time for yourself. The undated attention planner from A Good Plan is perfect for this. You can get started at any time – and not just in January. It also contains a longer introductory section with additional Exercises like the “Wheel of Life.”“or a chapter on Topic “Values”. If you've been thinking for a while that you want to be more mindful of your needs and find yourself lacking focus in everyday life, then simply take the mindfulness planner with you on vacation. And if you just read a few pages, that's a start. The point is not that you should start “perfectly” with the planner. Simply starting is enough. As the saying goes? One day or day one. You decide.

Also: If you have lipedema and lymphedema, go swimming in the morning

They are a true miracle weapon Morning laps through the swimming pool. They not only cool down your body, but also work through movement in the water almost like lymphatic drainage and refresh you for the rest of the day. The water pressure has an even stronger effect on your body than the compression stockings and you can take advantage of that. But remember that the effect only lasts about 3-4 hoursif you don't put the compression stockings back on afterwards.

This is also an important note for your vacation. If you feel like wearing compression during this time, Get in the water at least every few hours and swim persistently, kick your feet and give your rubber!

No matter what spring brings for you - we'll be happy if we can brighten up and make your adventures a little easier with the products from the POWER Sprotte Shop. 
Feel free to link @powersprotte on Instagram on your travels. We're excited to see where the sprat fleet ends up.

If your vacation takes you to hotter regions:

Author: Christine Bauer

Hello everyone, my name is a Christian and a lipoedema fighter from beautiful Augsburg. I received my lipoedema diagnosis back in 2014, but I didn't really accept it until the summer of 2022. Since then, I've delved deeper into the world of flat-knit compression and lipoedema every day. I produce text and image content for Power Sprotte and invite you to share my insights. I also love putting together fair fashion outfits that show off my compression.

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