Silent New Year's Eve - 3 things to take time for now

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I don't like relaxing, even on New Years Eve. Quiet moments are almost exotic in my lifestyle, because I have one of those heads that don't want to stop rotating. I find reading difficult, sitting at the table and enjoying something delicious without looking at the cell phone, indulging in good memories and warming my heart.

I can not. I've forgotten how to make time for myself.

I am one of those lucky ladies who always cares to do justice to everything and everyone and to care for everyone so that nobody lacks anything. Except for me, I lack attention from myself. But God and the digital world still tell me to be more mindful and do more for myself. Great, how am I supposed to do that if my character isn't that knitted? How do you fight against your own nature?

I put everyone's needs before mine, which makes me very happy, but also stressed and drained. I have forgotten how to recharge my batteries and, above all, to allow standstill.

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That is not healthy

Yes, I think I'm a ticking burn-out bomb and a classic acute hearing loss candidate. I'm actually just waiting for the moment when my head pops. Either I can't find the strength to get out of bed in the morning or all of a sudden I only receive interfering images in one ear.

So if New Year's Eve also falls into the water, I should take advantage of the rest.

I'm learning again to take time for myself and consciously to hang up my absurdly long to-do list. Not pretty, but a creative memorial.

Well, what do you do for yourself? I don't get along well with my sea cucumber cycle, painting nails is not one of my favorite pastimes and I've played Netflix for half a year. I should go on an expedition to see long forgotten gems of my apartment.

1. Memorabilia

Admittedly, as a homage to Indiana Jones, I put on my imaginary researcher's hat and, with beads of sweat on my forehead, removed all the traps in my apartment. So cleaned up ... How am I supposed to shut down when the chaos is raging around me?

While tidying up, I find small relics that remind me of beautiful and, above all, free moments of the past year. Moments in which my lipedema played no role, but the wonderful life that has to take place around it. A piece of driftwood that was smoothed and shaped by the waves of Lake Constance.

I am like this driftwood. Grown by the lead of a few buttresses, broken off from the trunk and gone on journeys on the great lake. Life draws you over the years and forms you into the person you are now. This thought comforts me, because I too was fished from this big lake and brought home. Just like this piece of wood in my hand.

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2. Enjoyment

Such a treasure hunt mentality has to be maintained with appropriate provisions. Indulging in memories has created enough space for your favorite drink, which provides the necessary motivation to do this thing with "Me-Time".

What could I not do productively during this time? This thought probably shows that I have to give my learning effect a little more emphasis. Bring the fine wine.

lipedema fashion medi caramell mediven 550 arm socks silvester cozy caroline sprott mindfulness

3. Feed the soul

I have a weakness for beautiful picture books and so-called Coffee table books. Like you in this article I've already been able to read, I'm fascinated by David Bowie and have resolved to finally do it after six years his retrospective (Gift tip for every fan) to look through. So I don't get distracted by anything, the liquid provisions serve as an egg timer. That means I don't get up again until I have to pour myself more.

So I feed my soul with impressions that inspire and let it grow, and they taste good too. Yeah my, everything feels right.

If you are not into David Bowie so much now, then you will definitely find something that fills your soul and does something good on New Year's Eve and in every other quiet moment. Maybe cooking, doing handicrafts, playing an instrument, painting mandalas, sorting socks, ...

No matter what you choose, do it in style.

I have been working in the home office since 2017 and am therefore well trained in dressing correctly every day, even when nobody will see me. Jogging pants were never really an option for me in everyday life, but the modern lounge wear that went through the roof in the past year is very good for me. You almost feel like a noble lady floating through her property in fine knitwear. I'm still a bit removed from floating, from the property too, but I've already perfected the style. Everything else comes up somehow.

For the cozy lounge wear outfit in shallow colors, I like the skin-colored mediven 550® from average in the color Caramel preferably. I've come to appreciate this color a lot lately and love combining it with spice and pastel colors.

It remains exciting, not just on New Year's Eve

I don't know if I can really manage to integrate such measures into my everyday life or especially on New Year's Eve. The bumblebees in my bum just don't want to rest, and it's hard to break through such a stuck thirst for action. So let's look at the coming year together, because one thing is already certain. No one can make such changes for me, only myself. What a bummer. Following your own advice is the hardest part.

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