Knitted dress meets ornaments in berry

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Which tights flatter your legs, make them look thin and long and which ones wear them on? This is the question many of us compression wearers ask themselves, who are spoiled for choice every few months as to which new color could go with their own style.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not necessarily someone who only wears black or skin-colored compression stockings, but loves colors and patterns.

When I Ornaments in berry (mediven 550 from Medicare) I was shocked and overjoyed when I was finally allowed to wear it on my leg. And what shall I tell you?

Despite my thick legs, they look more than wonderful.

Many were of the opinion that we stage 3 girls would be better dressed in black and just put on patterns. NO! You are totally wrong. If you like it, wear it too. Nobody has the right to tell you what to wear, because it is your legs. You can walk colorfully through the streets and proudly show your courage to take samples. We are limited enough by lipedema that I can really let off steam with the choice of color, compression and clothing.

The first sun of the year in a knitted dress

Today was a perfect day that gave us a lot of sun again after the cold winter days. As so often, I spent the afternoon with my husband on the Rhine and we went for a walk. I decided on the classic among dresses - a black knitted dress. But since I'm not into boring either, I don't just own a knitted dress, but a piece of clothing with sexy shoulder cut-outs from Anna Scholz Collection / Ulla Popken. I often prefer a straight cut because it creates a slim silhouette and puts the figure in the right light. It is also the perfect all-rounder - for the office, for a birthday or just for the weekend.

And since I'm happy to be a girl, I wear pink for every occasion. Today as well. Quite simply pink sneakers with lots of glitter.

Maybe you liked my outfit and the fear of patterns and colors is gradually disappearing, because the joy of life often starts with your own clothes.

I wish you a wonderful time with lots of sunshine.

Your Chrissy

Miss Lipo Christiane Dillich

Author: Christiane Dillich

Hello, I'm Chrissy, built in '82 and from the beautiful Loreley. As a cheerful person, I have always walked the world laughing and the diagnosis that I received in February 2014 didn't change that. Since then, as Miss Lipo, I have been writing about life with lipedema and am at the side of everyone affected. I encourage all the strong women to feel beautiful despite the illness and to enjoy life to the fullest, even if it is often difficult. Because although we have lipedema, it should not determine our lives.

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