5 steps stronger in the fight against lipedema and lymphedema

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This topic is so important to me that even after the fourth attempt I do not hesitate to try to put into words everything that I really want to give you today. It's actually not just about lipedema or lymphedema. Of course you have one (and probably two more) illness (s). But do you still know who you are? What you can? What made you stronger in your life Who do you make stronger in your environment? And why is it worth rethinking “compression”? Empowerment is today's keyword for what we could let pass into our hearts and bloods for each other. Do it for you, do it for me, do it for all the fighters out there who could gain new courage from your impetus. Here are 5 steps that you can implement right away.

Step 1:
Be aware of your values

Have you ever wondered what exactly is self-esteem or self-esteem? Be aware of yourself. Write down what your greatest talents are. Are you good at sculpting, cooking, leading a team, entertaining, dancing? Are you humorous, hardworking or spontaneous? Develop a sense of your self-worth again. Which characteristics are important to you in yourself? What is their worth in your eyes?

In everyday life, the focus quickly shifts from one's own well-being and care to duties that just need your attention. In the case of a life with a chronic illness, it is therapy and its myriad requirements and tasks that devour one. It is all the more important in the fight against lipedema or lymphedema to never forget who you are behind the disease. Therapy can play a natural supporting role and support you to savor real life to the full.

If you are ever not so sure which characteristics in you are so valuable and unique, ask a loved one who knows you well.

You will be touched by what others notice about you, what is valued and loved.

Step 2:
Take the reins in hand

Empowerment means self-empowerment, autonomy and self-disposal. Applied to life with lipedema and lymphedema, this means that we have to encourage ourselves and others to take our heads out of the sand and take care of happiness. Further training in the form of workshops, social media connections, events and discussions with the physiotherapist can make you fit for successful self-management. Become more independent through your concentrated knowledge and regain a significant piece of power over your life.

Step 3:
Flat knit compression is a weapon, not a punishment

Where would I be today without compression? I can't guess because even at the age of 24 I could barely drive 3/4 of an hour in the car without having to pause in pain. For me, compression means pain relief and that is also a kind of empowerment. Without this crucial relief, I would often not be able to think clearly.

Even if it doesn't heal, it takes a load off my shoulders (i.e. more arms and legs) for a few hours and makes me more self-determined again.

It is very important that you reconsider your mindset about compression. Is it really beneficial to wear something every day that one is deeply rejected? It slows you down more than it helps, doesn't it?

But what happens to your body feeling when you turn your attitude towards the positive and see compression stockings as a tool, as armor instead of armor? Make them your strength, not your weakness. Lymphedema patients are often a little ahead of lipedema patients in this respect. Because without compression, a "congestion in the tissue" with the corresponding consequential complaints could form again much more easily. So you may be more grateful to have this tool at times. Let us take an example from them and be grateful that we are well looked after in relation to the situation in many other countries.

An important component here is the selection of your absolute power color. Let yourself be inspired by a color and carry you through the gray everyday life. In this article, I'll show you how I mean Mediven 550 in Mango yellow with the fashion element Stripes and avodaco green with the design element Dots set the scene. These two looks tickled the empowerment caro out of me and I am convinced you can do that too!

Step 4:
Empowered women, empower women.

This step is not just about you, but also about our network.

“Empowered women, empower women.” Means that self-empowered women pass on this capability to other women.

Being empowered is a special kind of fulfillment. How many times have we felt like we have lost control of our own lives and minds? Here is the moment when you, as a strengthened encourager, can stir up hope. Help a fighter get back on her feet, inspire her! Give her a spontaneous compliment if you notice something great about her. Withhold unsolicited criticism that does not reinforce, but rather unsettles you. Your opinion is important, but your wellbeing is even more important. How to avoid hurtful faux pas needs a separate article. But I think you get my thoughts on it, don't you?

Step 5:
Make peace with your body

I never tire of saying it. Your body is a temple! Become aware of exactly which path he has already taken with you. How many steps were climbed despite adverse circumstances, how many broken hearts were repaired, even children were born. Your body performs its little miracles every day and for this it deserves nothing other than pure gratitude. It is not your body that forces this illness on you, but the illness itself. A disposition that you cannot influence. The best and most important thing to begin your journey is to declare a truce. Do not spend hours analyzing supposed errors, which will not go away overnight. That just slows you down. Wave the white flag and give your soul peace. From step 3 you already know how compression can work.

Empower yourself

I hope that these thoughts will inspire you to unleash new strength and inspire others with this wonderful endeavor. You can be sure of my support and that of yours average Compression in mango yellow or avocado green too.

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