Do you know these facts about summer in compression socks?

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Summer in compression socks is always a big topic, so it's high time we provided you with the ultimate expert knowledge so you can finally enjoy the warm days again! I have been wearing flat knit compression on my arms and legs for over 14 years. Benefit from my years of experience and the tips and tricks from the lipedema community and be inspired by my favorite summer looks. Let's go!

The perfect summer fabrics over compression

Is that you annoying loading of clothes also so sorry about your compression? Thin synthetic materials in particular tend to build up a static charge on the stockings and therefore stick annoyingly to your legs. Not a particularly good start to the day!

Here are some good fabrics for summer compression socks:

  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • bamboo
  • microfiber
  • Cool Max
  • Modal

Did you know? Some fabrics tend to make you sweat even more because they cannot transport the heat you radiate. Your compression stockings from medi, on the other hand, have the so-called Clima Comfort technology, which make them breathable and thereby prevent heat build-up.

Skin care with a fresh effect for better hold and a cool head

Your skin care is an important basis all year round for an optimal fit of your compression, well-cared for skin and in summer it even serves Cooling down! Products that have been specially developed for compression stocking wearers, such as: B. medi Day with horse chestnut provides a cool breeze in the morning and also reduces the feeling of tension.

Pro tip: Set yours medi day gel in the Refrigerator. It simply couldn't be more refreshing!

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This will help you avoid itchy blisters under the adhesive tape

What many initially consider as misinterpret allergy, is actually most of the time quick fix: itchy inflammation under the Silicone adhesive tape. If you really had an allergy, this would happen every time you came into contact with silicone. In this case, however, there is usually a small infection that can arise from sweating under the nubs. You can find out exactly what happens and what you can do about it in this detailed article.

Compression stockings have a sun protection factor

Fascinating, right? Depending on the stockings, there are different sun protection factors, i.e. H. As a rule, you can avoid using sunscreen under compression. If you are too sensitive to the sun, you can Apply sunscreen under compression. It is important that the cream is completely absorbed before you put on the compression. Some ingredients, especially oils, can clog the fabric and thereby affect the compression pressure. In the case of medi supplies, the SPFs would be as follows:

LSF leg compressions:
mediven 550 leg: UV protection factor 40
mediven cozy: UV protection factor 80
mediven mondi: UV protection factor 80

LSF arm compressions:
mediven 550 arm: UV protection factor 20
mediven mondi esprit: UV protection factor 40

SPF 80 compression summer in compression stockings

Fresh kick from your handbag

In summer it can be very comfortable to wear compression socks nass close. Since this isn't always possible when I'm out and about, I use it as soon as I get too warm. medi fresh. You can use the spray Spray directly onto the supply several times a day and enjoy the immediately noticeable refreshment!

medi fresh spray flat knit compression summer tips medi mediven 550 arm stockings summer in compression stockings

The next summer in compression stockings can come!

With these expert tips you will be ready for next summer no longer so defenseless but rather go through everyday life feeling refreshed and motivated. Positive thoughts are the key to unforgettable summer evenings. So always remember, if it requires a lot of discipline from you to put on the compression in the morning, that everyone else sweats in the summer and your supply ensures that you thanks to them You can enjoy the warm days more resiliently.

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