Test: 40 days sweet clover

What is sweet clover and how does it work?

The real sweet clover is a plant that is widespread on the edges of fields and roads, on scree or wasteland in Europe and Asia. She is two years old. With its highly branched, upright stems, the plant reaches a height of 150 centimeters. Threefold, clover-like leaves with weakly sawn edges grow on it, as well as small yellow butterfly flowers, which are typical of the botanical family of the butterfly family (Fabaceae). There are 20 to 30 of these flowers in long clusters, from which light brown, rounded legumes develop after the flowering period from May to September.

The whole or cut, dried above-ground plant parts (sweet clover, Meliloti herba) contain coumarins, melilotosides, flavonoids and saponins. Coumarins work against inflammatory (congestive) edema, i.e. eliminate fluid accumulations in the tissues. They also increase the flow rate in the venous and lymphatic systems. Overall, the ingredients have an anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect. Therefore, sweet clover is recognized as a traditional herbal medicine for treating the following health problems:

  • Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) - a circulatory disorder of the leg veins with pain and heaviness in the legs, nocturnal leg cramps, itching and swelling
  • Inflammation of superficially situated vein with redness and pain (thrombophlebitis)
  • Backflow congestion in the venous system due to a venous obstruction with initially swelling and later skin changes (post-thrombotic syndrome)
  • Lymph congestion (lymph fluid is not removed)
  • Bruises, sprains, superficial bruises
  • hemorrhoids

(Source: Netdoktor)

Sourcing of sweet clover

I ordered sweet clover tablets from an online pharmacy, but you can also find it on Amazon Which. Here at should be said that we neither get commission for the test, nor were we paid for this article. It is a test that I financed myself with my own funds.

Ingestion of sweet clover

After a short shipping time, I had my package on the table. I have informed myself beforehand and slowly start taking it. It is recommended three times a day after meals. For the first three days, I take a pill early and late. And then I take it three times a day as recommended. Basically, I find it difficult to keep thinking about it. But I try to do it properly.

And? Do you notice an improvement?

At the beginning I noticed that I had to go to the toilet more often. So we're not talking about small business here. I found that strange. But okay - I started on Saturday and was home. That was fine with me. The circulation and body were otherwise in a very good shape and I didn't notice any change. In the first week I noticed that my legs were doing amazingly well. I could also skip the Kompri longer and my legs didn't get tired. I was absolutely thrilled. Euphoric! But then …

How does it look in the long term?

Unfortunately I have to say, yes, the effect is waning. I was doing very well with it for the first 2 weeks. But after these weeks, the effect wore off completely and I was back to normal. I found it a real shame, as I was hoping for a little miracle cure inside.


Unfortunately, it didn't help me in the long term. However, I can imagine taking the tablets for a short time before a vacation in order to be able to give my legs more time in the fresh air. I found it difficult to take. The constant thought of taking the capsules is exhausting. So they're not a miracle cure for me. Unfortunately.

Your experiences

Do you have experience with the stone clover capsules? What is your opinion on the topic?

I look forward to your answers.

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  • I have indeed had (good) experiences with sweet clover, but with tea.
    Years ago I had problems with heavy legs in the summer and then believed that I simply had bad veins (my mother always dealt with the veins). After consultation with Kräuter Kühne, I bought sweet clover and buckwheat and, if I remember correctly, oatweed, and I drank this tea 2-3 times a day depending on how I thought of it. My impression was that he was helping. If I remember correctly, I drank it for almost a year, even when my legs were feeling better, until at some point I couldn't buy more, and as it is, you fall out of the habit ...
    Last year I had my only visible varicose vein pulled and learned that all other veins, whether superficial or deep, were okay. When my legs were heavy and painful every day last late summer, I finally came across lipedema, a diagnosis that was then confirmed by ultrasound.
    I read about enthusiastic lipedema sweet clover users and actually wanted to start again, but I put it off for now.
    Several reasons: At first I didn't feel like making tea (tastes as light as hay) and ordered the capsules shown above. These are dosed homeopathically, which I unfortunately only noticed when I had them.
    D4 means that the original dosage of 400 mg of active ingredient per capsule was "diluted" four times in a ratio of 1:10 with lactose. So the capsules mainly contain lactose and 0,04 mg (if I haven't miscalculated) active ingredient. I grew up with homeopathy, I know how well a decent placebo effect can work :-), but now I'm very skeptical about the actual effect.
    With these stone clover capsules, even according to the teachings of homeopathy, it is nonsense. Because the gag in homeopathy is that you ingest something that is supposed to trigger the same symptoms that you suffer from in a diluted form in order to alleviate it, heal like with like, is the motto - e.g. Nux Vomica = vomit, if one is sick. Diluting an active ingredient like coumarin in sweet clover, which is supposed to relieve symptoms, homeopathically makes no sense.
    I then also bought the sweet clover tea and started drinking, but then stopped: I only had my real flat-knit compression since last Wednesday, so I didn't want to try anything beforehand that would then be destroyed again. because the compression pressure is missing.
    Now that I have the compression, I'll just wait and see what it does. Then I'll see how my weight loss continues, which is very relaxed and very good at the moment and has already led to a little less volume on the legs since October ... :-). And if at some point nothing changes, then maybe I'll try again with sweet clover. I blog about my experiences with lipedema at http://www.annesch.wordpress.com
    As for the vascular strengthening effect: this has also been proven for flavonoids in lemon peel, since then I have been drinking lemon water every day, to which I add some grated lemon peel (organic baking supplies). Very refreshing, even a little filling because of the pectins, and I have the impression that it is good for me and my legs.

  • Hello!
    I started again with sweet clover capsules due to deterioration. I also have some basic constitution like cold arms and legs. Last week I had almost no visible kneecaps, they are visible again and yesterday evening after a strenuous 10 km run I noticed to my delight that the tissue above the knee had "slumped" again instead of permanent swelling. Even during the entire run (I didn't wear compression clothing, but thermal underwear), after many weeks I had the feeling that the kneecaps were not obstructed but could be turned "freely" while running. After trying with Polyporus (see link)
    which unfortunately showed no effect for months or did not prevent a deterioration, I now return ruefully to the stone clover capsules.

    • May I ask you which stone clover capsules you buy? I would also like to test whether it will help me with my lipedema. Thanks for the answer and best regards Tine

    • I find it very difficult to imagine that you ran 10km without compression underwear as a lip patient. Sorry, but you are an exceptional talent. I believe that after 10 years of experience with illness and in constant exchange with experts, I am very familiar. My daughter ran half maratons for years. But then I was surprised that nothing was working anymore. Until she was diagnosed with lipedema. At the same time she learned that jogging is counterproductive for our illness.

      • I would like to write about this ... I run half marathons every year, despite lipedema, and go jogging 4-5 times a week ... I don't see jogging as counterproductive for my illness

  • Hello everyone,

    I've now made myself smart about the capsules, they are probably all sold out. They will not be reproduced until the end of April. Now I am considering whether I should take the mother tincture, i.e. the drops. Does anyone know their way around and, above all, how much do I have to take?

    I would be very happy if someone got in touch, I am a little helpless.

    Thank you and


  • hello,
    i started with the original tincture with 5 drops a day. but didn't notice anything. now I try to think of 2 drops 3-15 times a day. you can probably take up to 20 drops. I usually only manage to think of 1 to 2 times 15. as i'm a "newbie" i can't say what's going on, since i have only had the right stockings for about 2 weeks (trying around for almost half a year) and my shape is still constantly changing i have this feeling. 🙂
    tip: you can have the lipedema set up with a systemic constellation. do such a constellation about 2 times a year and last year i did the lipedema. let's see what goes on, it was definitely insightful.

    • Dear bobble,

      Thank you for your experience report. I am really happy to hear that you have found something that helps you and that you are so positive about it. Keep it up! I'll take a closer look at the whole thing.
      Best regards,

  • Today I have 1 capsule for the first time
    Taken from a sweet clover preparation.
    I'm really looking forward to the effects, and above all I hope that my stomach will take it because I'm very sensitive.
    It is likely that you no longer notice any effects because you have taken a homeopathic remedy. There is almost no ingredient in it.
    Try another sweet clover preparation.
    As soon as I feel an effect, I will report on it.

  • "I was able to leave the Kompri off longer" ... "But after these weeks, the effect wore off completely and I was back to normal"

    This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in leaving out compression tights or stockings. I have had lymphedema for 35 years after surgery. and occasionally the legs harden (heat, stress, illness). Instead of omitting the compression, I build foam parts under the tights, i.e. compression material, which I also got under the compression bandages in the lymph clinic ... to keep the connective tissue soft and to prevent protein deposits from sticking I fixed the foam parts with normal tights which makes it much easier to put on the support stockings. . The combination with sweet clover capsules, compression stockings (and ALWAYS!), Bandages with foam and exercise at night is ideal. In over 30 years of rehabilitation in a lymph clinic every year, I have also met many lipoedema patients who mostly complained of pain when they wore the tights - after my tip to "build" foam underneath, they no longer complained because of the hard pressure of the stocking material felt softer through the foam, but does not reduce the pressure itself ...

  • I can only say that I am enthusiastic about sweet clover capsules. I have been taking them for a year in winter, one capsule in summer, two. It's very useful for me and my legs aren't swollen and heavy. Even when it's warm, I don't have any more complaints. Fantastic am very enthusiastic. Tried many products with no results but sweet clover is great.