The denim dress - the absolute all-rounder for everyday life

Jacket like pants? Especially in this season you can hardly avoid denim. The selection is huge and the possible combinations are almost unlimited. Even if the courage to try somewhat more unusual combinations is otherwise lacking, denim fabrics, in their classic and unexcited way, help to fall out of place.

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Denim dresses? I love denim dresses.

There are many forms of denim dresses: short or long, tight or flowing. Classic as a shirt dress or playful with flounces. Off-shoulder or embroidered or printed. Everyone will likely find the right dress for their personal style.

They are mostly made from lyocell. Lyocell is an artificial fiber of natural origin. Similar to viscose, lyocell is made from cellulose fibers. This makes the products easy to care for and robust. The soft fall makes it very comfortable to wear and is also suitable for allergy sufferers. Even if you spend a large part of the day on the floor or crawling through sandpits, a denim dress made of lyocell doesn’t take that offense, because it is less prone to stains and creases. After washing at 40 degrees, you can throw it in the dryer without any problems and you don't even have to iron it.

It is precisely this simplicity and the fact that compression tights almost always go with them that make denim dresses perfect everyday companions.

lipoedem fashion denim jeans dress dress fashion lipedema kristin

Such a denim dress is easy to put on and you can combine it with flat knit in almost unlimited ways. Whether monochrome or colored or patterned. Pretty much anything is possible thanks to the light denim. Even if you are otherwise not so brave. The combination of accessories and the skillful use of details create beautiful, casual and informal outfits. If you are not dependent on a formal wardrobe or work clothes in your working life, you can also style a denim dress for the office. Statement chains, scarves or shawls provide a certain chic. On colder days in summer and in the transition period, you are well-dressed with coarse-knitted cardigans that match the length of your dress.


The denim dress

Denim dresses are suitable for a good nine months of the year and actually also in winter, when it is not so bitterly cold. Then you can wear it with chunky boots and a wool coat.

Whichever combination you choose, the compression is always well presented.


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