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Good resolutions …

We have good resolutions for 2017, not just for us personally, but for all lipedema sufferers and women who cannot feel good in their bodies. We struggle with illness every day, with the body, but what do we do for our self-confidence that is suffering from the insecurity and psychological pressure from outside and inside?

Thoughts on "I"

Even if I, Pia, am not affected by lipedema myself, black opaque tights are my constant companion. I don't have the compression per se, but I can understand anyone who might want to hide something. You can be as confident as you want - there is always something that you are not satisfied with.

Give the monster a name and systematically turn it off!

One should never make this "something" the focus of one's life. All thoughts shouldn't be about these negative things. It is much nicer to love its assets. Of course, you should be aware of what you don't like about yourself - because who likes to fight against a nameless monster? You have to give the enemy a name, only then will he lose his terror. Displacement has never been good and rarely gets us there. 

A child who does not know or forgets that the knife is sharp if it is used incorrectly will cut itself again and again. But if it is aware of it, it ultimately learns to deal with it and loses its fear of the blade.

Our message is all the more important here, because it may not only be aimed at lipedema patients: learn to love you! That sounds a bit trite now - of course, but it's true! Become aware of what you love about yourself, what is good for you, what you like to do to get a good feeling. Who is doing you good? What is good for you?

If you think about it. Because how can you approach other people openly, radiate this famous inner satisfaction and calm, if you don't even love the person who is actually closest to you, namely yourself? It doesn't happen overnight, it's a constant process in which you have to work on yourself. But it helps ... the first step is to get yourself ready in the morning after getting ready for work or the like. made to look in the mirror and say out loud: I look really great today and it will be a great day!

Most of the time, this has an incredibly good influence on your own effect on others!

2017 - the year of opportunities, new paths and a new "me"

And now we come to New Year's resolutions, who doesn't know them? Lose weight, quit smoking blah blah. The usual!

Let's breathe new life into the resolutions and not fill them with such content, but simply with a little more love, a little more acceptance and tolerance for ourselves (and others). To get a little more out of your own comfort zone, dare more and ultimately live more.

We don't just want to provide you with outfit pictures and blog posts. We want to give you food for thought and show you that lipedema should not and should not restrict you. You are the master (woman) of your body and nobody else, not even lipedema or compression! So why should both prevent you from loving yourself more or from daring more?

lipedema mode the phoenix project self-confidence instagram hashtag

The Phönix-Projekt - Add # lipödemphönix and / or # phönixprojekt to each of your me-moments worth sharing on Instagram in 2017

And it doesn't matter whether it's outfit pictures, a wonderful laugh, a meal, a great experience, etc. We want to see that you come out of your own comfort zone, live and love!

In this context, the phoenix stands for “getting up again and again”. Be it through the diagnosis of lipedema, stupid looks or a comment that hit you hard. You keep pulling yourself up and getting stronger. And the phoenix rises again and again from the ashes and becomes many times more beautiful and stronger.

Believe me - you will have a lot more great stories to tell by the end of the year. If you live these moments consciously and call yourself to mind when you have a "hangover".

And if you don't have the energy, just have a look # lipedema phoenix and / or # phoenix project at Instagram and let yourself be inspired by the others. We look forward to it! 

Much love for you!

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Edit 13/01/2017: Officially Participating Blogs and Instagramers

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Sylvia from Cheers, Lion!

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Author: Pia

I'm Pia, 26 years old and live in beautiful Central Hesse. Professionally, I am a hotel buyer for a package tour operator, responsible for Ireland. Why am I on the lipedema fashion blog? That's a good question because I am not affected by lipedema myself. The question quickly arises: yes, and why are you participating? You have no idea about the subject! Well, it's very simple - I'm a fashion enthusiast and especially when it comes to beauty. I don't really have any hobbies, at least not such as painting or playing a musical instrument (to be honest, I'm worlds away from them). So I basically look after the cosmetics sector - my hobby! With just a few means to a radiant appearance - and the positive charisma does the rest! Who else looks at compressions, girls?

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