Thrombosis: My change from circular knit to flat knit tights

As a young man, I had deep vein thromboses on both sides and have therefore been wearing compression stockings for over two decades. Since then, there has not been a single day on which I left the house without them. At that time, in the first few years after the thrombosis, I mostly wore long (AG or AT), but then only calf stockings (AD). Always circular KKL III and beige. There was no other color back then. It was routine for years to get and order the same ready-to-wear stockings over and over again. So I haven't dealt with the subject of compression stockings for a long time.

A few months ago I tried old compression tights that I had apparently only worn a few times many years ago before switching back to calf stockings.

I was immediately impressed by how well wearing the tights get my legs.

However, I now noticed again what had always been my problem with long stockings and which had ultimately led me to wear the short ones (in addition to the obvious disadvantages such as more time-consuming putting on, etc.): they tend to slip down, so that I wear the stockings several times a day I have to pull up, and they cut into my squats, especially when sitting, so that they get sore after a while. In my experience, tights are more comfortable and slip less than thigh highs, but I was never able to prevent them. Even a recently newly made-to-measure circular knit tights brought hardly any improvement in this regard. I was disappointed that the immediately positive effects seemed impossible in the long term due to this seemingly banal problem. I could only dream of non-slip, non-separating tights, if they existed at all.

A new solution was needed

I started researching on the internet what had happened in the field of compression stockings in recent years. And I was very impressed with the many new colors. I also came across the subject of flat knitting for the first time and then almost automatically came up with it Caroline's lovely blog.

Since I had not taken care of the medical condition of my legs for a long time, I went to a specialized vein center for an examination. After many years, the chronically defective venous system has developed into a so-called post-thrombotic syndrome with edema on both sides. The doctor was very clear in her statement that continued anticoagulation and compression therapy were mandatory in order to prevent further thrombosis and aggravations such as an "open leg". Also because of the described slip and cut problem, I was prescribed compression tights KKL III in flat knit.

My conclusion on the flat knit supply for venous disorders after thrombosis

After almost two hot summer months with the new flat knit trousers, I can draw a very positive conclusion: slipping and cutting are a thing of the past.

Slipping only happens if I don't allow myself enough time to put it on or if I can't reposition myself perfectly after using the toilet. They are a great feature Functional knee zonesthat reliably prevent cuts in the back of the knees, even if the trousers have slipped down a little.

lipoedem fashion deep vein thrombosis thrombosis circular knit flat knit
If the knee joints are bent, wrinkles appear in the knee bend, but these are (due to the functional zone) very coarse and do not constrict in any way; the skin in the squat is not irritated.

If I've put on the compression pants perfectly (and I'm getting faster and better in them), I don't need to adjust the fit even after many hours. The wearing comfort cannot be compared with my previous circular knit tights. The firmer (and thicker) material feels very comfortable and even on the skin. The coarse knit allows enough air to reach the legs.

I have never felt the "built-in" massage effect when walking so intensely. Sitting for long periods is no problem, and I also have a lot less need to put my legs up.

My legs feel much better when they are carried than without them: lighter, more stable, less painful, and all of that without constricting!

I've always wanted that from compression tights, but actually no longer thought it possible. This makes me very happy, especially since I will be with you for the rest of my life
must come to terms with these things and absolutely want to prevent aggravation and another thrombosis.

Compression: pantyhose Mediven 550 KKL III, anthracite, with knee function zones, open toe tips.

Author: Dirk

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