Tips and tricks for using compression tights

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With every supply of new compression tights or arm socks you will receive a small manual on how to deal with your new everyday companion. But have you already read it carefully? We have taken it in hand for you and have compiled the most important facts for you with a few tips of our own.

Powder for damp skin

This is particularly common in summer or after showering: the skin is damp and the compression tights just don't want to move. To avoid cramping hands from exertion, you can try using a little baby powder. This will leave the skin dry enough to let the fabric slide.

Hand wash

It is best to wash your compression by hand between two uses with a gentle detergent (e.g. from Medi, Juzo or Bauerfeind). After wearing it for the second time, you can wash it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle at 40 °. Be sure to pay attention to the colors of the rest of the laundry in your drum, the compressions can discolour.

Small repair?

Should it ever be the case that you find a hole or a loose seam in your supply, please do not repair it yourself, but contact your medical supply store. Medi z. B. offers repairs free of charge within reasonable limits.

The label

If you take a look inside its compression, you will find the small textile sew-in label with your name on it. Please do not remove it under any circumstances, otherwise your claim to warranty, repair or exchange will expire.

The fold in the back of the knee

Everyone concerned knows the uncomfortable fold in the hollow of the knee, because unfortunately it is also the first place that slips during the day. In many cases, however, you don't have to pull the supply up, but rather pull it down. Many patients make the mistake and pull in the wrong direction. If, on the other hand, it is still the case that the tights develop massive creases, please contact your medical supply store.

The body part

Only when the bottom seam is also in the bottom fold do the tights sit exactly right. If it doesn't work out right, try the following trick: Put both hands into the body part on the buttocks side, grab the fabric on the lower part of the buttocks and then pull it up. This gives you more control over the part that is normally difficult to access and brings everything to the right place.

What to do in the heat

On hot days, get a spray bottle with cold water or that Cooling spray from Medi a little refreshment. If you want to prevent the heat in the morning, you can use the Medi Day care gel rub in. The menthol immediately refreshes the skin and gives you a good start to the hot day.

Protect your fingers

To make it easier to put on the compression tights, you can put on rubber-coated gloves from the hardware store. The rubber gives you more grip when you pull it up, which saves you strength and is easy on your fingers.

Tips and tricks for using compression tights

This article is meant to grow, so I want to ask you if you still have a few aces up your sleeve. Just write them in the comments!


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  • Thanks for the tips. My medical supply store recommended special rubber gloves with knobs to make it easier to put on the compression tights. They are great and reasonably priced

  • great tips - especially the one with the hollow of the knee 🙂 I got free gloves with my compress (Medi).

    • Hi everyone, today I got my compression garment. Long stockings and cycling shorts over them. The gloves with pimples were also really helpful when putting them on. Practice creates masters.

  • The tip with the hollow of the knee is worth gold!
    I noticed this last week ... I always pulled the Kompri up and then the thought occurred to me that maybe I had already pulled it up so far that it kept slipping into the hollow of my knee because it just belongs there 😉 Then I pulled my tights down under the hollow of my knee and - voila - much better! 🙂

  • Perhaps it is allowed to point out that repairs to compression stockings or tights outside of the warranty can also be done in good quality by the "loop catcher"
    are executed. In this case, the repair service is completely manufacturer-independent and very individual. It always happens very quickly that you pull a thread, tear a ladder or a hole and the adhesive tapes on the stockings are usually worn out very quickly.

  • then my sanifee gave me the tip to express the journey compression (after handwash) only to throw (flat lying in a towel) and then dry or in a salad spinner ... the tip with the salad spinner, I found only strange. But it has been considered to be super valuable, so it dries much faster!

  • Hello everyone, my problem is the crease on the top of the ankle. Does anyone have a tip?
    Kind regards Nadja

    • Hello dear Nadja!

      The crease above the ankle is a bad sign. Hasn't a notch been knitted there? Do you see a wedge like that? If not, that would be a clear case of a complaint or a necessary addition next time. If you still have the crease, it could also have been measured incorrectly.

      Best regards,

      • Dear Caroline,

        Thank you very much for your quick answers.

        For me, a simple heel was knitted (like socks).

        I'm also not sure I still need practice. But my feeling is that something is wrong somewhere every time. It is therefore difficult for me to judge whether it is the wrong measure or whether it is me.

        I will watch that.

        Kind regards, Karin

  • Hallo,

    Many thanks for the great tips.
    I have been wearing the stockings for 2 days and have the same problem as Nadja. In addition, my finger joints are already sore from being pulled up to the toilet. I can't take my household gloves with me everywhere.
    How do you do that?

    Kind regards, Karin

    • Hello dear Karin!

      I actually do it in such a way that I have stashed gloves in fixed places so that I can pull them up in the toilet with them. Otherwise, at some point, I simply won't have enough strength in my fingers 🙁
      I write something about the fold over the knee joint in the answer to Nadja 🙂

      Best regards,

  • Hi all,
    Thank you very much for the exciting and informative article. I know a lot of people, always or sometimes compression stockings have to carry. I can't even imagine how it is. I recently learned from a friend that the stockings need a very specific care. Then I read a little bit and they also mention hand washing the stockings.

  • Hello! I have now got my first compression tights. Thanks for the good tips.
    But I still have one question about laundry. As I live alone, I don't have laundry every 2 days that it would be worth turning on the machine (wash max. 1x / week). And I don't just turn on the washing machine for pantyhose ...
    Does it make a difference whether hand or machine wash? Is daily hand washing enough?

    • Hello Alexandra!

      Yes, you can introduce hand washing as an interim solution 🙂 We also have an extra item for washing compression. look here here, maybe you will find some good tips there!


  • Hi. I have the problem that somehow I can't get the body of my tights pulled up enough. Then always have the seams, from the delimitation to the bottom on the thighs and that pushes in quite a bit. I have a big bottom and it's really difficult for me to get this tightly fitting body part over my bottom. Do you have a tip on how this last piece can be made easier for me and the seams on my thighs annoy me

    • Hello live Katharina,

      Do you have a continuous supply or cycling shorts with thigh stockings? Maybe you need more fabric from the lower parts or it was simply measured too short: / If it doesn't work at all, you can have your sanitary house look at it again.

      Lovely wishes

    • Hello Katharina,

      I know this problem too. I changed the medical supply store and the lady said, because of my proportions, it is advisable to keep the pants up to under the chest.
      I wear the Medi one and there is a zipper. You first close with a hook and eye and then you can zip up. It's easier to pull up, I think it's great that way.
      But I have to say I wear knee socks and then capri pants over them, which makes it easier to put on. Despite the pattern, it is not visible to others and in summer when it is very hot I sometimes leave my stockings off. I'm lucky that my feet don't swell. Otherwise, of course, that won't work.


  • Another tip for tightening the compression: you don't necessarily need gloves to protect the skin on your hands (and to protect your pants from fingernails). You can also use socks from the laundry basket, these small microfiber glasses cleaning cloths or the fabric of the scarf that you are currently wearing. All the best!

  • Hello I am still new to lipedema,

    So I have had it for a long time ... nothing new for many of those affected that it is not recognized.

    During a rehab (psychosomatics because of pain and fatigue precisely because of this) - after a long fight with my doctor, despite the indication - I had a performance at the physios on my plan. They were quite astonished that I had not been treated for 3 weeks and that I did not get any physiotherapy, but that they wanted to recommend a real solution to my physical problems. The 2 lymph drainages changed my life (-1 and - 4cm circumference on the leg ... foot ...) and awakened my will to live. I was able to climb stairs and move around again ... unfortunately - due to the lack of will of my doctor - the physio came too late ... otherwise I would have received lymphatic drainage + support tights etc. 5 times a week for 3 weeks. I have to borrow that somehow now and I don't know how. Because the doctor did not make the diagnosis, only the suspicion ...

    Why I write at all is the following: The physiotherapist said that she has patients who have a zipper in their tights. Is that workable?

    Best regards,

  • Hallo,
    I have been prescribed flat-knitted compression tights from my doctor.
    It actually works pretty well to put on, but after a few minutes the pants slip in the crotch and I actually don't want to wear them anymore. It's uncomfortable and I'm just pulling and bubbling.
    Does anyone know that and maybe has a tip for me?
    Thank you before

  • Hello, I've been wearing a compression capri with knee socks since today. I feel totally uncomfortable and it's terribly hot. Especially in the step I think the heat builds up even more than on the legs. What are you doing about it? Spraying wet isn't that great either, is it?

  • Hello Caroline,

    Great tips, I came across your site because my tights cut into the hollow of the knee and I absolutely can't wear them. So it brings no relief, only pain.
    I have the problem that the upper part of the pants is way too wide. I wear a 42 on my legs but a 36/38 on top. You can make the elastic tighter, but there is so much excess fabric on the stomach and waist. I didn't measure that, just my legs ... Have you heard of the problem before? LG!

    • Hello Henriette,

      somehow that doesn't sound like the right care, maybe just a round knit tights. Does it have a seam at the back? If not, please have your attending specialist prescribe a flat-knit compression made to measure + alternate supply for hygienic reasons. Then it should no longer cut into the back of the knees and finally fit properly on the upper body. 🙂

      Best regards,

  • The tights from Jobst are highly recommended. Due to the good workmanship, these do not knuckle in the knees and can be pulled up easily through the reinforcement at the top

  • Hello.
    I have a question:
    I got my first pantyhose. It fits very well so far and I get it well dressed. However, I have the problem that the waistband slips down when sitting and then curls up exactly at the navel.
    Is there a tip?
    Danke schön.
    LG Melanie

    • Hi Melanie,

      maybe your compression needs to be measured longer. I wore it under my chest for a while and that helped. Otherwise there is also an adhesive that helps the compression stay up. 🙂

      Best regards,

  • Hello everyone, I also have lipedema. I had to constantly delete the sizes. But not because of long toenails or poor care. Especially the size toe is also the longest with me. Was passed quickly. I then bought sips with cotton zehling with anti-slip. So it is protected in the shoe and the legs have slipped again and I have to pull something or pull up, I can pull the zehlinge over my fingers and use it as gloves.

  • I got lining for the hollow of the knee in my compression leggings and was unsure about the first leggings, but now I already have the 7 leggings and I'm still thrilled.

  • Hello Caroline,
    Thank you for your great contributions, which help a lot. I've only been wearing compression tights for 6 months. First circular knitting because of the varicose veins, after a successful operation only a few days flat knitting because of the lipedema. So far I have always used the mild detergent from Schiebler from the medical supply store. However, I have now taken a closer look at the ingredient Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Result: “Since sodium laureth sulfate reacts with the protein building blocks of our cells, it causes the horny layer and hair to swell, so that often significantly more fat is removed than is good. The skin becomes rough, itchy, flaky and reddened. [...] The production of Sodium Laureth Sulfate produces carcinogenic dioxane, which was found in extremely high quantities in cleaning products in the 1980s. The commission for cosmetic products at the Federal Health Office then arranged that the manufacturers had to change the production process in order to drastically reduce the quantity. A residual content of a maximum of 10 mg dioxane per kilo of product is technically unavoidable and is classified as harmless to health, so that a possible cancer risk from Sodium Laureth Sulphate should be off the table nowadays. “There are even more components in the products from Medi, Juzo & Co in there, with similar results. If this comes to the skin every day, I am not surprised that the skin suffers. Not only through mechanical irritation, but also chemical. I look around for alternatives. Maybe you can also do some research?
    Thanks for everything & good luck!
    Best regards,

  • Hallo,

    what a great site - thanks for the many tips. I have just received my second flat knit pantyhose. I couldn't pull the first one over my hip, I have a rel. narrow waist and wide thighs and hips. So I didn't get the tights just over it. Now I have a new pair of tights, with a zipper on the left side. I had asked to get this in the middle, that was probably not possible. Now my question to you: How do I get this zipper closed? I've tried lying down, sitting, and standing. With difficulty I get to hold the pants together a bit and pull the zipper a centimeter higher, I let go and it is right back in the "old" position. Can someone give me tips?

  • Hello, I also have lipedema and already had several treatments with flat knit stockings / pants. Now had vein surgery on Monday and have to wear the leggin with stockings. Can't you put on panties so that the leggin doesn't slip? Tips.

  • Hi all,
    I've been wearing my compression for two weeks and have only had stomach aches and heartburn and the like since then. I think the body part is too tight. Can something be changed there afterwards? Have everything in kl2.
    LG Steffi

    • Hello Steffi,

      Turn away so please direct to your medical supply store and discuss it with them. One could have a body part made in a lower compression class or with other dimensions.

      Best regards,

  • Hello!
    Thank you very much from me too, this is a really helpful blog entry 🙂
    Since yesterday I have been testing my first flat-knit compression tights from Juzo and at first I was completely overwhelmed by the pinching and tweaking everywhere. Tightening was relatively quick, but my knuckles are blistered and painful. I immediately put on gloves, which alleviates the blistering a little.
    However, I have a question: is it normal for the tights to slide down in the crotch? Today I had to disappear into the bathroom once an hour because there was a huge gap between my crotch and the crotch of the pantyhose, so that even my thighs began to rub against each other. I only knew this from cheap tights that don't fit properly. I thought that shouldn't happen with a tailor-made one. Am I correct or is that one of the “little evils” that one has to accept when wearing compression?

    Thanks in advance! Best regards,

  • Hello, thank you for this informative text!
    I have currently received my second supply (my first full pantyhose, two months ago there were only stockings, but they are already too loose.)

    Now, however, I have a question about the alternating supply: how does it work? Do you have to write something special or is it enough if the specialist prescribes it?
    I work in the rescue service and also do a lot of sport and find this hygienically necessary because I can hardly keep up with washing.

    Best regards,

    • Hello Miya,

      the specialist will prescribe the alternate supply together with the other on a prescription. You can also apply for more pensions, especially where you mention the avoidance profession. If you argue well, it is definitely worth a try.

      Best regards,

  • Hello, I also have a two-part flat knit supply today. But we changed the capri shorts to cycling shorts.
    Yes, I was told that it is not the best care and if something jams, take off immediately. I already had round knit trousers, but since I have ganglion in the hollow of my knee, it always cut that way. I also have this with tight jeans. So now my question. How do I know if something is jammed? Am i in pain? There were already many answers to the other questions that helped me.

  • Dear Caroline,

    thanks for the great tips. Perhaps you have an additional idea for my problem:

    I wear KKL2 flat knit tights. Since the beginning I have had extra gloves with rubber surfaces to put them on so that I have some grip when putting them on. Despite the gloves, however, I have nasty chafing marks on the top finger joints of the index, middle and ring fingers (i.e. those closest to the nail), especially in winter, from getting dressed, sometimes with blisters, sometimes bleeding. Can you think of anything else I could do?

    Best regards,

  • Avoid knee folds. If the stocking fits well up to the hollow of the knee, I use a skin glue as follows: apply a little skin glue above the hollow of the knee, on the back of the leg, put on the stocking - sits all day. Disadvantage: the glue is water-soluble and does not hold up well in summer due to heavy sweating.

  • I've only had compression stockings for a short time and I'm just finding my way around. However, I already accidentally have a loose seam because it got stuck on an edge. Good to know that I should go to my medical supply store for repairs and not lend a hand myself.

  • Hello Caroline, I have had compression tights (flat knit) for about 4 weeks because of my lipedema! I wore the pants for 8 hours and then had a hole in my right leg ... I use extra gloves from the medical supply store! As a goodwill gesture, I received a new one after 3 weeks. I've been wearing this for 2 days and now have a small ladder on my left leg! I don't want to have the pants sent back in and will soon need them for my long vacation! Do you have a tip for me what I can do !? I'm desperate ... I wanted so much to put on a dress ... that no longer works - looks stupid with the thread pulled :-(. I thought such pants would last 3 months !? LG Jessy

  • My medical supply store cannot measure. The first ones were measured with the computer, 69cm long, naturally slipped, too short. The second time the boss and one of her employees measured 2 hour, 1 cm long, these stockings are too long. I asked for standard stockings 77cm long because some old ones fit well. They roll up. Now they say they can't take care of me. I'm supposed to get a fitting for pantyhose, I used to have it and couldn't cope at all, and actually I need flat knitwear. My family doctor doesn't prescribe it for me. Appointment with a specialist in a few months.

  • Hello dear Caroline,
    Thank you for your great blog, it has already helped me in many ways.

    How exactly does the flat knit have to sit on the ankle? With me, unfortunately, it folds when sitting, which also cut into it.


  • Hello dears, I received my zip tights today. The medical supply store put on the pantyhose and my arm warmers together with me. Everything was perfect until I drove home and had to go to the bathroom. Now I have the feeling that she no longer sits properly between the legs in the crotch and I tremble and plait but she no longer sits like in the medical supply store. do you know that

    • Hello dear Kirsten,

      a compression takes a few days of wearing and washing to get it right. This can be completely normal. If it is not better after 2-3 weeks, consult the SH again.


  • Hello everyone, I received my first compression fitting with a closed toe in November last year, and shortly afterwards the replacement fitting.

    Now you can already see on both pants that the big toe is showing on both sides, the material is already white at this point (the pants are black) and pilling is already forming. So it's a matter of time before the toes will pierce. I keep my toenails short and wear shoes that are not too tight and have soft padding on the inside.

    Has anyone had the same experience and any idea what it could be? Has the foot part been measured too short and is there therefore too much tension in the length?

    • Hello Nelly, I had the problem with broken toes and heel defects for a number of years. Until an employee at my medical supply store had the idea of ​​increasing the length of my feet by 0,5 cm. SUPER IDEA Since then my compression stockings have lasted almost 6 months.

  • Hello, I have a question, I have support stockings up to the knee, what time should I wash and dry them if I have to wear them all the time?

    • Hello Elvira, it's best to wash your stockings every evening after you take them off. To help them dry faster, you can roll them up in a towel and squeeze - don't wring! 🙂

  • Hello!
    I have a very important question:
    What does it look like when I wear compression tights and have to go to the toilet? Ultimately, like other tights and trousers, the good thing has to be pulled down lower than the lower thigh or knee. Afterwards, pulling them up is no longer the same as in the morning, when you sensibly pull up the tights on your legs that have been relieved from the night. nEverything is squeezed, so to speak, and that's not the point of it.
    Do you have any actionable advice?

    • Hello Susan,

      Actually, your compression should be able to be put on again after going to the toilet. Have you already spoken to your sanifee about this? A general diagnosis is not so easy from a distance. Do you use textile gloves to pull yourself up?

      Best regards,