Traveling with lipedema: Rhodes

Rhodes - On June 09.06.2016th, XNUMX, our journey began with lipedema. I can anticipate one thing: it was wonderful!

Travel with lipedema fashion compression stockings

Brief information about the island of Rhodes

Rhodes lies on the dividing line between the island-rich Aegean Sea, of which it forms part of the southeastern edge, and the island-poor Levantine Sea, both parts of the Mediterranean.Rhodes is 78 km long and 38 km wide. Its center is around 430 km from Athens, the Greek capital on mainland Europe. From the north-west coast at Rhodes Island International Airport (Diagoras) it is only about 17,5 km north to the Turkish south-east coast, which is the smallest distance from the island to Asia Minor. Off the west coast are the smaller islands of Chalki (9 km) and Alimia (7 km) as well as other so-called shepherd islands.

Source: Wikipedia

Travel with lipedema fashion compression stockings

So we started to check into our hotel first. We had booked our stay at the Sirene Beach Hotel in Lalysoss. The hotel is a bit on the small side, but really in a great location. We could go anywhere from there.

Traveling with lipedema

Courageous as I was, I spent the first few days without my Kompri. Let's be honest, it was vacation, it was warm - I just didn't feel like dealing with everyday problems. So we rented a quad bike and then a scooter to discover the island on our own. I can only recommend this venture to anyone who is ever on Rhodes.

The sights

So we drove to the nearest mountain and looked what was there. We were not disappointed. The ancient Lalyssos used to be on the Filerimos mountain (approx. 270 meters high). There are remains, but the complex is dominated by the Byzantine monastery from the 10th century. There were also a lot of peacocks on the site. But check it out for yourself:

On the other side of the mountain is the great cross, to which an avenue leads (the Way of the Cross Golgotha). It was very impressive.

Lindos and its Acropolis was also part of an excursion, I just show a few pictures, because they speak for themselves. I have to admit, I was really impressed with this country. Many ancient temples and monasteries have been well restored and you have the feeling of being transported back in time.

The lipedema travels with you

Unfortunately, my legs were not doing well all the time. I had completely taken over myself the first few days. Over 30 °, walking and sitting on ferries or boats for long periods of time made my legs tired. I noticed it more and more and ignored it obediently because my fat little head didn't want it to be true.

It is in your hands

Then one evening I put on my compress and it was pure blessing. I carried it on the next day. I didn't care what people thought, it was good for me. I can't tell you enough, listen to your body. If you can skip the compress, do so for a few days and enjoy the freedom. But also find your way back to your habits. I didn't want to admit it myself, but I have to live with the fact that it just belongs to me. It is a tool that I need. I accept that - or rather - I am accepting this and I know how difficult it is for many. I just want to encourage you to wear them when you need them, but also to leave them out when you need a break. And all of this without a guilty conscience.

Because you are the smith of your luck, with or without a compromise.  Travel with lipedema fashion compression stockings

I recommend everyone who visits Rhodes to make a crossing to the neighboring island of Symi. It's the most beautiful spot on earth I've ever seen. Small, pretty houses lined up along the coast and thus make such a magical picture - see for yourself:

Another little tip for hot days: Take a small spray bottle with water and regularly wet your compress with it. It's like having your own little air conditioner. There is also a cooling leg gel from Mediven, which I can recommend to you. So you can get through the summer and traveling with lipedema relaxed even with Kompri.

Travel with lipedema fashion compression stockings rhodes

I hope you enjoyed my little report and I was able to take you a little away with me. The next trip with lipedema is sure to come. I will report!

Handwriting Anja

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