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Almost there! Christmas is coming soon - it smells of vanilla crescents, fir greens and mulled wine. Admittedly, it was a busy, eventful, successful, exhausting but wonderful year. The list of adjectives could certainly be continued ...

It's just nice to see that our work is so well received and that it has something positive for everyone. Sharing your experiences and getting such great feedback is worth every effort!

In the following we would like to send you personal Christmas greetings from the entire team and present you our Christmas outfits.

The Christmas outfits


Outfit details

Dress: H&M - Jacket: Orsay - Tights: mediven 550 with "Ribs" - Shoes: Marco Tozzi

I wish all of our readers a peaceful and carefree Christmas time. The time with our loved ones is the most important thing - we should be grateful for it. Don't stress yourself too much and start "enjoying" as soon as possible. In love,

Handwriting Anja

Outfit details

Dress: Asos - Tights: medi mediven 550, color: black - Arm socks: medi mondi esprit, color: cashmere - Shoes: Gabor

Dear girls,

We have had an exciting year and are overwhelmed by your lovely feedback.

Christmas is a wonderful time every year when you look back with admiration at what you have achieved. Thrusts of pain, strokes of fate, but also beautiful and emotional moments make us what we are. They make us stronger, more experienced and each time they show us which people enrich our lives with warmth and helpfulness.

I thank you all, this wonderful team and my family and friends for a special 2016 and wish you all a Merry Christmas!


Outfit details

Trousers: Vero Moda - Top: H&M - Blouse: H&M - Warp: Fossil

2016 had many negative, but also many (mostly) positive surprises in store for me. Through some ups and downs, I have learned again to pay more attention to the beautiful things in life and also to appreciate them. As soon as the 01.12. appears on my calendar, 4 magical weeks begin for me. The majority of people are particularly stressed here. I, on the other hand, enjoy the Christmas markets, the crepe, the punch, the baking Sundays and spend a lot of time with family and friends! For me the Christmas days are the most beautiful days of the year. Slow down your hectic lifestyle and enjoy the Christmas season. I wish you a Merry Christmas!


lipoedem fashion outfits_christmas 2016 micha klein

Outfit details

Blouse: H&M - Trousers: C&A - Shoes: Asos - Dimensions of the pouch: Orsay - Jewellery: Fossil, Daniel Wellington, and Paul Hewitt

Christmas is the celebration of love and contemplation. Unfortunately, this special time is often overshadowed by stress and personal perfectionism to please everyone. It is time we returned to the essential, beautiful moments and did not spend our precious minutes searching for expensive gifts or being disappointed that the right thing was not under the tree. Enjoy the hours with your loved ones, embrace them, love them and be happy to have each other. Because you never know when it will be the last time ... With this in mind, I wish you all a Merry Christmas with all your loved ones. Your

Handwriting Michaela

Outfit details

Trousers: H&M - Cardigan: AC - Blouse in leopard print: Primark, similar to - Chain: Amazon - Glasses: Boss Orange via Mr. Spex

Enjoy the time with your family and friends! At Christmas you should always remind yourself that money, status symbols and constant availability do not make a person. It's the moments that you share with each other. Every moment that you spend with your loved ones is precious and you feed on it so much longer than on material things. A wonderful Christmas to you guys <3 yours

Handwriting Pia

Outfit details

Dress: Bonprix, Maite Kelly Collection - Tights: medi mediven 550, color: cherry red - Boots: Sheego - cardigan: Second hand shop - Warp: Engelsrufer, rose gold

Hello my dears. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Merry Christmas. May the New Year be a great year for all of us. That we never lose courage and strength. Enjoy life and time with your loved ones. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Your

Handwriting Tanja

Have a wonderful Christmas time!

Your lipedema fashion blog team

handwriting team

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Author: Pia

I'm Pia, 26 years old and live in beautiful Central Hesse. Professionally, I am a hotel buyer for a package tour operator, responsible for Ireland. Why am I on the lipedema fashion blog? That's a good question because I am not affected by lipedema myself. The question quickly arises: yes, and why are you participating? You have no idea about the subject! Well, it's very simple - I'm a fashion enthusiast and especially when it comes to beauty. I don't really have any hobbies, at least not such as painting or playing a musical instrument (to be honest, I'm worlds away from them). So I basically look after the cosmetics sector - my hobby! With just a few means to a radiant appearance - and the positive charisma does the rest! Who else looks at compressions, girls?

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