Contraception with lipedema: alternatives to the pill

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Even in today's modern world, contraception is often a taboo subject. However, a very important one in my opinion and that's why I have decided to write about it openly. Especially with regard to the prevention of lipedema, one should question the hormonal route.

The pill

lipoedem fashion contraception with lipoedem pill
Contraception with lipedema - goodbye pill

I'll take it myself Pille for about 13 years and until now had no conscious complaints while taking it. However, one is already wondering whether certain little things might not be triggered or at least negatively influenced by the pill. And by that I mean not only the problem with our lipedema disease, but also such as headaches, exhaustion, mood swings, ... More and more side effects from taking the pill are known and thus more and more reasons are offered to look for an alternative and to forego them. That is exactly why I have finally made the decision to stop taking the pill and use other methods of contraception that do without hormones.

But what methods are there for the prevention of lipedema?

I picked out a few options for you. For this purpose, I always tan you the Pearl Index (explanation below).

Pearl index

The Pearl Index shows how many women out of 100 became pregnant by the respective method within one year. This means that the lower the Pearl Index, the safer the contraceptive method.

The condom

lipoedem mode contraception with lipoedem condom

The Kondom is, I think, one of the best-known methods of contraception and at the same time the only one (apart from femidom - the condom for women), which protects against infection with sexually transmitted diseases. It is also the only method the man has to use. Nowadays condoms are available in every drugstore, pharmacy, ... and are easy to use. It has a Pearl Index of 2–12.

The copper spiral

lipoedem fashion prevention with lipoedem copper IUD
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The copper spiral is a plastic carrier that is wrapped with a copper wire. This is inserted into the uterus and there the copper permanently releases copper ions. This disrupts the sperm-egg interaction and prevents implantation. Such a copper IUD stays in the body for five years (unless you let it go because of side effects, wanting to have children, ...). The copper spiral has a pearl index of 0,3-0,8. However, it is also a very expensive method of contraception that is not suitable for everyone and also carries some risks. That is why I recommend that you seek detailed advice from your gynecologist if it comes into question.

The diaphragm

lipoedem mode prevention with lipoedem diaphragm

The Diaphragm is a dome-like, flexible silicone cap that is placed through the vagina in front of the cervix. You also need a gel that kills the sperm and is applied to the edge of the diaphragm. Like the condom, it is one of the cheaper contraceptive methods, but should be individually adapted in a doctor's office. The diaphragm has a Pearl Index of 1-20.

The temperature method

With the temperature method, every day after waking up, the body temperature is measured with a Thermometer (important that it has two places after the decimal point). This is entered in a curve sheet in order to be able to control the course. Around ovulation, the temperature rises and you are fertile. In this phase you have to refrain from sexual intercourse or use other methods of contraception (e.g. the condom). This method of contraception requires a lot of control and you have to deal carefully with the topic. The Pearl Index is 1–3.

The symptothermal method

lipoedema mode of prevention with lipoedema symptothermal method
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This method of contraception connects two together - the Temperature method and the cervical mucus method. This means that in addition to measuring the temperature every day, there is also observation of the cervical mucus. This changes the closer to ovulation. Everything together must be written down and carefully observed. On the fertile days you need another contraceptive if you don't want to do without sexual intercourse. Together, the Symptothermal Method has a Pearl Index of 0,3 to 0,8. With that she comes from safety to the copper IUD and the pill. However, you have to deal with your own body very carefully and listen to it carefully. A regular cycle is also a very important point to make the whole thing easier. However, should you ever want to have children, this method (like the temperature method) can be used the other way round for precise planning.

The cycle computer

lipoedem mode prevention with lipoedem cyclotest

There are now so-called cycle computers that either work with the temperature method alone or use the symptothermal method. These computers are electronic thermometers that you can use e.g. B. can connect to an app or who have their own small computer with them. There are now some well-known manufacturers on the market. The cycle computers have a Pearl index of 0,3–1, depending on the method. However, they are usually a very expensive purchase that should be carefully considered.

Contraception with lipedema - my new way

lipoedem fashion prevention with lipoedem daysy

I have now decided to use the Symptothermal method in conjunction with other contraceptive methods for myself during the fertile days. I see the great advantage for me in getting to know my body better and better again after a very long pill. The two cycle computers are at my side daysy and Cyclotest mywaywhich are kindly made available to me for a test period. Suitable articles with testimonials will of course follow. I also got the book Natural & safe up to read more into the whole subject. There is also a for this book Work book, in which many different cycle examples are shown and the topic is deepened.

If you also want to use hormone-free contraception, make the decision and find out what might be possible for you. Do not be fooled by others that certain methods are not for you. You have to find your own way of contraception with lipedema that suits you and your life.

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