What is a lipedema day?

I am always collecting new information about our disease lipedema and dealing with the topic further. So-called "lipedema days" are the right choice for me. These are organized and hosted by some phlebologists, surgeons or volunteers. I recently went to the Lipedema Information Day 2016 in Munich that of Dr. Katrin Lossagk was organized. She is a doctor in the practice Aesthetics in Munich - Dr. Dominik von Lukowicz & colleagues. Now I would like to share my experiences with you so that you can get an insight into how such a lipedema day can go.

The agenda

The information day began at 10 a.m. So I got up early to take the train to Munich. In Munich itself, it was only a few minutes' walk to the Courtyard Mariott Hotel, where the event took place. There you just had to show the ticket you had bought online and look for a seat. A bag with information brochures, flyers and small gifts was distributed at each seat. You were greeted and guided through the day by Susanne Klingmann. She herself is a lipedema patient and gave us a very personal insight into her medical history as an introduction to the day. The rest of the lipedema day was organized through informative lectures dealing with the following topics:

  • Basics and diagnostics of lipedema
  • Optimal lymphological pre- and post-operative compression stockings
  • Sport and exercise diagnosed with lipedema
  • Surgical therapy of lipedema
  • Methods to improve skin quality after megaliposuction
  • General or local anesthesia
  • Lipedema - support the therapy with nutritional medicine
  • What role do hormones, acid-base balance and micronutrients play in lipedema?

Who was represented?

The lectures were given by various doctors, physiotherapists and paramedics. After each lecture there was a short time to ask a few questions. Other open questions could be asked before the lunch and coffee break and before the end of the information day.

During the delicious lunch and the coffee break, there was also time to look at the industrial exhibition and exchange ideas with the exhibitors. There was a medical supply store from Munich Medicare, the Lymphselbsthilfe eV and some others represented. With a little openness, you quickly got into conversation with other lipedema sufferers.

The planned end was around 15.30:XNUMX p.m., which was postponed due to a few technical problems. But I actually always plan the whole day for such events. On the whole it was a nice and informative day.

Inform and participate

I advise you to look around in the lipedema forums and on Google for more Lipedema Days. These actually take place again and again in a wide variety of cities. Go to several events and form your opinion. Every lipedema day is different and you always discover new things. It was also the second day of information for me. First I was at the 1st LipAcademica near Amberg, which was run by LiLy's Voice Germany was organized and it was also a very great day.

The important thing is - trust yourself! You are not being stared at or treated negatively there. Everyone is there in the same situation as you and struggling with the same disease. And maybe there will be a few nice acquaintances or friendships.

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Author: Tanya

I'm Tanja, born in 1988 and from beautiful Bavaria. Professionally, I am a landscape gardener and I don't really have much to do with fashion there. However, I really enjoy writing and I think it's nice to get inspiration again and again and learn to realize yourself. I would like to pass this feeling on to others and fight together against our illness and achieve that we still feel good in our skin and beautiful.

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  • Are these lipedema days only for patients? I would like to visit one with my husband. Simply so that he is also more familiar with the disease. Is that possible or are men completely out of line?

    • Dear Sarah.
      Usually taking your partner with you isn't a problem at all. I saw some with my partner or family in Munich. I myself had part of my family and my boyfriend with me at the LipAcademica. You only have to buy a ticket for everyone. But if you are not sure, you can write to the organizers. But normally it shouldn't be a problem :) I think it's great that your husband supports you.