Wedding in compression: The bride who also says yes to herself

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There is something magical about marrying someone you want to keep with you for life. You will never forget the time before, the day itself and the euphoria of the newlyweds. But especially the wedding preparations are often overshadowed by a particular concern for many women who have to wear compression fittings due to lipoedema, lymphoedema, thrombosis, etc.:

What do I do with my compression on the wedding day? Hide, show or even don't wear at all?

Love in focus

For many years I have seen a wide variety of brides in the community and they all had one thing in common: In the end, the focus was not on the illness but on love. At your wedding your compression will play a major role, if not as a color accessory, but only in a positive way. Because remember what she does for you the rest of the days. she makes you more resilient and relieves pain, heavy legs and swelling, and at the end of the day it might even make your wedding easier much more than if you hadn't put them on. Every happy smile and moment of happiness will be so much more important than a single thought of your care.

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If so, then already

In many cases, your compression tights may not be visible at all, as a floor-length dress would take away any worries. However, if you're going for a look that shows it off or you're wearing arm compression, I have a great tip for you!

Depending on the color of your compression, you can dare the full flight forward and just your shoes, the Jewelry, a crown of hair or lipstick color match them and with it even your wedding outfit more unique make. Your partner may want to go along with this and choose the boutonniere on the lapel or another accessory to match this colour. Because even in everyday life you already form an unbeatable unit. Feel free to talk to your sweetheart about your concern and find a solution together that suits you best.

Just this small hurdle could make you feel even more how much your counterpart loves you and wants you to feel good, supported and valued at this special event.

If, on the other hand, you simply want to soften the color of your compression, colored nylon tights over it can be a good solution.

The bride in (arm) compression

Of course, the arm compression can take a little more courage. A bolero, a delicate scarf or a cute break in style with a denim jacket can also serve you well if you ever get unsure.

Maybe my pictures will help you with this, because I think so Mediven 550 in the color navy with a fashion element Nature from average together to a dreamlike wedding dress. Even the pattern matches the leaves on the dress. Just a dream! Surely you will recognize immediately that no compression in the world will be able to take away your shine and your charisma. On the contrary, you show that you also say “yes” to yourself and you decide every day for yourself and your well-being. This thought brings tears to my eyes, because I wish you this moment so much and with all my heart. I hope my virtual hug makes it through the bad German network.

What to do when nature calls?

Depending on the choice of your wedding outfit, going to the toilet can become an exciting adventure, in which it is best to have someone you have already chosen to help you. It's best for this lucky dude to take good music with him on this mission so that instead of embarrassing moments in the toilet there are only fits of laughter and most importantly, it should be yours Textile or rubber gloves do not forget. Before the big day, practice together how she can support you when putting on your compression stockings. So nothing can go wrong and above all it has potential for a funny anecdote!

Don't panic, nothing is set in stone

And if you notice on the wedding day that you can't do it anymore, you don't want to carry your supplies anymore, you feel uncomfortable, ... Then quickly disappear into the back room with your partner or a loved one, simply take off the compression stockings and put on something else, that you, as perfectly organized as you are, have packed to be on the safe side: cycling shorts, shapewear, nylon tights, or similar. Zack, situation saved, let's go!

You see, if something goes wrong, what should happen other than invariably wonderful things or the birth of grandiose stories? Take it with humor and lightness, feel great and enjoy this unique day to the fullest.

Cheers to your future together and above all to saying "yes" to yourself!

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