Which compression is the right one for lipedema?

The lymphological compression supply - background info 

Through our finest blood vessels, the so-called "capillaries", water is continuously pushed out into the intercellular space of our tissue. This fluid contains various substances that are necessary for optimal cell supply. 

The "used" water, as well as excess protein, various metabolic breakdown products, dead cell material, "inflammatory cells and factors" as well as pathogens etc. - all of this together counts to the medically named "Lymphatic Load". This must be transported away via the lymphatic system. 

As long as our lymphatic system is intact, all of these components can be completely removed. Is the Transport capacity However, the lymphatic system decreases, water, protein and harmful substances accumulate in the tissue. It imagines "Chronic lymphedema". The resulting Lipo-lymphedema is one of the so-called secondary edema

By the well-known Manual lymph drainage (MLD) is supposed to improve the lymph flow and reduce the amount of fluid that has accumulated in the cell space. The MLD promotes healing processes, especially postoperatively; Adhesions in the tissue loosened, the connective tissue kept supple, fibrotic remodeling in the deep tissue slowed down (lipedema stage-dependent process). After the MLD - which the patient should do twice a week if possible - the compression garments should be put on again and again. This is an integral part of the anyway daily, conservative lip / lymphedema therapy.  

For Is above all the patient correct Compression care is important, we'll talk about that in a moment! 

How does compression work in lipedema and lymphedema?

Due to the compression therapy supply, a certain resting and working pressure is built up on the diseased tissue from the outside.

This will  

  1. generally less fluid accumulates in the intercellular space of the tissue. 
  2. the venous, and consequently also the lymphatic drainage, is improved.
  3. the natural muscle pump of the calf muscles is supported and thus the return flow of venous blood and fluid is promoted against gravity.
  4. Due to the special pressure of the compression garment, the diffusion / exchange path between the cells and the blood vessels is reduced and ultimately the removal into the vascular system is improved.

The compression garments must be worn continuously and daily!

The peculiarity of compression in lipedema

We had already discussed the topic of MLD and compression garments and why they are an elementary component in the conservative treatment of lipedema. So let's take a closer look at why Flat knit the "right stitch" for lipedema is tissue. 

"The right stitch on it?"

In the supply of medical aids, a basic distinction is made between two types of mesh, the so-called. Circular knit Supply and the Flat knit Care.

All these stocking fabrics consist of three parts of thread. 

The difference is that Circular knit always has the same number of stitches. Only the size of the mesh is adjusted (small circumference = small mesh, large circumference = large mesh).

The Flat knit the stocking is created from individual parts. The size of the mesh remains the same; the circumference is regulated by the number of stitches. This means that the number of stitches changes in each row as required. In this way, differences in the shape of the leg can be treated more precisely. 

Compression in lipedema
Source: www.medi.de

Especially when it comes to knotty skin or unformed skin conditions in z. B. concomitant obesity or severe lipedema stages with unformed circumferential proportions or also pronounced edema proportions, only such a flat knit supply can provide this accuracy of fit! 

Edema can be suppressed better if one punctually precise and more effective compression of each individual piece of tissue is possible.

The precise action at specific points results in an adapted Resting pressure scored on the tissue. When doing muscle work, such as B. in walking, walking, jogging, can ultimately also be significantly higher working pressure to counteract the diseased tissue and the secondary edema that forms. 

Attention: circular knitting is thinner and much more elastic in the fabric. 

In addition to better stability, flat knitting has even more advantages

If the dimensions are correctly adjusted (!), It prevents the skin from constricting in the case of lipedema due to wrinkling of the compression. In addition, the pores of the mesh are larger than with circular knits. This means that more air circulates between the stockings and the surface of the skin, even if the rope looks much thicker and scratchy. Most patients finally find relief, less pain and more stability in their compression garments and are happy to wear them voluntarily. 

And, believe it or not, flat knitting is literally easier to “bring to women” than jumping into circular knit compression! It is much more strenuous.

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