Powerdenim by LUNA LARGO - pants for women with lipedema / lymphedema

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At Luna Largo, the first German fashion label for women with lipedema and lymphedema, the long-lasting pants are also available in long sizes for women from 1,70 m! Especially now in summer, but actually all year round, even the tall fashion junkies among us can enjoy the beautiful fresh colors of the Power denim collection enjoy. The jeans for women with lipedema / lymphedema are not only available in blue, black and navy, but also in white and rose.

Pants for lipedema and lymphedema fighters

Especially for the summer evenings or the transition period, the colors bring life to the wardrobe. They can also be combined with many muted colors. To add a few ideas to the shopping cart, we have two plus sizes here Outfit mood boards for you.  

Off to the Luna Largo shopping pleasure!

And now on to the Online-Shop from Luna Largo and bring one of the beautiful fresh colors home. Not only will they look great on you, but they will also put you in a good mood. What is particularly great about the white pants is that the quality of the fabric prevents your compression color from showing through. And that despite the stretch fabric! Give it a try and tell us if you like it.

Have fun shopping!

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