Anja's statement: Why are you doing this?

Hello dear ones,

I am often confronted with the question, “Why are you doing this?”. This means why I make myself public and vulnerable. Why do I share my experiences with surgery, pregnancy, exercise and nutrition. Often I notice subliminally the insinuation that I need the attention. I'm just like horny ...

A statement

So here is my statement why I do what I do: It's the fun of it. The fun that makes part of a small movement, that brings new courage to fellow sufferers, that motivates others and moves them forward. The fun that drives me to write articles. Not only for the outside world - also for myself. Because some of my contributions deal with thoughts and feelings. I notice very clearly that many of you feel the same way, that you can find yourselves in my thoughts. As so often said, we are all in the same boat. Just then I notice it very clearly.

A fine line

I know I'm making myself vulnerable. By telling you publicly about my private life, I am opening a door for you, or let's say a little window. Through this you can catch a glimpse, an extract from the life that belongs to me. But don't be fooled. This little extract is like a drop of rain falling into the sea. There is a lot more than what you see and what I don't talk about in public.

Things are difficult for me too, and I too cannot always motivate myself to eat healthily and exercise. I don't wear my compression every day, even when I should. I have ups and downs because I am only human.

My modest contribution

I think I'm just trying to make my contribution to the subject of LIPEDEM. My little humble part. I am really happy when we get positive feedback, when contributions are well received and you feel caught. Because that is what gives us all the energy that this movement needs.

I wanted to have written these lines for a long time and now this statement has emerged from it.

I also just want to say thank you - thank you to all hardworking readers and followers. 

Handwriting Anja

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Author: annichen1989

I'm Anja and I was born on February 10.02.1989th, 2 in Schwedt an der Oder. So I come from beautiful Brandenburg. Professionally, I work as an office communication clerk, I support XNUMX companies with my workforce. I also work as an artist in the field of manga. Dear Caroline invited me to participate in this blog. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and I hope that this will also make our disease better known.

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  • Really good Anja !! 🙂
    I think it's great that you share your experiences, your knowledge and tips with us.
    In general, I think your work is pretty cool and I enjoy reading your posts.
    So keep it up! 🙂

  • Huhu,
    if it weren't for you, the ones who make this site, we'd feel pretty alone. It helps me to go to this page from time to time so that I can remember: I am not alone.
    Thank you.
    Best regards