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Wingz - Fashion Arm Coverage

Wingz are separate sleeves for womenwho want to dress their arms more individually. This could be a sensible purchase, especially for women with pronounced lipedema or lymphedema on the upper arms. But how do these accessories fare in a practical test? Anja, Caroline and Pia to report!

What Anja says

The idea sounds great at first. Take the sleeves and spice up any dress with them. Excellent! I was immediately hooked when it was said we were going to test the Wingz.

I was disappointed with the selection. I need the smallest size and unfortunately very few were available there. Pity! When the Wingz got to me, I took a quick look at them.

I think the workmanship is good and I didn't expect anything else from the material. You are airy and light. So I rummaged in my closet.

Well ... it turned out to be very difficult to find something suitable. The shirt or dress must not be too wide on the back and the straps should not be too narrow, but also not too wide. Then the color has to match the wingz. I thought I have to change my clothes. Honestly, this is difficult!

I then decided on my black jersey dress. Basically I am not entirely convinced. With me you could always see that the sleeves were an addition and not part of the dress. Especially on the back it partially slid up. I would recommend it only to a limited extent.

This way to Anjas Wingz.

lipoedema mode wingz test anja 2

lipoedema mode wingz test anja 2

lipoedema mode wingz test anja 2

What is Caroline thinking?

I was enthusiastic about the idea and really wanted to hold one of the Wingz in my hands. I also have problems with the sleeves of some tops more often than you think. But somehow I couldn't find a sleeve that really fits me. Strange, but nobody really wanted to suit me. Unfortunately, some models also failed for me, for the same reason that Anja called him - delivery problems.

Well, then the white chiffon. But somehow I feel in him as if the rest of the costume is still missing.

I also had my problems finding something suitable in the wardrobe, because the straps have to be wide enough and the top must be consistent. You can't combine everything with chiffon. Above all, it is a pure white and very few normal shirts have this harsh tone. But my top should offer an acceptable solution.

The Wingz couldn't really convince me. On the one hand for reasons of personal taste (although I think Pia's execution is beautiful), on the other hand I find it very difficult to deal with the existing wardrobe. Too many things have to be considered for my taste before a good look is created. But I still like the idea behind it and if someone is better off than me, I think that's a great thing!

Click here for Carolines Wingz.

lipoedema mode wingz test caroline 2

lipoedema mode wingz test caroline 1

lipoedema mode wingz test caroline 2

Pia's opinion

Every woman with strong upper arms knows the problem: you have found a nice top, but when you wear it for the first time you are unsure whether you want to flaunt your arms in full splendor. You quickly reach for a cardigan or a scarf to hide your unloved (waving) arms.

When I heard from Wingz, I was happy that a company was facing up to the problem and wanted to give women a little more fabric on their arms a little more self-confidence in summer tops. The delivery arrived quickly and I was so excited that I scoured my closet for some tops, shirts and clothes. My wingz is on black lace, which makes it a little easier to combine with my mostly dark wardrobe.

The quality is great, the tip of high quality and very well made. The Wingz are great to wear in summer, the tip makes them very air-permeable. You're dressed but somehow not, which is great.

Initially with a shirt with short arms: No result - it didn't look nice. As if it wasn't one of them. I was more successful with a black basic top, because the transition wasn't particularly good here and it went well together. The only drawback: the wingz slipped off the shoulder and you could see that they were separate sleeves. I was also lucky with the black basic dress, it goes very well together and at first you don't notice that they don't belong to the dress.

All in all, the Wingz are a great idea, but not something for every woman. You should think about beforehand which color goes best with your own wardrobe and what you could combine with it. Personally, I would always tend to go for the narrower-cut versions that are available in different sizes. With these models it is less noticeable that they are separate sleeves.

This way to Pias Wingz.

lipoedema mode wingz test pia 3

lipoedema mode wingz test pia 1


We would like to thank Wingz for providing the products shown above free of charge and unconditionally.

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I'm Anja and I was born on February 10.02.1989th, 2 in Schwedt an der Oder. So I come from beautiful Brandenburg. Professionally, I work as an office communication clerk, I support XNUMX companies with my workforce. I also work as an artist in the field of manga. Dear Caroline invited me to participate in this blog. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and I hope that this will also make our disease better known.

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