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I'm Tanja, 28 years old and come from beautiful Bavaria. Dear Caroline asked me if I would like to contribute to this blog and I am now happy to be there.

I was diagnosed with lipedema in October 2015 after my physiotherapist raised her suspicions when I was treating her for a ruptured cruciate ligament. Since then I have tried to make friends with conservative therapy and make friends with compression stockings. However, coming to terms with lipedema disease is often a great struggle.

That's why I think it's important and great that this blog exists. It gives us courage and the feeling that we are all great and worthy of being accepted for who we are. I would like to pass this feeling on to you too. Do not be unsettled by looks or sayings from others. Carry your compression with your head held high, for you are just as worthy of feeling good as anybody else. I have to keep this in mind for myself and each of us always has our lows. But …

… Together, we will do it!

All the best

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Author: Tanya

I'm Tanja, born in 1988 and from beautiful Bavaria. Professionally, I am a landscape gardener and I don't really have much to do with fashion there. However, I really enjoy writing and I think it's nice to get inspiration again and again and learn to realize yourself. I would like to pass this feeling on to others and fight together against our illness and achieve that we still feel good in our skin and beautiful.

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