JOBST® Relax or as I call it: "The Magic Stocking"

Hello my dear fellow campaigners! I want you guys today JOBST® Imagine Relax. This stocking changed my life. When my Sani-Fee told me about the night stocking for the first time, my first thought was: You're not serious!

Not another thing ...

It was boiling hot in summer and we were standing in the locker room of my trusted medical supply store. Well, it's actually one Corsetterie - sounds a lot better too, I think. My Sani-Fee is affected by lipedema herself. Well, so we stood there in this super sexy position - me half naked, her with a pen and tape measure in front of me. You know that. So she reported about this night stocking and an absolute horror movie was playing in my head. Have you been in Kompri all day and then wearing one at night? Yes, thank you very much! For now I left it with the information and was happy when I was able to dive into the cool water of the sponge bath.

Does it really have to be?

A few days and weeks passed, but the mind regularly revolved around the JOBST® Relax I know my Sani-Fee very well and she really always did a great job. Hmm, should I dare? I belong to the group of people with lip and lymphedema and I always had the problem that my fingers and hands were fat in the morning. The legs were not as slim and soft as many others. That annoyed me a lot. Although that subsided during the time I was getting ready, it was still stupid.

So I told her again about my problem and then immediately the allusion to the JOBST came from her® Relax Then I went to my family doctor and had the stocking written down. I was very lucky because my crane class approved my stockings.

JOBST® Relax - life change and facts

Product description: JOBST® Relax are medical products for the treatment of edema and lymphedema of the upper and lower extremities. JOBST® Relax is to be worn during rest periods, i.e. while sleeping or while relaxing, and helps to maintain the therapeutic success achieved through the daily treatment of lymphedema.

Indication and purpose of use: JOBST® Relax can be used during rest periods as a complementary compression garment to the recommended daily lymph therapy for primary or secondary lymphedema. After reducing the volume of edema during the decongestion phase, JOBST helps® Relax to keep the swelling low during the rest phases and to maintain the shape of the extremity, which also makes the use of daytime compression easier.

Care and cleaning: The JOBST® Relax can be machine washed at 30 degrees and can even be tumble dried. Please note the exact information in the instructions for use.

Well, how is it now, this "magic stocking"?

The JOBST® Relax is currently available in two colors, skin color and pink. I chose Rosa, of course, what a question. It arrives in a really nice satin pouch and doesn't look as frighteningly medical as feared. The moving material has many small chambers that you can feel and move with your fingers. These chambers massage the leg permanently, so to speak, and you can almost compare it to a lymphatic drainage. This ensures the optimal removal of the liquid. You can feel and see that in the morning. Fat hands are also a thing of the past.

So far so good, try it on first. It looks rather coarse and stiff but hardly dressed, you get the feeling of being wrapped in a cloud. It is so incredibly comfortable and delicate that you can hardly feel it. My model goes down to the knee and has no zipper. There are different options, the best thing to do is to get advice from your medical supply store. Whether worn solo or even with compression over it. I can no longer imagine what it was like without him. Well, now of course the summer remains to be seen 🙂

Handwriting Britta

Author: Britta

Hello everyone, my name is Britta and I am a spring child from 1984. I love fashion and make-up and, as a person affected by lip and lymphoedema, I deal with it very intensively. My motto is loosely based on Pipi Longstocking, "I make the world as I like it". I would like to take you on my journey and share my discoveries with you.

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  • Dear Britta, very nicely written. My extremity swelling will go down rather than come on overnight. Do you even need the magic stocking in that case?
    Thank you Christina_Rick

    • Hello dear Christina, I am of course very happy to hear that. The stocking should of course help to keep the good result. Maybe you could get an even better result this way. But I don't want to lean too far out of the window. Perhaps your medical supply store or Jobst can help you with that. Many greetings

  • Hello dear Britta, you wrote a great report there. What exactly does the recipe have to say? For the upper and lower extremities?
    Best Regards

    • Hello dear Stephanie, unfortunately there are still no Pzn for relaxation. Please talk to your medical supply store about it 🙂

      Good luck and best regards

  • Great report, I'm Jobst wearing Kl2 knee socks and long Capri. I also have a swollen face and hands from time to time, which regress to some extent even while taking a shower and getting dressed. Putting on the compress on these days is a real punishment. I would also be interested in what has to be on the prescription so that I can talk to my phlebologist about it.

    • Hello dear Marion, unfortunately there is still no Pzn for relaxation. My prescription said something like this: to prevent the edema fluid from running back into the tissue overnight! on it. It is also available as an arm sock, which I am currently working on too. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and please be happy to report. Here or on Instagram if you're gone. You can find me at @lipolymphbritta

      Many greetings

  • Dear Britta
    I have never heard of this stocking ... is it brand new?
    Will go to rehab in the fall and ask there.
    Where do you go on rehab with your lymphedema? . in Austria there is only the Therapy Center wittlinger and i would like to try something different
    LG from tyrol Regina

    • Hello the Földi Clinic in Hinterzarten, Germany is the best clinic in the world known for treatments for lymph and lipedema. I was three times in Földi and four times in the Freising Lymph Clinic for Lymphedema.

    • Hello Regina!
      My name is Brigitte, I also come from Tyrol and I am a lymphedema patient. 1 week ago I underwent lymph surgery in Regensburg. It already looks very promising.
      Perhaps you will contact me once
      Kind regards Gitti Schleich

      • Hello Gitti, it has been a while since your operation but I am interested in your result today ☺ would you do it again? I have lymphedema on my right leg and would be overjoyed if an operation would improve it, best regards Tina

    • Dear Regina, in Carinthia there is an excellent rehab center with a focus on lymphology in the LKH Wolfsberg.

  • Hello Britta, my husband and I are both affected. Can you please tell me which health insurance company you are with.
    At the Freising Clinic, we were told the health insurance would not cover the costs.
    Thanks in advance.
    Best regards,

  • I have a question, which health insurer has covered it free of charge? I have a small pension and can't afford € 300 for the stocking, but I urgently need it. So far I've had the Mobiderm stocking at night. Unfortunately it is broken. I don't want that anymore either because it is unfortunately not very durable and my doctor has now recommended and prescribed the relax job for me.

    • Hello
      I have had the stocking for 2 months and am very satisfied. Rightly a magic stocking. Cost per stocking 1250 euros
      Two 25oo euros
      Am insured with the DAK. Had to pay 10 euros.

  • Hello Britta, I just found this post. I would like to know how you got along with the "magic stockings" in the long run and whether they are only suitable for the night or also for the day ... I've never seen this type ...

  • Hello dear Britta!
    I have also been the proud owner of the JOBST Relax night stockings since Thursday. However, I am not sure if they really fit. Are yours really tight? Do you have to "plow" to get in? Because I don't at all and they also seem a bit short to me, do you drag them out a lot? Mine slide quite a bit too.
    My medical supply store ordered it for the very first time and I don't seem to have the necessary experience myself.
    I would appreciate an answer from you.
    Kind regards, Linda

  • Hello
    Your post about Jobst Relax sounds really good ...
    But what I would like to know:
    Your doctor wrote it down.
    What exactly should be on the recipe?
    I only found the information that it has no medical device number and therefore cannot be prescribed.
    Thanks in advance for your answer.
    Lg. Dana

  • Hello!
    Found these stumps for the night through you. I've already spoken to my doctor and my medical supply store about it, but both say that there is no prescription for it.
    I mainly have problems at night, have level 2 lipedema and suffer from strong water retention that occurs in the evening and overnight.
    Can you tell me how to get a recipe?
    Best regards,

  • Hello, good afternoon, is there a number for the magic stocking, my health insurance company always explains that they don't have an ORDER number and refuse to give me the stocking. Kind regards, Hans-Willi Kremer

    • Hello dear Hans-Willi,

      There is definitely the possibility of applying for the stocking without an aid number. Have you already discussed this with your medical supply store?

      Best regards,