WunderBrow - really that wonderful?

Sponsored advertising on Facebook - as a rational person you are sure to say:

It's all just crap, I don't buy anything from what is displayed to me.

Usually that's how I tick. I don't really care about these ads. But there was one product that really stuck in my mind because it was just too good to be true. Miracle2 MiracleBrow promises an abrasion and waterproof eyebrow color in five shades.

Imagine, you can with your waterproof eyeliner from Catrice, your waterproof mascara from Clinical (only washes off at a water temperature of over 30 ° C) and your waterproof eyebrow color in the summer go to the outdoor pool. And do NOT look like a raccoon around the eyes afterwards.



Off to the shopping cart

After a long time to think about it and the dilemma that I'm really satisfied with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Designer but still looking for something or Looking better, I then ordered Wunder2 Wunderbrow in the color brunette from Douglas.

The price of 29,99 EUR is of course relatively high, but if you, like me, are ready to pay 27,99 EUR for Anastasia Beverly Hills, the two euros won't hurt anymore. There are often vouchers online where you can save five euros, so you can get there cheaper. Just keep your eyes open 🙂

Two days later the package arrived and I was overjoyed. Finally the smear has come to an end and I have my eyebrows in the right place for up to three days despite showering! I thought …

It almost ended up in the trash

The next morning the baby should show what it can do in the morning routine. Showers, facial cleansing, make-up routine and then: Showtime! Ha ha ... the packaging is similar to a lip gloss. The applicator (see picture) is very imprecise, even with my normal eyebrow brush the result wasn't better - my eyebrows looked terrible! Even with the supplied brush, there was not much that could be improved. What to do? Everything down again - everything! Put on new make-up and then try again. It didn't look much better, but what should I do now? The clock is ticking, I have to go to work ... that's how it was.

At this point it was clear: Wunderbrow and I will not become friends. No way!


lipoedem fashion eyebrows miracle brow test application 2


The rescue - a dream team

After I had Wunderbrow lying in the corner for about a month and the temperatures slowly rose in summer, I wanted to try again. It can't be that there are so many good reviews and maybe I'm just too stupid for that.

The trick is to draw the contour of the eyebrows with a normal eyebrow pencil and then paint it over with the Wunderbrow applicator. Suddenly it looked really great. Exactly how it should be. So saved from the trash can after all. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to become friends with products and figure out the tricks.

Application Notes:

  • Draw a contour with an eyebrow pencil, e.g. B. LOV Browttitude Eyebrow Designer
  • Fill in the area with the Wunderbrow applicator
  • After application, comb with the supplied brush to create an even look
  • Removal with an oily cleaner, e.g. B. coconut oil
lipoedem fashion eyebrows wundererbrow test beforehand
Before - without eyebrow products
lipoedem fashion eyebrows wundererbrow test contour 2
the contours with the LOV Browttitude Eyebrow Designer
lipoedem fashion eyebrows miracle brow test application 2
Fill in with the Wunderbrow Gel
lipoedem fashion eyebrows wundererbrow test application
and very important: brush after application! Otherwise it will be stringy (if you can put it that way with eyebrows). This way too much color can be corrected again, so don't worry if it looks a bit dark.
lipoedem fashion eyebrows wundererbrow test after
Finished! 🙂

lipoedem fashion eyebrows wundererbrow test after


Abrasion and waterproof?

You don't believe it? Here is the test with the finger ... and believe me - the Wunderbrow Gel is waterproof too!

lipoedem fashion eyebrows miracle brow test wipe test 2

lipoedem fashion eyebrows wundererbrow test wipe test

Details and background

Wunderbrow promises water resistance, smudge resistance and abrasion resistance thanks to the Permafix gel technology. This technology strengthens the specially pretreated pigments and the tiny, hair-like pigments both on the skin and on the hair.

The product is available in five different colors:

lipoedem fashion eyebrows wundererbrow test wipe test
Source: www.wunderbrow.de


Wunderbrow - conclusion

What is worth waiting for. Sometimes you just have to look at things a second time to see that they are great after all. I don't want to miss it anymore - swimming pool, summer, carnival in a hot pub ... there are many situations in which you have to be able to rely on a product.

All the best,

Pictures: Michaela Kern

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