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The bacon has to go!


That's what we think here in the editorial office - Caro and I both have an office job alongside that To write an article. It's no wonder that you often grab one or the other unhealthy snack in between.

It doesn't have to end, but you should be aware of it. And that's where YAZIO comes in - but what is it all about?

YAZIO slimming fitness app

A previously unknown sport from Japan? A snack that has a rejuvenating effect and just melts the fat? The new neighbor? No - YAZIO is an app for the smartphone.

Welcome to the YAZIO family

YAZIO Nutrition App Slimming Fitness Food lipoedema fashion lipedema lymphedema

With the app, you always have the old-school food diary with you. However, you have to bring the motivation and the discipline to enter everything you eat all day long. This is the prerequisite for successful use - but whoever wants to do something is certainly aware of it. There are also little helpers that remind you that you have not yet entered your delicious Greek salad for lunch.

The nutritional behavior can be controlled very easily here - the simple structure and quick handling motivate you to use the app every day, which of course has a positive effect on the results.

Forms of use

It is also positive that there are two different types of accounts. You basically have the option to use the app free of charge. The Pro version of the app only convinced me.

The Pro version has some advantages, which I would like to mention here:

  • various nutrition plans that bring variety to everyday life and give new ideas
  • a more extensive recipe database (really delicious!)
  • automatic tracking, e.g. B. with the fitness bracelet
  • individual nutrition tips
  • smartly adding foods that you eat frequently
  • Adding additional body values, e.g. B. Dimensions
  • no advertising (especially important for me 🙂)
  • Statistics and further details

In general, it is of course advisable to take a look at the app first and then decide whether you would like to use the Pro version or not. I definitely think it's great and Caro also says that she thinks the recipe database is great. Also the extensive database of food - hardly anything seems to be missing.

The best thing about the food database is that it also has a scan function. Yes! You can scan the barcode of the food and you don't have to scroll long. Suuuuuper!

What's next?

In the next article I would like to give you an overview of the app: how does it work or what does it look like and what can I do with it?

So stay tuned and it's best to have a look, because it's definitely worth it!

All the best,


Lust LYING to try it out too? Under this article we are giving away one of a total of 3 vouchers for YAZIO Pro for 12 months worth 40 euros each.

What do you have to do for this?

Call us in the Comments your Favorite recipe for losing weight - no matter what. We try not to be influenced by the healthy delicacies and choose by lot until 30.06.2018/XNUMX/XNUMX 😉

Be sure: the next voucher is sure to come!


With the kind support of YAZIO

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Author: Pia

I'm Pia, 26 years old and live in beautiful Central Hesse. Professionally, I am a hotel buyer for a package tour operator, responsible for Ireland. Why am I on the lipedema fashion blog? That's a good question because I am not affected by lipedema myself. The question quickly arises: yes, and why are you participating? You have no idea about the subject! Well, it's very simple - I'm a fashion enthusiast and especially when it comes to beauty. I don't really have any hobbies, at least not such as painting or playing a musical instrument (to be honest, I'm worlds away from them). So I basically look after the cosmetics sector - my hobby! With just a few means to a radiant appearance - and the positive charisma does the rest! Who else looks at compressions, girls?

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  • At the moment I'm really into zoodels, preferably from Zuccini, with a homemade pesto and prawns

  • Asparagus in every shape. But preferably green asparagus baked with an egg, parmesan and herb sauce.

  • My favorite recipe for losing weight?
    Spaghetti Bolognese without meat ... Okay, it doesn't sound like a slimming dish at first ... I replace the spaghetti with zucchini and the minced meat with soy meat. Soy meats have a lot of protein and are therefore great for building muscles.
    For the sauce, I use tomato strained with herbs, sliced ​​mushrooms and diced peppers.

    I just love this recipe !!

  • Hi.
    Right now my favorite recipe for losing weight is this:
    Wash and cook 200 grams of potatoes
    (peel if necessary)
    Finely chop 50 grams of smoked salmon
    Mix with 100 g. low-fat quark, 100 ml milk and 1 large teaspoon spicy horseradish.
    Grate 1/4 apple and mix in.
    Add 1 teaspoon lemon juice, salt, pepper and dill to flavor.
    Eat with the potatoes.
    Delicious and filling.

  • hey ya
    So I'm for the classic (:
    Because proteins always work
    Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, onions and a little feta cheese.
    Simply stir everything together in the bowl. Add a few spices, for example oregano, cayenne pepper or various herbs as you like (:. And add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to the pan. I also like to eat cucumber and red tip peppers with the scrambled eggs.

    I hope i win
    Greetings and a nice whit Monday to you!

    Lg Melanie (on Instagram petite.lanje)

  • In this warm season I love mixed salads in all variations, with ingredients that you want and a light lemon mustard dressing.

  • I love love love chickpea tomato salad.
    Fills you up, has a lot of protein, fits wonderfully into the barbecue season and is wonderfully variable

    500g cherry tomatoes
    1 chickpeas (can)
    one handful of arugula
    Coriander (if you like it)
    Dried tomatoes (without oil)
    2 tablespoons balsamic cream (alternatively aceto balsamic vinegar, less kcal)

    The sumac gives the whole thing a peppy, unusual note - but use it sparingly 😉

    If you still have a budget, you can also add toasted bread.

  • Mixed salad with walnuts, fresh goat cheese, pear and as a dressing balsamic vinegar. Then there are olives Chiabatta A dream with the summer temperatures.

  • The app sounds pretty cool at first!
    My favorite weight loss or detox dish is Swaghetti Yolonese. Fry the zucchini noodles (with a little oil) and there is a tomato sauce with garlic, onions and many herbs. To round it off, instead of cheese, I have a dollop of almond butter on it. Should you give it a try, it tastes really delicious 🙂

    LG Eva

  • My favorite recipe for losing weight is green tea with lemon and ginger.
    Otherwise I eat what I've always eaten, only Yahoo is now helping me to better estimate the quantities. As a result, I only eat what I need and no longer until I feel sick 😀

  • Every day I could eat porridge of any kind. At the moment I'm really into the protein bomb with grainy cream cheese mixed in and lots of cinnamon! ☺️

  • My favorite recipe for losing weight is simple: cut 1/2 broccoli (250g) into small pieces, cut 1/2 tofu (100-150g) into small pieces, season to taste and roast in a pan with a little rapeseed oil. Goes fast, makes (and keeps) really full and tastes good (at least if you like broccoli;)).

  • Not necessarily for losing weight, but of course more than suitable for it. I love porridge for breakfast! Simply bring the oatmeal to the boil with a little milk and / or water in the saucepan, as soon as bubbles form, turn off the stove and stir in cinnamon as desired. If you like, you can sweeten the whole thing with a sweetener of your choice and then put it in a deep plate. I like to spread an apple over it and then comes my highlight 😀 A “Bueno Sauce” made from 20g hazelnut butter, approx. 35-45 ml milk, sweetener and 30 ml Walden Farms chocolate syrup. Mix the ingredients, spread over the porridge and enjoy <3 If you make the sauce less runny, a very tasty, sweet spread 🙂

  • Wr aps are my absolute favorite dish. There is really at least 1x a week.

    Simply fill the multigrain wraps with linseed from the aldi nord with whatever is in the fridge. My favorite combination is 1 tablespoon of sour cream, salsa sauce, fried, well-seasoned chicken fillet, spring onions, tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, cucumbers and currently radishes ❤