Contraception with lipedema: Daysy cycle computer

I have been using the Daysy cycle computer from the since the end of October last year Valley Electronics company. Since then, three cycles have passed and I can draw an initial conclusion.

What exactly is Daysy?

Daysy is a cycle computer based on the morning basal temperature. With the help of software, in which data from 5 million menstrual cycles as well as findings from 30 years of research are fed, it is evaluated whether one is fertile or not. When used correctly, Daysy has a Pearl Index of 0,7. For comparison: the pill has a Pearl Index of 0,1-0,9.

How does the Daysy cycle computer work?

You can start taking measurements with Daysy at any time. It is only important that you do not use hormonal contraception at the same time. As soon as you wake up, even before you get up, Daysy measures your basal body temperature. It is advisable to have slept for at least four hours beforehand. To do this, press the activation button on Daysy twice and place the sensor as far back as possible on the right or left under the tongue and close your mouth. As soon as you hear a beep, Daysy has finished the measurement and displays the current fertility status. This is valid for a maximum of 24 hours or until the next measurement in the morning. Daysy shows the fertility status using different lights. Red means fertile, green barren and orange means fluctuation. Daysy shows many orange days, especially at the beginning, as it first has to get to know your cycle. The longer you use it, the better it gets to know you and the more green days are displayed.

In addition to your basal body temperature, Daysy also requires you to enter your menstruation. If she suspects you're getting your period, she will blink purple. To confirm the menstruation, long press the activation button until the purple light glows constantly. You need to do this every day of your period, but at least 3 days in a row.

If you have got up and forgot to measure before, you can simply skip the measurement for that day. Daysy takes this into account and, if necessary, displays more red days.

During the red days you have to use a hormone-free contraceptive during sexual intercourse, unless you want to have children.

What is daysyView?

Daysy can be used alone, but still offers the daysyView app. In the app you get a complete overview of your cycle in the calendar. All you have to do is connect the Daysy to your smartphone or tablet using the cable supplied and press the activation button with the app open. This will transfer the data from Daysy to the app. In addition to the calendar overview, you can also look at the temperature curve and your statistics. You can also enter sexual intercourse and notes in the app.

My conclusion on Daysy

For me it's already part of the morning ritual, mine Basal body temperature to eat. The whole thing is done within a minute and I know about my fertility status. In the beginning, however, it was a very strange feeling for me to rely on such a device. The more I dealt with the subject, the more confident I became. Meanwhile, I appreciate the ease of use and display of Daysy and trust it more and more. In addition, I observe my body and its signals and have read about the symptothermal method. Unfortunately it is quite expensive to buy. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether this is worthwhile. I just want to introduce you to one of the many possibilities here.

Handwriting Tanja

Now Daysy at Amazon order.

Daysy was kindly made available to me for testing.

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