Feldbergklinik Diary # 2: The oldest lymph clinic in the world

The Feldberg Clinic - a clinic with a history

Please what? Yes exactly, the oldest. Of the world. Beat that! How come Well, you may have heard of its founder and pioneer of manual lymphatic drainage, dr Adsonk. He started in 1973 and brought MLD to clinical medicine just a year later. So we still owe him an irreplaceable component of our conservative therapy today. Dr. Asdonk - good man.

lipoedem mode reha diary with lipedema feldbergklinik black forest

But that also explains her long-established charm, which you already know about In the first part could read this series. The Feldberg Clinic is not the most modern rehabilitation clinic with a focus on lymphology. But I can speak for that from my experience and the conversations with many other visitors, she is one of the most competent. Where you feel most comfortable is of course a very personal assessment, but technical competence is at home here.

Where it all begins

When you arrive at the clinic, the first thing you will notice is the small park on the doorstep. For patients who cannot walk long distances, it is a welcome change and is sufficiently protected from the street to be able to relax. For all mobile visitors among us, it is only an option after the extensive 2-hour hike. Because sometimes one of the numerous cats drops by the fish pond and keeps you company while you let your thoughts wander. And the first friendship is made.

lipoedem mode reha diary with lipedema feldbergklinik black forest clinic park
The small clinic park of the Feldbergklinik right outside the door with a fish pond

As soon as the automatically opening entrance door (important for all wheelchairs) has passed, you enter the entrance area with reception, lecture room, a small seating area and pin boards with travel events and (important-important!) Internal clinic notices. Please check this at least once a day. There it is communicated whether something is missing, who is on the changing job or when which lecture is taking place.

lipoedem mode reha diary with lipedema Feldbergklinik Schwarzwald entrance area
The entrance area with reception

The room

After checking in, you will be directed to your room, where you can arrive before your first visit. I have you guys how that looks in the last article shown. If you have the first appointments behind you, you can unpack your suitcases, go back down into town or take a look around the clinic. Dinner starts at 17:30 p.m., so keep an eye on the clock. At the beginning I had to get used to the meal times, but later, from 17:20 p.m., you sit there with saber-cutting cutlery and wait for it to start.

lipoedem mode reha diary with lipedema feldbergklinik black forest corridor
A hallway to the rooms

The food

Breakfast: from 07:00 a.m. - lunch: from 12:00 p.m. - dinner: from 17:30 p.m. Since everyone is treated at different times, there is something like flextime in the dining room. Everyone comes and goes, as the dates allow. In the morning and in the evening you will find a selection of salads and spreads, the latter is divided into reduction and whole foods. On Saturdays soup and sheet cakes are always served, on Sundays a breakfast egg.

lipoedem mode reha diary with lipedema feldbergklinik black forest lunch
A Saturday lunch

But no matter what day of the week it was - I really enjoyed the food. I didn't have to do anything about it, I always liked it and even the small portions rarely left me hungry. You can choose between a small and a normal portion. Since I generally always put too much on my plate, this choice is just right for me to curb my appetite again. Nobody has to starve to death, so you can catch up on something if your stomach growls again.

The therapy booths

Cabins full of happiness with the most beautiful view of the clinic. Yes, that sounds very ramondish, of course, but it is. Of course, Phil Collins has the most beautiful view in cabin 1, but I would have that with him even without a window. * ba-dum-tss *

lipoedema fashion reha diary with lipedema prospect
Ah, and that twice a day. Splendid.

Since the wing with the therapy rooms for all mobile patients is on the fourth and last floor of the clinic, you simply have a great view of the surrounding forest and this somehow helped my mind to come down a little more every time. The lymphatic drainage units are usually divided into two or two appointments in which the affected areas are treated. I always liked double appointments in the morning, because then you had free rein for the rest of the day. But that's more of an exception.

lipoedem mode reha diary with lipoedema Feldbergklinik Schwarzwald Sanitätshaus MLD
The hallway with the therapy booths
lipoedem mode reha diary with lipoedema Feldbergklinik Schwarzwald Sanitätshaus MLD
Waiting for the MLD ...
lipoedem mode reha diary with lipoedema Feldbergklinik Schwarzwald Sanitätshaus MLD
... with your favorite therapist.

The sport

The movement in the winding is essential for your result. So swing the clubs and use every minute for physical activity. You have the opportunity to do decongestion, spine, stool, breathing or water aerobics. The latter only takes place twice a week in the neighboring town. That's okay for me, as I'm not a water rat, but for some it is a shortcoming. All other courses take place either in the garden house or in the lecture room so that the wheelchairs also have access.

lipoedem mode reha diary with lipoedema feldbergklinik black forest gymnastics room
The garden house of the Feldberg Clinic

lipoedem mode reha diary with lipoedema feldbergklinik black forest gymnastics room

lipoedem mode reha diary with lipoedema feldbergklinik black forest gymnastics room
The gym in the summer house

lipoedem mode reha diary with lipoedema feldbergklinik black forest gymnastics room

lipoedem mode feldbergklinik sport plan

lipoedem mode reha diary with lipoedema feldbergklinik black forest equipment room
The equipment room (some also call it the torture chamber)

I took part in the gymnastics courses a lot more in the first rehab. Since then, however, so much has happened to me in terms of sports technology that I have preferred to take my performance into my own hands. In the mornings I usually did a morning run, if I had time in the morning, I took a course here and there, after lunch I went down to town and in the evening after unwinding for an hour on the ergometer. When all of this worked out, I would hit about 250% of my daily goal of 10.000 steps and that filled me with tons of pride and happiness.

The new supply

At the end of your rehab you have to measure your new supply. This is dealt with in the Schaub medical supply store on the clinic's ground floor. There you will be advised which manufacturer is best suited for your findings (but you can generally choose any manufacturer yourself). Your restorations will be produced in an express process so that in the best case scenario you can start your way home with a well-fitting compression. You will also receive information on this topic in a separate lecture.

lipoedem mode reha diary with lipoedema Feldbergklinik Schwarzwald Sanitätshaus Schaub
To measure the new compression at Schaub

lipoedem mode reha diary with lipedema feldbergklinik black forest

lipoedem mode reha diary with lipoedema Feldbergklinik Schwarzwald Sanitätshaus Schaub
The Schaub medical supply store is the close partner of the Feldberg Clinic on site

Rehabilitation as an opportunity

To have the time and rest for so much exercise was pure medicine for me and at the end of my three weeks, on the one hand, I regretted not having been on it for a week and, on the other hand, I couldn't part with this high. Get to know people who are good for you, fill your free time with great memories and get moving as much as you can.

My result with pure lipedema: 1,5 l less excess lymph fluid and a total of 4 kg less weight in three weeks

The rehab is what you make of it. Use them wisely.



Here you can find the Feldbergklinik website. 

Your questions about rehab at the Feldbergklinik

  • Do you have to bring your own wrapping material?
    No, the bandages are provided in the clinic and also washed. You don't need to prepare anything for this.
  • Is Walter still doing exercise therapy?
    Yes he is there. Healthy and happy.
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  • Hallo,
    what struck me in your nice report about our beloved clinic:
    We are swaddled after the lymphatic drainage and unwrapped before going to bed. Not unwinding and then running around and doing sports. This is counterproductive as the water then runs back into the legs.
    Otherwise a nice report!

  • When I read something like that, I get really jealous ... I've been living with lipedema on both legs for about 10 years and would also like to go to rehab sometime ... because I have a 2-year-old son and my husband would need rehab if he did I would leave the two of them alone for 3 weeks ... well, the rehab will have to wait until we also have our 2nd child (still in the planning stage) so big that both of them are happy when mom is away 😉

  • hello Caroline
    You know your way around, how long do you have to wait for mail from the pension fund, I'm waiting two weeks now. You should actually send a file number after receipt.?
    or am I too impatient :?

  • Thank you Caroline, but ...
    I got my approval for the rehab today ... year..Send a little more than 2 weeks after the application. oh i'm happy ..
    I had specified the Feldbergklinik as a request, but I will be accommodated in the Seeklinik Zechlin, stating that the elective clinic has no contract with the RVS ...
    Yes, I know - that it's nonsense, but I don't want to object, it just delays everything.
    Now I'm waiting for mail from the clinic.
    The RVS wrote that they asked the clinic to give me preference and that I couldn't refuse the appointment they gave me ... is that always the case?
    I prefer it to be good, but I would like to arrange it in the company so that it won't be full during the vacation time ... .. well .. basically I am grateful if it goes quickly now
    In the Feldberg Clinic I am reserved for April now I have to cancel there… .pity
    I am happy and hope that it will help me to live with lipedema when I find out what is still going out .. Especially the tights keep what I have in mind every day and when I have finally packed everything in these pants ... I have to guaranteed to the loo ... ..grrrrr.
    Cheers Biggi