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About lipedema fashion

Concentrated female power

Everything here revolves around styling tips, sample outfits, sport, nutrition, lifestyle and, above all, compression stockings. Because many women suffer from the second flat knit skin and are easily unsettled by their not exactly exciting look. I hope we can show you that the Kompri must not represent a limit for you. It is a tool that reduces our pain and makes us struggle a little better through everyday life.

The team

Our team consists of six motivated and cheerful girls who will inform you about trends, make-up, experiences around lipedema and outfit tips. In addition to the topics that we enjoy, we want to devote ourselves above all to clarification and not leave you alone with your worries, questions and uncertainties. So write to us anytime if you need more specific information on something. We do our best to advise you conscientiously. If you want to learn more about the individual authors and about lipedema fashion, you can here inform.