Post-pregnancy flare-ups, mommy outfits, and self-love

"Mom, you are so chic!"

My older daughter stormed up to me and hugged my leg. Our baby lay babbling in the maxicosi and rocked to himself. It was a hot summer day and we were just preparing to leave the house and I actually dressed in something other than my usual outfit. A dotted summer dress.

As a mother, there are so many topics that are not a priority at first. And for me it was my clothes. My outfits essentially consisted of flat knit stockings that were already worn out at the foot, an overcomfortable dark blue skirt and an anthracite colored cardigan. I combined these more or less skillfully with t-shirts from my maternity fashion collection. I no longer fit into other clothes. I overheard words of warning that came mainly from my mother to finally buy me new clothes. Not now! Later, when I fit in an acceptable size again. Later, when the moon is in conjunction with Mars, I will get myself a new compression garment. Yes, a lot is possible later - only this ominous "later" was a long time coming.


Explosive pregnancy

Somehow, when I looked for clothes, I found myself again and again with the maternity clothes. They're so comfortable after all.

In addition, I still had an account of this monster lipedema. It left me hanging, but we had gotten along so well for so many years. After the diagnosis in 2010, I was able to achieve good results and significantly reduce my weight through the additional support of lymphatic drainage and compression. The operation then not only brought freedom from pain, but of course also a visual result that could be seen. We were a well-rehearsed team, I cherished it and continued to wear my flat knitwear.

I even had a treatment in compression class 3. Sometimes I'm just a nerd.

When planning pregnancy, I asked my doctor what to expect. He said that everything would be possible between improvement and another push with gains of around 40 kg. The only dogma is that there is no such thing as dogma. We will see.

Then it was 40 kg, maybe not quite. But about the twist. While I was still able to cope with the pounds from pregnancy quite well, it was the relapses after the end of breastfeeding that had me under control. I had no chance, all my tricks and tricks no longer worked and I had to watch myself explode. Of course, one or the other Nutella bread was also involved, but I did sport and generally ate a healthy diet. The way you should do it - balanced and wholesome.

Little eye opener - self-love

In this situation, it is easy to meet with hatred. The whole body positivity self-love movement made no sense to me; I felt like I had failed all along the line. It hurt my husband to see me suffer so much and how I dragged myself further and further into the destructive vortex of self-hatred. How could I love myself? And then buy new clothes? Honestly? No!

My life is happy and colorful. I have no reason to pound myself like that. But this self-hatred was so natural and destructive in me that of course nothing worked for me.

"Mom, you are ega chic!" I cried, because after all, with her small, clever way she made me think that I can be really chic. And that she actually sees a difference to my actual outfit at not even three years.
She opened my eyes. Something had to change fundamentally. Since what had worked well and consistently for years no longer worked, I had to look for alternatives. To get my edema under control and reduce my weight, of course, but not only. My primary goal is to stay healthy in order to be there for my family.

It helped me to find myself chic with new clothes that fit me and to treat myself more lovingly.

That was almost two years ago and it is still a long process, with many successes and a few setbacks. But I do it for myself. And for my family. And it is fun.


My inspirations for great mommy outfits

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1_ Black skirt | 2_ scarf | 3_ Swallow-print top | 4_ Striped top | 5_ Cardigan | 6_ Blue skirt | 7_ Handbag

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Author: Kristin

My name is Kristin, I am the mother of two daughters and I live in Upper Bavaria. I am 39 years old and have gone through all phases of this disease: diagnosis shock - successful weight loss - surgery and relapse after pregnancy. Everyday life with my family is colorful and fun and the best time of my life. However, with two small children, household and job, there is often little time for yourself and the lipedema. I would like to encourage that it is worth fighting in every phase - even if you think you have lost the fight in the meantime.

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