Successful liposuction: Tips from someone who has undergone lipedema surgery

Have you decided to have your diagnosed lipedema treated surgically and now it's time to prepare for liposuction? The result can be significantly influenced in advance by these three factors:

Physical requirements

Of course, the success of liposuction depends primarily on you individual physical requirements away. Factors like that extent of the fatty tissue distribution of fat in the body, overweight and your general health status have a decisive influence on the result. To achieve the desired results is a balanced as well anti-inflammatory diet, regular Exercise and one for you individually tailored self-management necessary. At this point it must be explicitly mentioned again that liposuction for lipedema no replacement for reducing excess weight. In the case of obesity, this is an additional clinical picture that must be treated separately.

Skin elasticity

The elasticity of your skin can also have a massive impact on the result of liposuction. When you're young, your skin's elasticity is much stronger and your tissue heals much faster than when you're older. The topic Skin care should already be integrated into your daily routines anyway. However, it is always recommended that you clean the skin in the weeks, or even better months or years, before the operation zusätzlich targeted means manual lymphatic drainage in combination with Bandage or Flat knit compression decongested. Especially regular ones self massage is one of the most important factors that you too alone at home and on a small budget can do. If you do this regularly If you want to receive tips, tricks and experiences, be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter.

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This means your tissue is ideally loosened and can be vacuumed evenly at the time of the operation. Please be aware that in the case of excessively stretched, sagging or already damaged skin, it can lead to a uneven contour or visible dents. In such cases, additional treatment such as lifting surgery may be necessary to achieve optimal results. In order to support your connective tissue in the long term, you can take certain active ingredients, such as: B. using the Connective tissue complex.

Experience and skill of the surgeon

Choosing one experienced and qualified surgeons is crucial to the success of your liposuction. An experienced surgeon has the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the desired aesthetic result. In any case, research the doctors that are suitable for you and read Experience reports from other patients (Be sure to look for differentiated opinions rather than exuberant ones) and also pay attention to whether the practice/clinic is in agreement with the Research of lipedema busy. Another very important aspect is that you are in the presence of the doctor feel good. Trust is the be-all and end-all in this project. You can also find a list of some practices and clinics here.

You should discuss all of these factors with your treating doctor/surgeon before undergoing liposuction in order to develop realistic expectations and achieve the best possible results.

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Melanie Nurtsch

Author: Melanie Nurtsch

Hello everyone, I'm Melanie, born in 1985 and live in the north of the Allgäu. I was diagnosed with lipedema completely unexpectedly in 2011 - a real relief for me at the time, because I always felt “wrong” and misunderstood in those around me. Over the years, my knowledge in the field of lymphology has expanded enormously, so that I was seen and heard as a speaker at patient and specialist events for many years. After my liposuctions and the birth of my daughter, things calmed down a bit and the lipedema faded into the background for a while. My passion for fashion hasn't changed despite my time off and I still love wearing my flat knit compression, because it can be easily combined with the current trends and is always an eye-catcher. I also deal a lot with the topics of anti-inflammatory nutrition, exercise, mental health and compliance - because lipedema requires holistic treatment. You just shouldn't forget to enjoy life anyway and that's exactly the combination that's important to me!

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