5 tips for perfect flat knit compression

For many, the subject of compression garments / stockings is understandably a big topic after the diagnosis of lipedema. It was for me too, so today I'm going to give you 5 tips for finding your perfect flat knit compression.

1. Fit and manufacturer

The Measure is the A&O and is therefore the cornerstone for a successful fit. If you are still very fresh on the subject of lipedema and know other affected people in your area, exchange ideas, ask about the medical supply store or similar where the people are and what their experiences were. If you can't have an exchange, ask your specialist doctor for a tip. It is very important that you do not bury your head in the sand (especially with first aid). No matter how often you have already been measured, something can always not fit.

Talk to the person from the medical supply store and look for solutions together. That of the manufacturer is also an important point here. At first I would recommend a compression that is not so rigid and resembles a diving suit, so to speak. Because that was precisely the decisive point for me, that I got along better with my new attempt and that I could wear it permanently.

2. One or two pieces

Another extremely important factor is that you find out the right type of flat knit compression. Some combine, for example, thigh stockings with cyclists, others prefer tights / leggings. Nobody can determine what is right for you, you have to find out for yourself. I can only say from my own experience that I prefer tights / leggings, because on the one hand there are no double layers of fabric (overlap in two-piece suits) and they are put on in one go. The advantage of the two-piece is that you can put on the knee or thigh stockings without the upper part, for example. B. would otherwise not give the cycle. Since you know each other best, you are sure to find the right model.

3. Special effects

Many compression supplies have - for me so-called - special effects. From an open crotch to an adhesive tape to a zipper, there are countless variations to the compression more pleasant or to make it more individual. I had adhesive tapes on my first compressions, but they rather chafed me instead of holding the fabric where it was supposed to be. You have to try whether a zipper or other things make sense. If these things help you feel more comfortable: go for it! Let us advise you and ask about the various options in your medical supply store. Here, too, there is certainly a lot of experience that can be built on. And if you test something and it doesn't meet your expectations, get rid of it. Here is my recommendation: less is more. For example, I don't have any curiosities at all. Nevertheless, one or the other can be helpful for you - try it out!

4. Open or closed

The question about the feet is open or closed and is also a personal decision. I can only tell you from my experience at the time that it often happens that the toes can chafe through in the closed version. In addition, you are a bit more limited, as you can be there in summer z. B. cannot wear flip flops. Since I have pure lipedema, I can wear leggings and don't even have this question anymore, but when I still had the tights, I found it always more comfortable with my feet open. So you can just put on socks in winter and don't have cold feet.

5. Belly part

For me another big factor for your compression well-being. If the flat knit compression cuts into the stomach (fat), you have an enormous limitation in everyday life and also during sport. It is not only important how the belly section ends (e.g. open end or adhesive tape), but also the length. I have my compression almost to under my chest, because then everything is in there that should be in and nothing slips out. Again, I don't have an adhesive tape, but a so-called open end. Here I also had to feel my way, but I can only recommend here: try it out! The open end brought me enormous relief and was the crucial point for my perfect Kompri!

And now a word of advice, well-intentioned from the heart: Don't give up!

It can take 1–2 or 3–4 supplies to find the perfect one for you. And even then it can happen that one or the other has to be optimized again. Dare to try it, try it out, get advice and exchange ideas.

The path may tweak here and there, but it's really worth it. Because wearing it helps me against the enormous pain in summer and winter and at the same time shapes my body. Well, if that's not a win-win situation.

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vanessa reins round and sporty lipedema

Author: Vanessa Reins

Hello together! My name is Vanessa Reins: lipedema fighter, otter lover and perfectionist. Since I was diagnosed in 2014, I've been on my way to finding a new me that I can continue to shape with exercise and a good helping of self-love. It is a matter close to my heart to give you my experiences, tips or advice for your path and to motivate you to join the #antischweinehund team. You can pick up your motivation ration on my Instagram profile @rundsportlich. I am looking forward to seeing you!

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  • Yes, a well-fitting compression is a relief, a poorly fitting compression is a pain. I think it takes a few tries to find personal care. The body part in particular was a stumbling block for me. Actually, I wanted it short. But if the tummy is completely in compression, it is much more comfortable. For a year now, my supply has also reached just below the breast. Since then, there have been no more drastic experiences with exercise or sports.

  • I made an appointment with the Sanifee for my alternate care (which my doctor only prescribes when the first one is registered) to discuss improvements and weaknesses in the initial care. She then wrote down for me what should be best on the recipe so that everything would then work without any problems. My doctor was grateful, the health insurance company accepted it and it worked perfectly for me from the second compress onwards.
    It is worth it! For me, compression is as natural as my glasses, in an emergency it would work without it, but it would be just beautiful ...

  • Hi Vanessa, I've been wearing flat knits for 2 years now. A stupid question that I didn't dare to ask in the medical supply store. Is it possible that the compression is open in the crotch? Got leggings with stockings.

  • Thanks for your tips!
    I have one question: without the top band, so the end is open: won't the leggings slip?

    I'm looking forward to an early reply, I'll go to the medical supply store later... It would be great to find out beforehand...

    • hey jessi,
      it depends on the body shape. I now always have the adhesive tape with me on my stomach.
      Feel free to ask at the medical supply store and get advice. We all have different bodies and therefore compression requirements.
      Kind regards, Vanessa