Festival with lipoedema? 4 festival hacks for flat knit heroes

Summer time is festival time! It's August and three quarters of the festival season is already over. But there are still a few great weeks ahead of us. In this festival guide for flat knit heroes I share my tips for a successful festival with lipoedema.

Aside from the ultimate tip, to wear the compression even on hot festival days, here are a few more helpful tips, tricks and facts for the festival with lipedema and lymphedema.

Drink lots – well hydrated at the festival with lipoedema

For us flat knitting heroes it should be self-evident - lots of drinking is a must! Here are three reasons why:

The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in Removal of waste, toxins and excess fluid from the tissue. Sufficient drinking promotes the flow of lymph and helps to transport the accumulated fluid away.

Drinking enough water can reduce fluid retention in the tissues, which helps to relieve swelling and discomfort, which may be associated with lipedema or lymphedema.

A sufficient Hydration is also important for skin health. People with lipedema or lymphedema may be more prone to skin problems, and drinking enough helps to keep the skin hydrated and maintaining its function as a barrier. By the way, this also improves the fit of your compression – it also helps the right skin care.

At some festivals refillable drinking bottles allowed and meanwhile there are more and more often extra Stations for free tap water. An absolute necessity in my eyes - I can't count the number of times I've underdrinked because I didn't want to pay for overpriced plastic bottled water.

Even if it sometimes costs money, drinking enough water is really important for a successful festival with lipedema and lymphedema.

At festivals, as always, what you like and feels good is right. And feel free to show your compression.

The right footwear

For me personally, all you really need is one pair of shoes during a festival: comfortable trekking sandals. What was a nightmare for me in my youth is now an indispensable part of trips and festivals with lipoedema. Some brands now also have chic and simple pairs. Passé is the image of the German with brown trekking sandals and tennis socks.

For me, the advantages are obvious: trekking sandals are comfortable, ensure that the mallenders are sufficiently ventilated on hot days and they dry quickly after a rain shower - and my flat knitwear can also dry faster than in wet sneakers. The adjustable straps mean they fit me, with and without compression.

Since I mainly work as a volunteer at the festivals I go to and am on the site for several days, I bring two extra pairs with me because the variety is good for my feet: (Running) sneakers and waterproof boots, if it rains for a long time or is muddy.

Your colored compression can be a highlight in your festival outfit, just like statement shirts and bracelets.

The right clothes

In general, if you have lipoedema and lymphoedema, you should wear clothing that doesn’t restrict you and is comfortable – you can read that and some other tips for summer in compression in the article "The summer with lipedema and lymphedema: The heat plan for flat knit heroes".

That's why I can give you a festival with lipedema and lymphedema cotton shorts and skirts (works better with compression than plastic fibers), crop tops and Statement shirts warmly recommend. These are my personal favorites this year "Flachknit Heldin" T-shirt in bordeaux and "Pain is invisible" Top. I enjoy drawing attention to the topic of lipoedema during a festival, because far too few people know about the disease.

And when the sun is really beating down, then it's allowed to come on hat or a cap be. (Actually, do you already know them? Phoenix Snapback by Power Sprotte?). Also, I always pack my favorite gray jeans from Luna Largo one that has been loyal to me for over a year and carries me through the cooler festival days with ease.

Would you like to cool off? With these three miracle weapons you ensure freshness at the festival.

Festival with lipoedema - no problem with the right gadgets!

In the blog article "The summer with lipedema and lymphedema: The heat plan for flat knit heroes" you will find out why the heat is more of a problem for people with lipedema or lymphedema and why swelling can increase in summer. That's why it's also important during a festival that you wear your flat knit supplies. This way you can keep your swelling and pain under control.

Of course, that means more fabric and is a bit warmer to begin with. But with the following three gadgets from the Power Sprotte Shop can you fix it:

Bye Bye Lava Feet Spray Bottle you always keep your compression a little "damp". This cools down, provides a fresh breeze and can be used anytime and anywhere. Before the first application I couldn't imagine what a game changer it could be - but now I can imagine a festival with lipedema without mine Spray bottle in handbag or backpack no longer imagine.

And if a little fog isn't enough and you need the full load of sprat power, then a whole bucket of water is needed. And because you can't arrive at the festival with a cleaning bucket, the Power Sprotte Shop has it collapsible bucketswhich you can easily fold up again before and after use and bring joy into your life with their colorful designs. so you have your own mini paddling pool included. Of course, when it rains you can turn the bucket into your very own hat - it might look stupid, but maybe it'll put you in a good mood?

Is the air still again? With the Pocket fan "Swooshie" from the Power Sprotte online shop, you can provide fresh air yourself. You can easily charge it at home with a USB cable, put it in your bag and swoosh, it's off to the festival.

Imagine that you no longer have to queue at the festival with lipoedema for the women's toilets, but go to the urinal and get your thing out. It's purple, made of silicone and is called Urinella. A freedom fighter on the last front. No more sitting on disgusting toilets, just pee standing up like men do. Incidentally, it makes sense not only at festivals, but also on hikes and wherever things have to be done quickly.

Mosquito bites are unpleasant even for completely healthy people. However, it can also be dangerous for lymphedema patients. A scratched mosquito bite can greatly increase the risk of erysipelas. Erysipelas, also known as erysipelas or erysipelas, is an acute bacterial skin infection usually caused by group A streptococcus bacteria.

But what to do? Use whenever possible Anti-mosquito spray. If that doesn't help, it heats up mosquito stick the mosquito bite and, via additional vibration, helps to reduce the itching and neutralize the mosquito saliva. It even has two heat levels and can be charged with USB-C.

Even if things can go haywire at a festival, you are well prepared with my festival hacks. If you have any other tips for a festival with lipedema and lymphedema, please share them in the comments.

Author: Christine Bauer

Hello everyone, my name is a Christian and a lipoedema fighter from beautiful Augsburg. I received my lipoedema diagnosis back in 2014, but I didn't really accept it until the summer of 2022. Since then, I've delved deeper into the world of flat-knit compression and lipoedema every day. I produce text and image content for Power Sprotte and invite you to share my insights. I also love putting together fair fashion outfits that show off my compression.

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