6 tips for your summer with lipedema and lymphedema

After a rather cold and long “spring” – if you like to call it that – summer came with a bang. Summertime, for me that means sitting outside with friends for a long time in the evening, strolling through downtown Augsburg, swimming in the lake and vegan ice cream with date sweetness. I'm a real summer kid and love him with all my heart. Or loved him with all your heart? Because unfortunately I have to admit that I, an old sun worshiper, feel increasingly uncomfortable in the summer. Especially this summer and last summer I am struggling quite a bit with my lipoedema. And while politics is still debating, I already have worked out my personal heat plan for the summer with lipedema and lymphedema and share it with you.

But why is it that summer is so difficult for us lipoedema fighters – apart from the extra layer of fabric?

Increased sensitivity to heat

First, the lipedema with a increased sensitivity to heat accompanied. Many people with lipedema are sensitive to high temperatures. Because that Adipose tissue insulates and stores heat, which can cause discomfort in the heat. So if it happens again that you are much hotter than the people in your immediate vicinity, regardless of the compression, this can be a side effect of your lipoedema. For better well-being, it is therefore recommended to wear loose, airy clothing and the stay in cool rooms or by Shadow.

Caro shows how compression can be combined with airy clothing and the right accessories.

swelling in summer

Many flat knit heroes experience increased swelling, especially in summer. I personally notice that B. when tightening my compression. It's harder for me right now than it's been in a long time. And it lasts too three times longer than in spring, autumn and winter.

The high temperatures in summer can lead to this Adipose tissue in the body expands and retains fluid. At the same time, the blood vessels expand, which further impedes the flow of lymph. This can increase the swelling in those affected by lipoedema. We also tend to be more active in summer: we travel, go hiking and are simply out and about a lot. But prolonged standing, walking or sitting impair blood and lymph flow. This in turn can cause swelling.

Another factor is – once again – the Nutrition: Some of us are at barbecues in the summer or eat out a lot. But it is precisely in this context that we often take salty foods to us. High salt consumption can, in turn, lead to the body retains more fluid and swelling increases.

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"Silver weapon": compression

Although it can be more difficult to put on the compression garment in the morning, especially due to the increasing swelling, it is even more important than usual right now. It is the armor with which you show the swelling what the hammer is! Wearing your flat knit supplies everyday is the best advice we can give to all flat knit heroes, pull it through even on difficult days and keep the compression on for as long as possible.

It's also incredibly important to stay hydrated to keep your body hydrated and to aid in lymphatic flow. Eating low-salt foods can also be helpful in reducing water retention.

Always think about skin care

Whoever deals with the five pillars of complex physical decongestion therapy knows very well that skin care is one of them and must not be neglected under any circumstances. And of course everyone who has been part of the sprat fleet for a long time knows that distinguish the morning from the evening routine otherwise deposits can accumulate in the knitted fabric of the flat knitted supply. If you need more detailed information about this, you can get it in this article ...

Either of these are recommended to start the day medi day gel or Cosvena Venengel for the day. Both not only care when applied, but also have a pleasant cooling effect. You get the extra boost of freshness if you store your gel in the fridge. The perfect start to the summer day!

Just swim

Morning laps in the outdoor pool or lake are a real miracle weapon and not only cool your body down, but also act almost like lymphatic drainage through movement in the water. The water pressure has an even stronger effect on your body than the compression garment. Take advantage of this! But don't forget that the effect only lasts about 3-4 hours if you don't put your compression back on afterwards.

This is also an important tip for your summer vacation: If you don't feel like wearing compression during this time, get in the water at least every few hours. Swim hard, kick your feet and really give it some rubber! Show your lipoedema.

And water march!

Water still not your best friend? Maybe I can convince you otherwise. Always keep your compression a little “mist” with a spray bottle. This cools down, provides a fresh breeze and can be used anytime and anywhere. There are various great helpers for your handbag. For one thing medi Fresh Spray with refreshing menthol (guaranteed to be suitable for your flat knit compression) or the Spray bottle "Bye Bye, Lava Feet" from the Power Sprotte online shop, which you can fill as you like.

And if a little fog isn't enough and you need the full load of sprat power, then a whole bucket of water is needed. And so that you don't arrive at the next garden party with the cleaning bucket, you'll find one in the Power Sprotte online shop foldable bucket, which you can easily fold up again before and after use. You can also convert it into a shopping bag in no time and use it to wash your compression when travelling. water march it's also called "zuwarmi" when it comes to a cooling towel. Soak the towel in water, wave it wildly in the air for a few seconds, and feel it instantly begin to cool. Also beneficial for fever, inflammation or headaches!

Use the spray bottle to cool off your lava feet and arms, and the collapsible bucket is your mini pool to go.

Someone fan me!

Do you dream of it too? You are lying on a sedan chair and someone is fanning you with palm leaves? It would be nice... If Caro and I could, we would do it for each and every one of you. But hey, with that Pocket fan "Swooshie" from the Power Sprotte online shop, you can provide fresh air yourself, and if you close your eyes you can just imagine that we are standing next to you. Because at least in our thoughts we always keep Strong Girls United together. The pocket fan is also a perfect table fan. When we're working in the store right now, we each have one of these on our desk in front of us. In addition to a regular large fan.

Beware of mosquito bites

Anyone with lipedema or lymphedema knows the drama all too well. Every year it's the same game and these nasty mosquitoes are showing us how juicy cute we are. What could actually be taken as a compliment often leads to serious inflammation. Especially as a lymphedema patient you can scratched mosquito bite greatly increase the risk of erysipelas. But what to do? Erysipelas, also known as erysipelas or erysipelas, is an acute bacterial skin infection usually caused by group A streptococcus bacteria.

Of course we don't want that. So be careful, be careful! Whenever possible, use anti-mosquito spray and a mosquito stick. This heats the mosquito bite and, via additional vibration, helps to reduce itching and neutralize the mosquito saliva. It even has two heat levels.

What are your ultimate tips for summer? Let us know in the comments what helps you keep a cool head during this hot time. You know, together we're just better and stronger. Strong Girls United.

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