The best fall accessories for women with lipedema

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The best accessories for women with lipedema are the most widely cut. Because between the warming autumn sunbeams and the cool wind that sweeps through the streets there are often only seconds, but a perceived 10 ° temperature difference. You quickly get too warm in a jacket and the next moment just too cold again in a sweater. The famous onion look is now in demand, but from a certain degree of lipedema on the arms and legs something has to be done. Otherwise a colorful maple leaf won't even fit between the layers.

But don't worry, the woman with the cape is there and saves you with a stunning autumn accessory that is not only fashionable through this romantic season, but also gives you superpowers.

The autumn trinity - cape, culottes, cut ... eh hat

Even if I am absolutely not of the opinion that anyone should hide their arms or legs, of course many just feel more comfortable with it. And that's fine too. The beauty of one Cape is that you can wear it with pretty much any figure. Do you need a little more silhouette, e.g. B. if you are a little smaller, you can work with a belt at the waist.

Why is a cape my perfect accessory for women with lipedema? There is no clothing size there.

Since I also like it airy on the legs, I went for the top hip ones Panties decided. Together with ankle boots, they look wonderfully elegant without constricting. Of course I rounded it off with a matching hat and a wonderful autumn outfit is created.

Lipedema pants lily culotte luna largo fashion caroline sprott cape hat anthracite mediven 550 arm compression autumn compression tights plus size blogger hat

When anthracite gets very warm around the mesh

Yes, I've always liked to use colorful compression. But now in autumn I wanted to give way to the beautiful colors in the area. And of course a color had to be found that could provide a stage for this warm Bordeaux red. My mediven® 550 In anthracite I am having a lot of fun this season because it is so versatile. It is not as hard and dark as black, but still reserved and almost neutral. Combined with the trendy brown and beige tones, through to wine red and dark blue, even orange can look really great together with anthracite. Just try your hand at the autumn color palette and you will quickly notice how easy it is to combine.

This article was created in cooperation with Medi.
Pictures: Michaela Kern

lipedema-fashion-outfit-purple caroline sprott

Author: Caroline Sprott

I'm Caroline, born in 1989 and live in Augsburg. Why did I start the lipedema fashion blog? At the beginning of my diagnosis I was completely helpless before an uncertain future. Now, a few years later, through active participation in self-help groups and a lot of research, I have accumulated a wealth of experience that I would like to make available to other affected persons in one place - without the detour via private groups on Facebook. The fashion component is of course due to my hobby. At the time, I promised myself that I would never be restricted by compression stockings. This attitude gives other patients courage and so Michaela advised me to start a blog.

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