Liposuction for lipoedema: 12 proven tips for your healing process

Dear lipoedema fighter,

Liposuction for lipedema is not a decision to be made lightly. It is often the result of a long and painful journey. For many, the next chapter after numerous weight loss attempts. For some, it is a glorious victory when there are finally enough savings in the account or the health insurance company agrees to cover the costs after numerous applications and objections.

This blog article with the topic "Liposuction for Lipoedema" is not written by a doctor, but by a lipedema nurse for her lipedema sisters. It doesn't matter whether you already have a diagnosis and now come across the topic during your first online research, have already made your liposuction appointment or are currently preparing everything for it.

This article is for you to know that you are not alone on your journey.

As of today, I myself have not made a final decision for or against liposuction because of lipoedema, but I am diligently researching, attending lectures and looking to talk to my lipoedema sisters. I would like to understand how the operations are performed and what side effects can occur. It is important to me to treat my lipoedema sisters with empathy - regardless of whether they decide for or against liposuction.

With my article I would like to give you a few thoughts and help give on your way. Also, I present to you the best companions and care products for the time before and after liposuction before, the power sprat Caroline Sprott has to offer in their shop. She was diagnosed over a decade ago, underwent liposuction for lipedema a few years ago and based on her own experience, Power Sprat Shop built up.

I have linked your experience reports on the subject below. All the products that I present to you in this article are not only incredibly helpful in the post-liposuction period, but also great everyday helpers and a great support during lipoedema rehabilitation (e.g. the Lymph Laces).

However, the greatest help you can give yourself during this phase is love and patience for yourself.

Lipoedema – in short

“Lipedema is a chronic progressive symmetrical fat distribution disorder on the upper and lower extremities, which mainly affects women. In addition to visible accumulations of fat, many of those affected also suffer from pain, sensitivity to pressure, a tendency to hematoma and an uncomfortable feeling of tension. Lipedema often occurs during hormonal changes such as puberty, pregnancy or menopause. Adipose tissue often cannot be reduced through exercise or diet.” (Source: Pantea Health)

According to the German medical journal are round ten percent of the female population affected by lipedema. Its cause is still unknown to this day. However, the condition appears to be genetic. Lipedema can either conservative, or operational, i.e. with liposuction.

Liposuction – the surgical therapy

Liposuction, also known as liposuction, can provide significant relief for people with lipedema by excess diseased fat tissue is removed and improves the appearance of the affected areas. Lipoedema pain often improves as well, which is a tender pain from suction of diseased tissue. However, there is no guarantee for this, every patient and every lipoedema is different.

The success of this lymph-sparing liposuction does not only depend on the surgeon - your preparation for the liposuction and careful aftercare are of crucial importance in order to achieve optimal results and to shorten the recovery time.

After liposuction, the compression is worn day and night for the first six weeks, then again during the day for six weeks. Whether and how often you wear your compression afterwards, you can decide in consultation with your doctor based on your state of health. Your self-management, an active lifestyle and a healthy diet are also essential before and after liposuction.

You can find detailed information on liposuction because of lipoedema in the book "Diagnosis lipoedema? You're not alone!" by Caroline Sprott and Dr. Anna Theresa Lipp. Both women have undergone multiple liposuctions for lipedema and Dr. As a surgeon, Lipp performs several hundred liposuctions a year.

Talking to other lipedema nurses can be helpful, but the ultimate decision is always yours.

Provided by: dr Anna-Theresa Lipp / Pantea Health

Before your liposuction

So that this article does not become too long, I exclude the financial aspect, because the topic of the assumption of costs by the health insurance company is complex and there are also a few things to consider for self-payers. In addition to clarifying who will bear the costs, there are other factors involved in long-term preparation for liposuction.

In the meantime, the general medical recommendation is that liposuction should not be performed overnight, but that only the methods of conservative therapy are exhausted. The compression garment should be worn regularly over a longer period of time. Manual lymphatic drainage can also be advantageous, especially as part of a decongestion therapy (usually over two to three weeks).

Another idea can be the Cooperation with a nutritionist and the Integrating movement and sport into everyday life be to reduce the non-disease fat before surgery and continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle after liposuction.

If you go the surgical route, then you should be "all in", because your own contribution also contributes significantly to the success of the liposuction.

are you mentally ready

I would also like to address another important factor at this point: your mental state. The healing process after the operation requires a lot of patience, discipline and initiative - it's a marathon and not a sprint. Your body will likely change drastically after liposuction. And what if you are still not happy with your body after the surgeries? So first find out if you are mentally prepared for this procedure, the healing phase and ANY possible outcome and seek support if necessary.

Keeping a diary is a great way to mentally support yourself, if you haven't already kept one. In this notebook you can write down your worries, fears and, above all, your hopes. Before liposuction, write down your why or whys. On the hard days of the healing process, you can then remind yourself of your why. It becomes your personal North Starwho lights your way on dark days.

A notebook is also a great companion in your healing process because you are here your readings, pain and everything to do with lipoedema can note. In this way, your process can be easily tracked and milestones are recognizable.

The yellow notebook is the perfect companion for your liposuction because of lipoedema

The "Shine is my favorite colour" notebook from the medi x Power Sprotte collection can become a companion in your healing process.

Another great mental support you can use mirror decal . The loving, motivating and inspiring messages you can attach them to your mirror before the liposuction and if you are home alone and need a few words of encouragement, they are there for you. They are like your girlfriend who is by your side and whispers softly in your ear "Give up everything but give up!" or "You are more than your legs."

Because, we have to be honest, even after liposuction your legs are not perfect from one day to the next. But they don't have to be - because you are so much more than that.

Mirror with a mirror sticker "Your best is good enough."

The all-round talent: the Lymph Laces

Different colored lymph laces (elastic shoelaces) can be seen, which are good everyday companions after liposuction.

The elastic shoelaces Lymph Laces are an absolute all-rounder, which is why they are not only used by compression wearers. They come without a loop, adapt individually to your foot and fit perfectly after the first lacing. It doesn't matter which shoe - you can simply slip on and you're done. Through her elasticity they are the perfect everyday helpers for people with a Lymphedema, during the bandaging, during a decongestion and for the time after that Liposuction. When the healing process is complete, simply leave them in your shoes and enjoy everyday comfort.

In the hospital

One of the biggest problems with hospital stays (not just for liposuction) is the loss of control – especially when it comes to room temperature. This can be extremely tiring, especially in the summer months. The cooling towel "Zuwarmi", the hand fan "Swooshie 2.0" and the spray bottle "Bye bye, lava feet" are at your side during your stay in hospital, but also on all other hot days. With these three helpers you are well equipped and can help yourself in various ways. The "Zuwarmi", which is made moist before application, brings surface cooling, "Swooshie" fans you with fresh air and with the spray bottle can you specifically moisten your compression or face.

Whether as an encouragement mantra for yourself or as a card for a dear lipedema nurse who has decided on liposuction. This map should remember that we are harder than any surgery!

The postcard features a diamond with a band-aid and below it reads "Surgery is tough but I know someone tougher"

On the way home

Prepare yourself mentally to "leak out" after liposuction. Now that may sound ugly, but I think you'll be glad I mention it now. Because now you know and can prepare accordingly. So that your car or that of your pick-up person does not get unsightly stains, we recommend one absorbent pad, such as a changing pad, incontinence pad or similar. This could also come in handy during the first few days at home.

For your feet while driving or when you are sitting at home, you can add one foldable bucket use. It looks 20 times better than a cleaning bucket and can be used fold up again after use. It is coated on the inside and is not only easily washable, but can also be used as a mini pool.

Peeing standing up has never been so helpful

Be honest: even on regular days it can be exhausting to put the compression back in exactly the right place after every visit to the toilet. Because, as you have probably experienced yourself, improper compression fit can lead to uncomfortable sore spots. After the liposuction, there is also the fact that your body is already under a lot of strain and you may have less strength than usual.

What blessing would it be to just pee standing up? Isn't it possible? It's okay! The Urinella, the urinal for women, is the absolute game changer. This way you don't have to pull down the full compression or, if you have an open crotch surgical supply, don't take it off at all.

When the healing process is complete, the Urinella doesn't have to end up in a drawer, because she's also your friend at festivals, on wonderful outdoor adventures or in the highway toilet.

Putting your feet up is good

In the first few weeks in particular, it's good to put your feet up. But you've probably had enough of hospital optics for now. With the Wedge cushion leg cloud you have the opportunity to put your legs up relaxed - and in a stylish way!

The wedge shape turns your feet into a highest point and the Gravity stimulates both lymph and blood flow. When you get up again and start the rest of the day strengthened, you can simply put the pillow on the side again and nobody will know what superpower is hiding behind it. For the first few days after liposuction, we recommend using a pad between you and the pillow, so you avoid unsightly stains.

Self-massage before and after liposuction

One of the five pillars of Conservative physical decongestion therapy (KPE) with lipedema is self-management. And here self-massage is one of the simplest and most effective tools that you can integrate into everyday life before your liposuction in order to prepare yourself optimally for the procedure and afterwards to support healing. In the Power Sprotte Shop you will therefore find various self-massage aids:

Rollo Banano is shaped like a banana and is a wooden self-massage tool

Rollo T-Rexo and Rollo Banano

The two massage rollers Rollo banana and Roller blind T-Rexo are these Dream team for your DIY lymphatic drainage. you rain the blood circulation and lymph flow  Remember: lymph beforehand.*

For the first six weeks after liposuction, you use them over the compression and flex like this fibrosis (tissue hardening).. You can then also use it on the skin and use it to work in your skin care products, for example.

Acupressure massage rings for fingers and arms

Does lymph sometimes build up in the back of your hand or on your forearm? This Acupressure massage rings for the Poor and Finger can bring momentum back into the pen and the promote blood circulation, the Revitalize hands and fingers and reduce pain.

Due to their size, you always have them ready in your handbag or backpack and can do something good for yourself on the go. They are useful in preparation for liposuction and can help relieve pain and prevent fibrosis on non-gloved skin shortly after the operation.

One hand carries various gold-colored acupressure massage rings for the fingers and a silver-colored acupressure massage ring for the arm
A glittering cup is pictured

Cellu-Cup cups

The Cellu-Cup cups not only look chic, but together with some shower oil, they ensure that the tissue is massaged by a constant vacuum. So you stimulate your blood circulation, bring your tissue in motion and do that Lymph legs again! The Cellu-Cups do before liposuction and late in the healing process Sense. I expressly do NOT recommend the Cellu-Cups for the first few weeks after the operation.

Skin care after liposuction

A liposuction not only means a huge intervention in your tissue, but, by wearing the compression for weeks, the highest demands on your skin. This is exactly why intensive skin care after liposuction is essential - preferably as early as your skin allows. In terms of compression, this means no complications as all creams in the Power Sprotte Shop are compression compatible.

At least I recommend you that Care foam Callusan extra for very dry skin, but that is even better Care cream Coryt Desqua. In clinics and in cases of hardship (e.g. burns), it has therefore long since ceased to be an insider tip. It is especially good after liposuction, as it supports the regeneration of the skin and relieves itching.

Speaking of itching, if it doesn't work at all, it's better to let down your pants or compression and spray yourself underneath with the Itching acute spray a. You can quickly remedy the situation and the spray, like all care products in the Power Sprotte Shop, is compression-compatible.

Scrubbing after liposuction

This is allowed in the healing process after liposuction scrub set not missing. Among other things, brushing stimulates blood circulation. This can speed up the wound healing process after liposuction. It also helps reduce swelling. However, you should only start scrubbing after a few weeks, when you've gotten to the point where you only wear the compression during the day.

It's important that you approach it very slowly and don't scrub too hard. “Less is more” applies here in particular. The You get the greatest effect in connection with the two massage rollersRollo banana and Roller blind T-Rexo, which prevent the above-mentioned fibrosis.

The scrub set consists of different brushes and a sponge

Even when the healing process is "complete", the scrub kit is on wonderful part of your care routine, because the condition of your skin can have a major impact on the hold of the compression stockings. Loose skin flakes are deposited in the knitted fabric and allow the care to slip.

With regular scrubbing and brushing you prevent exactly that - dead skin cells are simply dismissed. If you don't work anymore, you can go, right?

Dietary Supplement

Dietary supplements (NEM) can support you in your healing process. The application can be useful, for example, as a cure after your liposuction.

You can find them in the Power Sprotte Shop Dietary supplements from DR. LIPP®developed by experts from medicine (lipoedema, anti-aging, nutrition), biology and naturopathy (Ayurveda, TCM) and successfully tested in cell and clinical studies.

It is best to discuss which supplements make sense for you and when with your supervising medical specialist.

Last but not least

I would like to wish you, dear lipoedema fighter, only the very best for your healing process. Without knowing you, I know that you are stronger than you think because we tend to underestimate our own strength. But I also want to encourage you to talk to those around you about your fears and hopes about liposuction and ask for support.

Lipoedema fashion and power sprat are one and the same Community of Compression Heroes created so that there is a place where we can find information and support. We're here for you.


Please note that the information provided is of a general nature and does not constitute personal medical advice. Always consult a healthcare professional for advice on your specific case.

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Author: Christine Bauer

Hello everyone, my name is a Christian and a lipoedema fighter from beautiful Augsburg. I received my lipoedema diagnosis back in 2014, but I didn't really accept it until the summer of 2022. Since then, I've delved deeper into the world of flat-knit compression and lipoedema every day. I produce text and image content for Power Sprotte and invite you to share my insights. I also love putting together fair fashion outfits that show off my compression.

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