Wedding guest in compression: 3 tips for your festive appearance

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Weddings are something wonderful, because as a guest you can expect a carefree, grandiose celebration full of love, surprises, joy and good food. Not only as Bride, but also as a wedding guest in compression the compression stockings should not stand in the way of a good feeling. Here are some Power Sprat-tested tips and inspiration on how to dress up for the big day.

Tip No. 1: Take every breeze with you

Weddings often take place during the beautiful spring and summer months, so I encourage you to have yours Outfit as airy as possible to choose. A light chiffon dress like the three of us show you in the photos could be just the thing for you. If you want to cover your upper arms, choose a light one Stole or an elegant one Scarf.

If, like me, you wear arm sleeves, all the better! Because nothing rounds off a festive outfit as a wedding guest in compression like your arm socks. Whether individual supplies or as a bolero, they will not stand in the way of your glamorous look.

Wedding guest in compression – mediven 550 in gray with crystal motif "wind"

Tip No. 2: Consciously set your highlights

If you've always been insecure about the appearance of your legs and arms, now is the perfect opportunity for a full-on escape. Because if there's one thing festive clothing can do, it's elegant attention to other parts of the body to steer. Be it a great waist, a color that makes your eyes shine or a flowing cut that visually elongates you. Or maybe it's a flashy handbag or glamorous shoes, eye-catching earrings, etc.

A little hint: Choose the handbag large enough to accommodate a refreshment (e.g. medifresh) in between, your dressing aids (e.g. textile gloves) or to have a change of shoes. After a long day, your legs can get heavy and need a little break. With a little freshness kick for in between, you'll be fit again in no time!

Tip 3: The plan B

A ripped seam, a huge stain, a zipped zipper or an impromptu downpour - the potential dangers for your festive robe are not insignificant, especially if you can no longer enjoy the rest of the day due to small mishaps.

Be well prepared and always have a plan B ready in the car or in your luggage and don't be ashamed to use it. Choose an outfit that you would always feel comfortable in at a champagne reception and that goes with your compression fitting. You simply can't go wrong with it and the party can go on!

Not only as a wedding guest in compression: also well looked after for the rest of the year

Since we don't celebrate every day, your compression should of course also accompany and dress you well for the rest of the year. Above all, practical additives are an important measure for this. It is best to talk to your medical supply store about the hurdles of your everyday life or anatomical peculiarities, such as e.g. B. a tailor's bunion or hallux valgus. medi offers a small one for each knitted relief zone on the foot, which reduces the pressure on the corresponding area and increases the wearing comfort. I personally want mine Tailor's ball relief zone don't miss it anymore!

The sparkling ones provide the necessary glamor in everyday life crystal motifs, which you can have applied to your ankle or forearm. You can even discover the “wind” motif in these pictures on my mediven 550 in gray – a great highlight!

So that you can show the community together with us how beautiful you shine in a festive robe and compression, Vanessa from @rundundsportlich, Carina von @ruhrpottfraeulein and I the hashtag #GlamourinCompression . Why don't you also post your wedding guest outfit or other elegant looks in your supply! We look forward to the many happy moments you captured.

This article was created in cooperation with Medi.

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