Pain medication for lipedema - everything hurts

For a few days I have had a topic that was really stressful for me and that is only really coming to me now, three years later.

On the one hand, because I have been receiving psychological care for a year and have moved a little closer to myself. On the other hand, because I am becoming more aware of various aspects of our disease in the course of all the information.

Before I was diagnosed, I was in a state of intense pain that was omnipresent for many years. I suffered, could barely manage my daily workload, and in the evenings, total exhaustion caught up with me.

And then there was only one “solution”: Pain relieving medication!

Are pain medication really the solution for lipedema?

Every affected woman will surely have her own experience in this topic - I would like to tell you about my experiences.

pain with lipedema pain reliever

Before the diagnosis, pain in the legs and arms, the feeling of heaviness, pressure pain, pain to touch, but also exhaustion and listlessness were the order of the day. And unfortunately the condition gradually worsened over the years. The lipedema exploded with two pregnancies. Unfortunately, at that point in time I didn't know that the disease even existed.

Ibuprofen came with me. To make up for my work day, I took pain medication. In order to have enough strength for invitations in the evening so that I could continue to participate in social life, I took pain medication. Before going on excursions or bike rides, I took pain medication. To cope with my workload on the farm, I took pain medication.

A memory that makes me sad.  

The diagnosis in spring 2016 changed a lot in my head.

I became aware that the pain medication for lipedema did not take the pain away, but only relieved the pain and thus freed up so much energy and strength to continue my daily routine.  

I had to start rethinking. I have learned to tolerate painful states to a certain extent and the diagnosis and the associated symptoms have given me the strength to see my life from a different perspective.
There is now a medically prescribed medication on demand. My professional situation is adapted to my capabilities. The conservative and later also operative therapy gave me some strength back.

I stopped fighting my body! I have adapted my everyday life, my approach to life, my professional situation, my private activities to my performance and no longer forced my body to continue functioning.

I have become more spontaneous, but also more cautious, and I have learned to say “no” without having a guilty conscience, sad feelings and heading for an emotional low.

So dealing with the disease is the solution!

It wasn't the pain medication for lipedema that helped me, but my new path based on the diagnosis.

I use good days, I feel powerful and could uproot trees, on bad days I brake and allow them.

Have you had similar experiences?

A very sensitive topic, but how do you deal with painful states? Do you need painkillers for lipedema? Have you found other ways and means to combine everyday life and pain? Do you know the guilty conscience when appointments have to be canceled because you just can't make it? Do you know the fear of not doing your children justice?

Sometimes other illnesses make the way more difficult. We all often have to be very brave, be careful with yourself and your body. Feed your soul every now and then with good thoughts!

All the best - your Judith

Author: Judith Drügh

My name is Judith Drügh, I am 39 years old, married and have 2 sons - we live on a farm in the beautiful Eifel. Affected by Lip-Lymph for at least 20 years, diagnosed and treated since spring 2016. I worked for almost 20 years in my heartfelt job as an educator, I reached my limits and suffered greatly from my lack of productivity. The professional reorientation came in 2018. As a lymphology product advisor, I now work in the medical supply store and advise customers with the same illness, clarify, take away fears, support, and catch up. We are all firmly connected to one another through the disease because we understand each other. Take good care of you!

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  • Thanks for your lines!!!
    I am in tears as I write these lines.
    On the one hand, because I understand your story all too well and I can almost sign it one-on-one. On the other hand, from the relief that I am not crazy and what I am talking about. But also to have the hope of finding a way for my family and myself.

  • I can understand your story all too well ... I feel the same way. Every day is a struggle and I can't be weak because I have to be there for my family. Just like you and many others ...
    It's good to know that I'm not alone in this. Because until now I thought that I was just imagining it ...
    Thank you dear Judith

  • Ibuprofen is also my faithful companion. I discovered by accident that it also helps with my leg pain and I've been taking it ever since. Sometimes nothing for a week, then two or three days in a row. It only takes part of the pain, the feeling of heaviness does not go away. Because I also have other construction sites, ibuprofen has really become my best friend. My husband is worried about it.

  • Dear Judith, your article is like for many
    " Open eyes". Thank you. There should be a lot more of it! How many struggle with their pain every day and run from doctor to doctor. To find out what's wrong with me.
    I only received the diagnosis myself in summer 2018. But since I have been dealing with fibromyalgia for several years, pain is my daily companion. And often nothing helps against this pain. But I'm well adjusted and listen to my body, so I can now live with it.
    But when I got "other" pain in my legs and from one day to the next my pants couldn't be worn ...
    The doctor just said "you have lipedema" and I should lose weight. A recipe for compression tights
    In my luggage I went to the medical supply store. There was a very nice, competent fellow sufferer. Who told me a little more about it. But there are still questions ... now I'm waiting for my first flat knit tights, because the first evaluation was nothing. How do you survive the summer with it? Summer vacation soon, but with my bumps on the beach? Does Ketogenic Diet Help?
    I am currently a housewife and mother and am busy with it. Hats off if you, dear Judith, also order the farm!
    Lovely wishes!!

  • Yesterday I felt something like lipedema pain for the first time.
    I've had the diagnosis for a year but I knew I had it before. I just never found the right doctors to diagnose it.
    Yesterday we celebrated my birthday and expected visitors. Before cleaning the apartment. No matter what I did .. sit, lie, stand, it hurt my thighs. It was more than uncomfortable and an unknown pain so I knew it was lipedema pain.
    After all this time it has come to me and what have I done? A novalgin taken to enjoy the evening with my guests. I pray to god that it won't become the standard .. neither the pain .. nor the medication

  • Dear Judith, thank you for your nice report. I am 56, 3 children. Have thick legs since childhood. I had my diagnosis for about 4 years. With the beautiful flat knit stockings, the suffering of heavy legs is more bearable. Unfortunately my strength is decreasing more and more. I work in nursing. Have a house and take care of my husband. Despite vacation, I am exhausted and broken. But that's how you describe it. All the best for you. Angelica

  • I am impressed !!! I have lip-lymphedema ..... I only have pain if I don't have lymphatic drainage or regularly use the water ..... my problem is more my psyche or my self-image ...

    • Hello Christine,

      I believe that the wrong self-image is a crucial problem for many of those affected. So psychological care needs to be supported and pushed in the same way as operating theaters.

      Best regards,

  • Since about 2006 I have been taking painkillers every day in order to be able to pull myself up to do the daily work. I was just 40! And I had no diagnoses, except of course overweight and various spinal syndromes ("Of course, when you are so fat ... And of course you have pain! Just lose weight!")
    In 2016 I stopped working and was disabled as a result of MS. Since then I have been living without painkillers and much better because I have found my when and the daily stress is solely dependent on me. Depending on you I decide when and how much I do.
    Since 2019 now also the lip diagnosis ... it really makes a lot clear to me in retrospect!

  • Thank you for your report and the food for thought. May I ask where you had the operation and what was your experience there?

    LG Katja Kaiser-Müller