Lose weight with lipedema - 30 kg lighter

Lose weight with lipedema

Sometimes I get praised for my slim legs and great figure. Every woman likes to hear such dear compliments, but today I would like to tell you about the effort behind losing weight with lipedema and that I am still 20 kilos away from normal weight. I have to write a separate article about my diagnosis history, otherwise it will be too much all at once.

2009 …

... one evening after taking a shower I looked in the mirror and saw what my conscience had been ignoring for several years. I didn't like what I saw there and didn't correspond to what I wanted to be. I used to be athletic, played volleyball, skated inline all day and still got fat because of my eating habits. The less I moved, the fatter I got. Logical consequence. And there I was, at the height of my obesity and heartbroken. I was finally so unhappy that the will to change something was greater than the laziness to just keep going. I am 1,81 m tall and weighed 126,6 kg at the time. I will never forget this number on the scales in my life.

There had to be a plan, a routine. Because without a plan, I just eat too much. So I started a soup with a cup of muesli in the morning and at noon and in the evening I don't even know anymore. It definitely helped to consciously rein in myself and give the body a go-ahead. After a few months and 10 pounds less, I signed up at the gym and started doing sports there.

2010 ...

... I got to know my current husband, who should accompany me on the next 10 kilos less. Basically, my concept was to lose 10 pounds and hold them for a while until the next motivation boost came. That year I was diagnosed with lipedema and started wearing compression tights.

At that time I didn't know what kind of diet to look out for as a person affected, I still find an incredibly confused terrain to this day. I have the slightest fear that there is no perfect lipedema diet other than the old story of eating a balanced and healthy diet.

2011 ...

... I started following the principle Not more than 30g of fat a day to eat, whether carbohydrates or protein-containing food. So sometime in 2012 I finally made it below the 100 kg limit, which did not last long and I quickly hiked to these cruel 102-104 kg, which should haunt me to this day.

2014 ...

... I went to rehab and went back to my roots, because again I lost weight best when I simply ate half of what I would actually eat. And that's exactly what will likely sound familiar to many women. I have the feeling that our metabolism is simply so bad and slow that we should be able to eat significantly less in order to lose weight or at least maintain the weight.

Normally, eating little is actually the surefire way to get into the yo-yo effect. Theoretically, the trick is to stick to the small amounts or simply to consume a large amount of food that is as low in calories as possible, but who's going to enjoy that? What has been strongly advised against by many sides is the protein diet to a large extent. That means, it can't hurt to boost your metabolism for a week. But if you run it for months, there is a great risk that the protein that is not removed by the lymphatic fluid will stick the cells together and cause even worse symptoms.

An important lesson

One of the most important lessons from my rehab that I really wanted to implement was that fruit is not infinitely healthy. The rule of thumb that you should stick to is also easy to internalize: Two portions of fruit a day that fit in the palm of your hand. So you are on the safe side of not getting through 6 peaches with the daily sugar content at the end of a beautiful summer day.

In summary, you always need a concept for losing weight with lipedema. Make a note of which dishes work best for you for which time of day. For some, smoothies are a welcome change, others need a slice of bread or a cup of muesli. For lunch, for example, I really like to eat red lentils with avocado and goat cheese, a bowl of whole wheat pasta would also be very easy. In the evening, the protein-rich dish is good because it can be better utilized in sleep. So if you like, you can eat the yogurt, low-fat quark or fish in the evening and then go to bed with a good, light feeling. So much for the theory.

Lose weight with lipedema - conclusion

And now we all take a deep breath, because it took me no less than 30 years for the first 5 kilos. That took some time, because I simply didn't feel like giving up everything and foregoing enjoyment. Neither of us is on the run, so take your time with your health.

Probably the most uncomfortable truth about it all is that the easiest way to lose weight is to exercise. Because you can eat anything if you want. You just have to ensure a sporty balance accordingly. And when the small muscles grow, you can feel the tension in the body, then you understand these athletic people too. Because as soon as the weights go up, you can see and feel that you have come closer to your goal.

Oldie but Goldie

There she was. The age-old lyre that nobody really likes to hear, but has always valued itself. A balanced diet, routine and regular exercise. No magic, no magic bullets, no shakes. Motivation, fun with the results and a good friend for the weaker self, that was my sense of achievement. To the next 20 kilos! Because then I would finally have my long-awaited normal weight. And if it doesn't work, I'm happy with 10 kilos less. And if I can't get there, I'll just stay where I am and enjoy my life. I don't let the ideals of beauty spoil me.

So that's it, my story about weight loss with lipedema. Have you already managed to lose weight despite lipedema and if so, how much and how?

Best regards,

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Author: Caroline Sprott

Caroline Sprott is a remarkable personality involved in the world of lipedema. Born in Bochum in 1989, she now lives in Augsburg. Her professional career began as a trained media designer and she works full-time in marketing. But that's not all - Caroline is also a lipedema speaker, author and model. She is committed to the fight against lipedema and is passionate about supporting the community of those affected. Caroline founded the Lipedema Fashion Blog to share her experiences and knowledge with other sufferers. She wants to create a place where women with lipedema can find information without having to go through private Facebook groups. She combines her passion for fashion with her commitment to the lipedema community. Some interesting facts about Caroline Sprott: Style and fashion: Caroline loves fashion and sees it as a passion and therapy at the same time. She doesn't let compression stockings limit her and opts for creative outfits. Style Icon: Your style icon is Grace Kelly, a woman of natural elegance and inspiration. Favorite colors: moss green, yellow, pastels and navy blue. Weakness for animals: Caroline greets every cow - a loving gesture that shows her love for animals. Important life philosophy: Stay inquisitive, curious and optimistic - life is too short to waste even one day. In addition to being a model and entrepreneur, Caroline Sprott is a health influencer who advocates for the lipedema and lymphedema community. Her commitment and positive attitude are inspiring.

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  • Hello Caro,
    you have made a great acceptance! I also think it's better if you take your time and slowly but steadily go down 😉

    I have already started several diets 🙂 but then decided for myself that the crash diets are not all suitable and that the yo-yo effect occurs. That's the way it is, they promise, but don't really bring anything.

    Ultimately, I decided on a “healthy, balanced diet change”. I initially managed this diet change with Weight Watchers. WW is very, very helpful (at least for me 😉). In the meantime, however, I still do without a lot of things, because I have noticed that I feel “even better” with them. (Sugar, wheat, processed foods, etc.).
    I watch out for carbohydrates!
    Doesn't mean that I do without it completely. But in moderation 😉

    Yes, at the moment I'm still trying to bring my weight down a little more and to incorporate a little more exercise. Even there, you have to get into a certain routine again. I think routines are very, very important and then it usually works better! 🙂

    Thank you for your detailed report, I wish you continued success with your last kilos 😉 and stay tuned (Y) 🙂

    Best regards,

    • True words Silvia!

      I have chewed through a lot of nutritional principles and none of them could really anchor themselves in my life. One could also write a report on this again. WW helps really well to get an overview and also to eat more consciously. But then you have to go through with it and I couldn't. but it is a very good path and therefore so successful.

      But your approach is so commendable! You probably sweeten with stevia or xucker?

  • thanks a lot 🙂

    I had only tried with Xucker. Unfortunately, it's not my case (well, now the "expensive" Xucker is in the closet). I use coconut blossom sugar to sweeten Java Kiss coconut blossom sugar because it has a low glycemic index and does not cause the blood sugar level to rise or fall rapidly.

    I found out that “for myself” that you should keep your blood sugar level constant ;-) .. I also try to avoid snacks and take a break of at least 4 hours between meals.

    For me it works better that way 🙂

  • It is always interesting to read how others are doing. Thanks for the very honest post. Now it's a bit older, but I'll still write how it was for me.

    Weight has always been an issue for me too. I was an early starter and when puberty started at nine I put on weight. Even as a child I was never petite but just normal, healthy. By the age of 12 I had reached a weight of over 80 kg, my mother had started giving me shakes instead of meals. There was a lot going on privately and watching TV and eating were my friends. Then at 13 I switched schools and began years of starvation. I starved myself to 55 kg when I was 14. My breasts were drooping, you could see every bone, but my legs still barely fit a size 38. The starvation didn't last forever and at 15/16 I began to vomit occasionally. The weight varied from 57 to 62 kg. Upper body dress size 34/36 and around 40 below. The weight tended to increase slightly over the years, I never fell as far as the time before.
    The last time I went hungry was at the university in the second semester, when I was 20 and I “only” came down to 61 kg. After that, I developed a better relationship with food, which also led to an increase. At first I didn't think that was a problem, I had a great friend and accepted that it doesn't matter what size you fit. I turned 24 when the relationship broke up, and for a few months after that, a pair of jeans barely fitted me, the scales were back to an eight. I found myself disgusting.
    A friend took me to the gym and the gym took me to exercise with the right diet. I registered in February 2014 and in August 2014 I had lost 12 kg, at least one size of clothes on my legs and over 10% body fat. I felt comfortable that way. About 70 kg was still more than the BMI recommended, but it looked great, abdominal muscles were visible, the buttocks were big but nicely shaped and well, my family has thick legs.

    I've been working since April 2015, that changed a lot. I couldn't train regularly anymore and my colleagues were constantly baking cakes, as newcomers you didn't want to be rude and so the diet quickly faded into the background. In August, all of my pants no longer fitted me. I had never put on weight so rapidly. But I didn't weigh myself either. From then on there was also pain in the legs and sport became a torture until it was unbearable. It seemed pointless to take countermeasures through my diet, I kept getting bigger. From a certain point in time, out of frustration, I simply stopped paying attention to it.

    In February I went to the family doctor with the pain, I weighed 92 kg. Maximum weight exceeded by 10 kg. He sent me to the phlebologist. 07.04. Diagnosis of lipedema. The doctor said I should lose weight. Since that day, I haven't eaten sugar, flour, highly processed foods, wheat, fast food, sweeteners, or drink alcohol. I would like to start again with sport because I have my compression, without it I just couldn't. Six kilos have been down since the diagnosis.
    This nutritional program may sound extreme, but it works for me. My pain has become less, while before I could only lie down and almost cried myself. There was once an exception and I immediately regretted it because I began to have pain again, this time especially in my arms. The (well almost) freedom from pain is worth doing without these things to me.

    • Man, you've been through something. Most of all, you can't imagine how many women out there share the same fate and still suffer from it without a diagnosis.

      I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your report! Keep your head up and keep fighting!

    • Exactly the concept I drive for 4 weeks. Low carb, only legumes allowed, counting calories (300 kcal above basal metabolic rate) and more exercise. Absolutely nothing is happening. Pants or dresses no longer fit me at all. 30 kg in 2 years. Indescribable... I will now "treat" myself to an op

  • Hello everyone 🙂

    First of all, thank you very much for the honest, open and great post.
    Since I was 15, I've also tried a lot of diets and sometimes really strange things just to lose weight. The summary from the time between the ages of 15 and 20 is that everything that is not suitable for everyday use or is not fun because it is disgusting or too cumbersome does not work. After a period of resignation, which 2-3 years has continued and I am in what I came kg at my maximum weight of about 80 because everything I did not care, I found last year finally the strength and motivation to take care of my body.
    Since then, nutrition and exercise have been going hand in hand more and less regularly for me - similar principle to the blog post above 🙂 The fun of sport and the enjoyment of eating are particularly important to me, but still a certain consistency. Since then I have lost 10 kg and I feel sooo good with it. In winter I realized for the first time that my legs were hardly getting any slimmer and then finally found out why they feel so uncomfortable in summer and why I keep getting bruises. The diagnosis was a relief and that's why I'll try to lose another 5-8 kg and keep my body healthy! 🙂

    Greetings and good luck to you all,
    Franzi 🙂

  • Hello my dear!
    I also suspect that I have lipedema, but have not diagnosed it. Is it possible to lose weight on lipedema after all? Is it always a must to wear compression stockings or only when you are in severe pain?

    • Hello Franzi!

      No, you cannot lose lipedema fat, but you can lose everything else in terms of healthy fat, and for many that is sometimes more than you think. So it's definitely worth it. Wearing the compression is indicated and part of conservative therapy. It should curb deterioration and pain. If you don't wear them regularly, the effect will of course be reduced.

      Best regards,

  • Hallo,
    Since yesterday I (44 years old) have confirmed the self-diagnosis of lipedema by a phlebologist. This was followed by the advice that I urgently need to lose weight, the Cologne University Hospital offers very competent obesity aid.
    For almost 30 years, people around me, three general practitioners and two orthopedic surgeons have been telling me: “You are too fat. You have to do something about it. "
    The first family doctor was an internist and general practitioner: "... two slices of toast for breakfast are enough and buy a Brigitte diet book."
    The second family doctor explained to me the advantages of formoline pills from the pharmacy, so that I would learn to consume less fat.
    The third GP came to me with the suggestion to seek help from WW and the assumption "... maybe you are eating too little!"
    Yes, I got the diagnosis yesterday and, as always, my overweight.
    I'm frustrated, although glad to know that I wasn't ONLY eating fat.

    • Oh dear, dear Tanja,

      that reads horrible! I hope we can help you a little with nutrition and, above all, our unadorned weight loss routes. You are not alone with the disease and we all struggle with the weight every day. I also think it's good that you are set up so that not all of the fat on you is lipedema and a large part can also be broken down. But it is not easy for anyone, with or or illness.

      But you can do it. Take the time it takes. Learn a lot about what you need and what you can do without and how you can best achieve a calorie deficit. No matter which way you take, you can do it.

      And if you need a good start, check out our article on the book "Overcome fat logic"

      Best regards,

      • Hello Caroline and Co,

        why does nobody know about lipedema ?!
        I became aware of lipedema through an acquaintance who has an acquaintance, etc. However, it was clear: is out of the question for me. After all, I am healthy - just a little fatter than others. I was taught this mantra-wise since puberty (1,68 m / then: 75 kg, athletic and painless): “Tanja has got fat legs, a fat bottom and orange peel.” I heard this as a teenager. Later there were public attacks on my appearance, maybe one or the other knows, you learn to deal with.
        But when I visited a Himba village in northern Namibia years ago and a local asked me bluntly: “How do you get so fat?” The question hit me very nasty and has burned in my brain ever since.

        Every diet made you fatter and so I drew the line under diets many years ago. I didn't want to get even bigger (1,68 m / today: 140kg, couchpotatoe and high blood pressure - pain-free and flexible was yesterday!).
        The book tip caught my eye here.
        Many thanks for your response!
        schönen Tag

  • Thank you
    it's good to read what you've written.
    am also at this desperate point where it can no longer go on like this. Probably have your starting weight, haven't dared me to weigh in for weeks, if I'm unlucky, it's even more ... And I'm 9 cm shorter than you.
    I'm desperate, mad at the disease (s) and hopeless. Have gained about 5 kg in the last 50 years. I've avoided cooking all my life. The one with the lipedema was mainly caused by a drug, the main active ingredient of which I have to rely on for the rest of my life, am only 35 or already 35; From the age of 30, losing weight is much more difficult and unfortunately that is not a rumor, even if I once thought it was ..
    the day before yesterday the courage of despair won. I decided to go to rehab at the Földiklinik and the rehab application came today in the unopened mail. It seems to be a lot of paper ..
    You also write something about fashion:
    If there is special lipedema fashion, I am happy to receive a link from you!

    It felt good now to write someone about it ..
    Kind regards, Janina

    • Hello dear Janina,

      I'm really happy that you write to me, even if the reason is not so nice. But let me assure you, you are not alone! And even if all of this is under the worst possible stars, there is always a way. No matter how long it takes, any progress, and if it is still too small, is a step in the right direction. The scales are of course nasty, but once you've dared, you can at least observe your development, celebrate successes, register failures, the number has always helped me, but only in connection with a fat analysis scale. There you can see your muscle, fat and water content in the body and this allows you to understand fluctuations much better! Look, there are now really high-tech scales with which you can track everything: http://amzn.to/2AoYWNe

      There is a label for women with lipedema and lymphedema: Luna Largo. So far they only have pants in their assortment, but over time more categories should be served 🙂 Here on the blog you can find some articles or take a look directly http://www.lunalargo.com past. I have three pants myself and I wear them almost every day - even with a 44!

      Kind regards and all the strength in the world. Get out of this deep, this is YOUR life and you only have this one, use it wisely and fill it with as much good as you can.


      • Dear Caroline,
        Thank you for your kind message. It's good because I've been really alone with it so far. Although I was in Mannheim with the specialist in the practice clinic Dr. Weiss, who is a staunch advocate of conservative methods, but I live in Munich. Liposuction practices are a dime a dozen in this hip, luxury city, but there is nothing quite like what Dr. White. Do you actually know him? A visit to his website is worthwhile. He also offers a 2-week intensive treatment on site including accommodation, of course multimodal with cold chamber and other modules. But costs up to 3000 €. Maybe I'll even do that, depending on how long the rehab application and approval process takes. And by the way, there is a brochure from the practice clinic with 100 simple recipes .. You also wrote something about nutrition ..
        Kind regards, Janina

          • Hello Caroline,
            thanks for your quick answer and the link to the self-help group. Why is he so notorious? Doesn't really make a bad impression .. You can also write me an email if this is beyond the scope of this article.
            Kind regards, Janina

          • Hi Caroline, I just got the diagnosis. Unfortunately I have had various and negative experiences with doctors in recent years. Endocrinologists, All Saints' Day, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, gynecologists, etc. (I still have collagenosis, fibromyalgia, polyneuropathy, osteoarthritis in knees, back, hands. Also food intolerance lactose, fructose, sorbitol, rye, whole grains). I can only eat restricted foods anyway . Was in a rheumatism clinic 7 months ago because of pain. Got the anti-epileptic drugs for the fibromyalgia pain. But nobody has told me about lipedema. Only: "Take it off and move around more". Or "they eat too little" said the nutritional counseling in rehab. As if I hadn't tried everything possible, e.g. B. Metabolic balance, almased, yokebe, zero diet, nothing helps, if only slightly. I have been doing functional training in water and dry since retirement, did equipment training twice a week and walk my dog ​​as far as I can every day (about 2 - 2,5 km a day). In addition, occupational therapy and KG twice a week. I'm getting fatter. Lately unspeakable pain in my legs. A physiotherapist told me to have lipedema examined. She would have known a lymph clinic in Franconian Switzerland. (Dr Schingale). But this is a rehabilitation clinic or has a therapy center which is not taken over by KK. So prices for self-payers, which I can hardly afford.
            Merely Mvz is affiliated and accounts for cash.
            That's why I first went to the vein doctor near me, who referred me to the lymphologist / lipologist Dr Kraus. This should check laser liposuction (smartLipo) and prescribe compression. Because of the pain in my hips and thighs, I should also go to inpatient pain therapy. But this is more orthopedic and makes multimodal therapy. these dates are still pending.
            I once read my way through the net. When I came across Dr Weiß and his educational videos, his concept doesn't sound bad at first. But it is a bit of a journey from Nuremberg to Mannheim. Also on Dr Heck with his OP method with WAL. Should be less stressful. Probably still expensive and compression etc. must have been done beforehand. I didn't find any prices. Dr. Schingale makes TAL. Which is more recommendable. TAL is, according to Dr Heck, rather out of date and pumps a lot of fluid into it so that the surgeon could form poorer (?) And OP time is longer as a result.
            Since last year I have been on sick leave due to fibro pain and now that. Reintegration at the beginning of the year failed in March. All the appointments that I currently have tubing already. With compression and possibly further physiotherapy, I'm pretty busy starting to therapy. The appointments KG, Ergo, functional training and then possibly also lymph drainage are difficult to combine or the practices are full. How should I still work there, I ask myself.
            You also write Dr white is not recommended? Why ? What is your experience there?
            What should be considered / recommended for sports and work with compression garments?
            Would be nice if you or others can say something or have advice.

          • Hello Manuela,

            Here on the site you will find a lot of articles to answer your questions, which will surely be of help to you.
            Dr. White has controversial views, but I have no personal experience with him.


    • Hello Janina,
      You don't have to buy special fashion for lipoedema! There are pants from the company Kj Brand, called BABSI, cost around 98 euros and are the ideal pants for lipoedema legs. They are available in jeans, various colors and in chic, from size 36 to 58! I have lipoedema myself and was in de Foeldiklinik in 1989. I have had a boutique from size 20 for 42 years. I serve a large number of customers with lipoedema.
      Best regards,

  • Hello, I'm just "falling" over this page because I am rummaging around on the subject again and find this "weight loss article"

    Yes, losing weight with lipedema - it works. I have lost 60 kg and still want to lose 10-15 kg, but that will only be tackled in January.

    I have changed my diet, eat a lot of whole grain products (1. they make me fuller, 2. I notice that the fewer wheat flour products I eat, the better I feel with my lipedema) and also count calories. In about 3,5 years, then 60 kg gave ... It is not always a pleasure, especially not if you are stuck on a plateau and continue to need discipline, but where there's a will, there's a way.

    Good luck to everyone

    • Hello tina.
      I've been trying to lose weight for ages. I have lipedema on my arms and legs. But it doesn't want to go down. I'm 30 and I've been messing with it since I was 18. Do since 1.1. Low carb. No sugar, no carbohydrates. But it doesn't work.
      Can you maybe tell me a few things about what you ate.
      Would be nice to hear from you.
      Greetings Lisa

  • Hello Caroline,

    I changed my diet 3 years ago. So I lost - 25kg. For about 1 year now I've only had the fight with 5 kg in the limit range between 95 and 90 kg. I want to lose 15 more weight, then I'll be satisfied and in balance. (75).
    My lipedema is twisted on my bottom, stomach, legs and little arm. The worst is that the varicose veins are there too and combined with lipedema doesn't sound good. Do you have any ideas what else I can do to finally cross the line? (I eat paleo)

    Thank you

    • Hello dear Cili,

      I, too, hang exactly in this weight segment and only manage to get down with a lot of work, but it's something like a feel-good weight. It makes you comfortable 😀

      Best regards,

  • Hello Carolin, I have a lip / lymphedema, so both, would like to lose weight permanently, change meals, plenty of water, weight remains firm ???

  • Hey
    I also have lipedema, diagnosed in 2004 and have been drained and wear compression tights ever since.
    My maximum weight was 77 kg at 162 cm. Right now it's 66, but I already had 62, and I felt great there. For me, it works best with weight training 2-3 times a week and counting kcal.

  • Great, you made it.
    I'm still full. 7 kg so far.
    Eating what you like, but in the frame and exercise everything else only makes it worse.

  • After I've tried all the diets, my diet change is just like yours. I weighed 158 kg on 1.1.2018 with a height of 83 cm. After the Lipo on December 5.12. Increased for the first time in 2016. Now I weigh between 75/76 kg. No, with the Lipo (7ltr) massive. But you can move better and the motivation to pay more attention to your diet… ..and knowing that a little is still possible. Because the arms and back have not yet been operated on.

  • Hallo,
    I've had lipedema since puberty. I've been on a lot of diets since then. The legs were always thick and misshapen and painful. Most recently I weighed 130 kg. Thanks to a healthy diet and gradually more exercise, I have lost around 66 kg within 2,5 years. Since my legs were still fat and I didn't want to endure the pain anymore, I wrestled to have an operation. I've had the first one for 3 weeks now. My current diet is ketogenic as I've read that this diet can help with lipedema as it reduces inflammation in the body.
    I wish all those affected that they can lead a happy life despite this illness.

  • Hello
    i have obesity lip-lymphedema and inflammatory rheumatism and
    Hashimoto's tyreoditis and I am 51 years old. For me it was shortly after that when I was 40
    Come on. Increase, pain and I was finished. Then I got to a good therapist and things looked up. diagnosis and there I was with mine
    Problem. 2006 13 kilos in 7 weeks, 2015 12.4 kilos I don't know what time. At the beginning of the year I decided the fun was over. I am 1.71 cm tall and the weight was three digits at the beginning. So Weight Watcher. Due to working hours I can only be online. I started January and have lost 17 kilos so far. I went to lymph drainage today and the therapist is thrilled. Have
    Lip-lymphedema all over the body and now nothing in the arms, stomach
    less thighs nothing and I am mega happy and very proud of myself. I would like to move towards my desired weight and continue to work on it….

  • Hi everybody,

    I thank you for the contributions and Caroline for this great block. He's really helpful and I feel like I'm not alone. I recognize myself in many reports and I have tears in my eyes every time I read that others feel the same way and that I can understand the world of emotions.

    Until now, I had actually resigned myself to just getting bigger and bigger. I've been on a lot of diets and tried to lose weight with moderate success. If I pay attention to what I eat, I gain just as much weight as if I don't pay attention (at least it is my feeling). Now your successes have motivated me so much that I want to tackle it again.


  • Hello Caroline.
    I envy you very much. I've been fighting with lipedema on my arms and legs / bottom since I was 18.
    I felt I tried everything that was possible. Meanwhile I am ashamed to go to sport.
    Because nothing goes down either. I already got sick because nothing happened.
    I just don't know what to do next. Do you know what else I could do.
    Greetings Lisa

    • Hello dear Lisa,

      Please don't harm your body any more. It's the only one you have Have you ever spoken to your doctor about a gastro-surgical solution? For some, this is the last resort out of this diet torment.

      Best regards,

      • Hello Carolin.
        Thank you for your answer.
        Yes I already have. Been to a clinic because of it. But there I was told I still weigh “too little” for such an operation.
        Everyone says I should accept that it is the way it is. But that doesn't work.
        The other day I saw my GP on the flu, and what can I say. The second question was: do you actually do sports? Completely out of context. Then I had to listen to things that I heard so often ten years ago. That not all of this is lipedema ... and I have to ... and that works if I want ... you immediately noticed that the doctor never dealt with the subject of lipedema. I then explained to her in tears (out of sheer anger) that this is not only connected with aesthetic reasons but also with pain ...
        Unfortunately there are still so many people who do not know about the disease. But if you can't expect anything from doctors, how should you do it from borrowing ...
        Thank you anyway for your block.
        There's a hope that it might work after all.
        Greetings Lisa

        • Hello
          I feel the same way with the doctors and physiotherapists. I have to say that after the diagnosis I ate almost 25 kilos. Of course, the point of regret came afterwards, but unfortunately too late. I tried to get the weight off for years but it didn't really work. In rehab I didn't eat anything for two days and only lunch for the rest of the first week. Plus run 16km and bike 24km and what can I say, I lost 700g in one week. I was at the end. I used the rest of the rehab and ate more and did less exercise. I lost almost five kilos in two weeks. So eating too little is not good. I have now totally switched to whole grain and I hope it will continue to be the same at home.
          Cheers Jessy

        • Gastric surgery method only makes sense if you eat too much food. I'm not sure if that's the case here. In the case of lipoedema - and I speak here of the "real" lipoedema and not obesity - not the amount of food for the accumulation and Vergrößerug of fat cells is responsible. These people eat “completely” normally. A gastric band is therefore useless - or even harmful. My opinion. The cause of lipedema has still not been researched, for whatever reason. The main assumption, however, is that hormones are very likely to be to blame ... Incidentally, I am affected myself and can find myself here when describing the suffering in most of the posts. Post again below ...

  • All well and good, lipedema is a disease that is not recognized or something else is always diagnosed because the treatment is very expensive and no doctor is willing to bear the costs with massages etc. with oh and no noise you get the application or Prescription for compression stockings and then still have to fight for the cash register to bear the costs as in my case, the stockings that the doctor prescribed for me and that I also made were not taken over by the cash register I had to pay the full price ... and I did Always lost weight in other places but my legs have stayed the same I have put all the diets behind me etc but without success and after the first pregnancy it got very bad because my hormones did not level off again, the thyroid gland also enlarged etc…

  • I ended up here by chance and I am sitting here reading with tears in my eyes ... it is so good to see that others feel the same way and at the same time I find it so terrible how many women suffer so! I've been using compression for 4 years (not consistently 🙁 and since the birth of my
    Third child 23 years ago, I'm really fat, 120 kg ... I've almost doubled. By chance 4 years ago, a therapist guessed lipedema and sent me to a doctor who then made the diagnosis. I've been ashamed for a long time my body, don't trust me in a swimming pool, and hate the compression. I feel like I'm in a straitjacket when I wear it. It all makes me depressed, even if it's good. And I just get the curve of not doing any sport ... now I'm mentally the complete opposite of what I used to be ... I've completely ticked off the relationship. If I can't accept myself, how can someone else do it? Thank god I have dear friends who have no problem with me!
    How nice to see that there are such great courageous women who don't let their heads hang down and find a way to deal with all this in a positive way ... and how nice that there are obviously men who stand behind their women. I wish everyone here every success on their way!

    • I read your comments and recognize myself, as almost everyone else writes it ...
      Already disproportionate as a teenager, thicker at the bottom than at the top, the first diet at 16 (back then there were still “appetite suppressants”, which are banned today). The weight was then reasonably normal up to the age of 30, always with cigarettes and starvation in between. Then at the age of 30 I quit smoking, had 2 children and doubled my weight over the next 20 years. The lower half of the body became more and more shapeless, but neither the gynecologist nor the family doctor spoke to me about it. The orthopedist advised exercise ... with 2 small children and working alongside the household, always adventurous ... but nobody gave the reason for "just" a fat lower body! A physiotherapist whom I visited because of ailments in the neck then asked how long I had had lipedema. I heard the word there for the first time! Now the family doctor could refer me to the phlebologist, I got my diagnosis of lip / lymphedema. But nothing was finally good! The compression did not fit properly, not even with the third complaint. The physiotherapist, who did the lymphatic drainage twice a week, came to the end of his art at some point, there was no more measurable success, and the health insurance company therefore stopped working. Since then I have been on a different diet every year, from WW to cabbage soup to Almased. I always lose some of it, but then the energy fizzles out and the yo-yo effect strikes. But weight has to go down! Because if I am very overweight, I cannot move enough to do real sport. It's like a vicious circle. Of course there are gentle sports like swimming, but the smell of the swimming pool makes me sick. For this I go for a walk with my dog, he is my "coach".
      Still, I've come to a point where I find myself with everything ...
      I've already experienced so many setbacks that I just don't feel like dealing seriously with the subject of lipedema any more.
      And yet I am writing here ... maybe I will find my motivation again ...

      • Okay, sit here and could start crying ... I have a real low, no strength, no desire and no more hope. Tortured me with lipedema since puberty. I got approx. The diagnosis was made 15 years ago, but nobody could explain to me how to handle it correctly, if it really exists. I couldn't stand the compression stockings because the back of my knees was sore. I had more pain with the stockings than without. I hadn't been granted any flat-knitted ones. I then decided to lead a "normal" life and ignore lipedema. With almost 78kg. at 1,60 I had approx. I did the hcg diet for 3 months and am on almost 60 kg. come down. I couldn't maintain the weight in the long run, but I have to say that with this diet I lost weight in all areas. I saw with 60 kg. slimmer than you would think. Hcg is a different type of weight loss and the hormone is the only one that manages to get the fat out of the affected areas (the real hormone works better than globules). Today I have almost 80 kg again and can't even begin to regain my strength. I met my partner when I was 60 kg, he loves me, but I still wonder how long he can keep up with my weight gain? If he looks at me in my underwear, I'm immediately afraid that he will examine my shapeless body and that he will judge me. Maybe not, but maybe? Anyway, I devalue myself, I know that nobody can find my body beautiful. Accept? Yes. Nice? Nein! I turn in a circle between self-acceptance, that's just the way it is, maybe there is still a miracle apart from medicine, what does my life with the disease want to tell me, find the cause and with it the solution and cure, you are to blame yourself because you are not only eats salad and vegetables every day and is always running for your life! Accept that you are likely to get fatter and eventually find yourself alone. But at least a doctor once confirmed to me that if there was a war I would survive the famine because I can gain a lot with little. Ultimately, I would be the winner, well ... I wonder how long we have to run in the hamster wheel, we kick and kick and still don't get ahead! Again 80 kg. and if I don't scratch the curve, it'll be 100, it's very easy. Vacation is now an absolute stress for me, 2-3 kg each time. that I almost can't get down. Maybe I will manage to lose weight again with an iron will, only to find out again that I cannot hold the weight. I am now 45 years old and powerless. I wonder how I am doing at 55 or 60? I doubt that as I get older, I'll get more motivated, especially since my experience doesn't get better. Sorry for my demotivating attitude, I keep reading in forums etc. but it's the first time that I'm involved! Am i just negative? Probably. Honest? I guess so. What I can recommend, despite my current frustration, are the Greenfood Rutin capsules (Amazon) I have the feeling that my calves have become a little slimmer and a little lighter. I've been taking the capsules for 4 days.

  • hello have the first 15 kilos now down since my first lympdrynage 169 130kg 54 years a miracle I gave away all clothes in the birth because I didn't think I could only lose one gram for days nothing eat nothing away flu 2 weeks nothing goes now what is just so ?? eat nothing sweet and no pork except for a wienerle with the dog eat a lot! vegetables hald hab steamer is ingenious and pizza stone from pempert chef and lots of lemon with chilli now everything is fresh, lots of chicken canned fish and wholemeal bread if bread also a mussel cucumber salad almost every day and melon and when I started asparagus time rabarber and strawberries without end it works like that a miracle go swimming again and start now with rehasport 2x a week we are already power women gel no couch potatos who knows us know that and the friends who were never ashamed with us and laughed with us they are the friends now get a mega fruit plate instead of cake put there you have to cry with joy, I tell you and for swimming I have someone I'm curious what will happen in a year someone makes me a diary for the 1 year with a photo of awesome gel !! Hope you have such great friends too

  • Hi all!
    I ended up browsing here and very happy about it. Maybe someone can help me here….
    I am 40 years old and I was diagnosed with lipedema 4 months ago.
    Only the doctor said he couldn't do anything for me (alleged specialist) and I have to get along with it. How do I get my hands on lymph drainage or compressions myself?
    Or can someone recommend a doctor in the Augsburg area?
    I am 164 cm tall and 95 kg. But I lost 4 kilos 30 years ago and have kept that weight since then.
    I also have no real idea what to do now ...

    • Hello dear Mella,

      I asked around and got a few recommendations for you 🙂

      When things have to be done quickly: Ute Knüppe in Emersacker, a general practitioner, is well trained
      Takes a little longer to make an appointment: Dr. Jochen Berger in Graben

      You can send a warm greeting from Henry Schulze to both of them 🙂

      Best regards,

  • Hello Caroline,

    I'm 39, also from Wetzlar and got my diagnosis 5 years ago because my boss at the time told me to go to a phlebologist, it looks very much like lipedema, thanks to the company contacts I managed to find the right doctor. My only problem is that at the moment I am looking for a good medical supply store, which I have always been to so far, unfortunately my Sanifee stops and the others cannot make flat knit supplies. Can you recommend someone to me Thank you

    Many greetings Janine

  • Hallo,

    I lost 60kg with lipedema and no carbohydrates, in about 3 years.
    I eat a ketogenic diet and eat a maximum of 20g of carbohydrates a day, which come from vegetables.
    The feeling of being alive with this type of diet is incredible, no more heavy legs, no more migraines, off-the-shelf clothing and no more restricted mobility.
    Unfortunately, due to my pregnancy and a higher amount of carbohydrates, I gained some weight again, but now that I have adjusted my diet again, I've already lost 10kg.

    Greetings and lots of courage to all fellow sufferers

  • Thanks for the blog… .. my diagnosis is very fresh… .. but since my mother has it too, I know what else to expect…. and so far I'm just frustrated that it caught me too…. I will keep reading your blog and thank you for going public.


  • Hello dear Caro!
    Did you manage all the pounds and slim legs despite lipedema without surgery?
    I've now lost the first 5kg, but the feeling on my legs is not doing anything 🙁 and I've heard quite often that you can't get slim legs if you have lipedema, at least not without surgery ...

    Best regards,

    • Hello Nicola,

      I managed about 30 kilos to the OPs and 6 kilos more after the OPs. Many also take some weight off without surgery 🙂 And something can happen to their legs, but unfortunately they rarely get that much thinner.

      Best regards,

  • Hello dear Caroline
    I am totally desperate because I also suffer from lipedema
    Very pronounced on the legs and arms
    I can't afford an operation
    At 1,63, I weigh around 75 kilos
    Have already lost 10 pounds
    Am I getting you right?
    Is it possible to reduce the lipedema significantly through a further decrease?
    I thank you for your great contribution
    Best regards

    • Hello Birgit,

      you will lose all of the healthy fat (including your legs) by losing weight. The lipedema fat itself cannot be removed, but it is still sometimes significantly less than expected 😉

      Best regards,

  • Tanja, your posts read very interesting and helpful. I finally got my compression garments yesterday after a long Odeysee, my physiotherapist came to the conclusion that the diagnosis was confirmed at the phlemologist, I had fibromyalgia athrosis in the knees, hips, thighs, and hands and other diseases. I gained a lot at the moment, unfortunately, nothing goes down.

  • Hey, I find your blog very encouraging. I received my diagnosis of stage 2 lip-lymphedema 3 days ago. In 2016, I weighed 186 kilos, it now fluctuates between 147-149. Since my diagnosis, however, I've been… I don't know whether I can call it demotivation or too shocked. Well, I just lost weight by changing my diet. Sport has always been such a tiresome topic for me that it has to be part of my life now, it doesn't sound unimaginable to me ...

  • Thank you my love for these beautiful words. I am still at the very beginning and can expect a diagnosis that will probably be in the direction of lipedema. I have been trying for years to get down from being very overweight and have tried exercise and dieting without success. People like you encourage me that I can still achieve my normal weight. At a height of 1,60 m, I weighed almost 90 kilos in my strongest times. I hope that, like you, I can fight for a normal life for me.

    • Hello dear Ulrike,

      Believe me, it's a constant fight and it will never be over. Last year, I had put on 10 kilos again due to poor nutrition and too little exercise and have now finally started up again to get back to the feel-good weight and then to the ideal weight.

      Nobody can do that for me, so let's go to the next round!

      Best regards,

  • Hi,
    I only came across it here today and can only confirm it.
    I have a great friend without edema who is my motivation and at the moment it is -27 kg. But with breaks, a little up and down also 5 years.
    Fight on the last 2,7 kg so that the 1 in front is gone.
    Lg from Kassel

  • Hello my love. I admire you how you lost weight. For me, light food and sports are getting worse and worse. I just don't answer.
    OK, I'm 54 years old and fully through menopause, but that can't be all.
    Maybe you can help me. I would be very grateful.
    Best regards,
    Beata Menzel

  • Hello, my name is Talia, I am 22 years old and at the beginning of the year I was diagnosed with stage 2 lipedema, arms and legs. I weighed 109 kg with a height of 169. Sluggish and deadly unhappy, as well as pain in the legs. I didn't want to go on like this and, following the advice of the phlebologist, I ate a balanced diet and counted calories. At that time I didn't know what kind of calories and sugar I ate. 5 months have passed since then and I now weigh 97,5 kg. My pains in my legs have disappeared, they only hurt when I touch them and I have more energy. I'll go ahead and do the liposuction at the end of the year. My waist has lost 12 cm, my legs not an inch. Very disappointing, but what can you do, it's just the disease.

  • I think it's awesome how you show that liposuction doesn't have to be! Such motivation is needed! I googled again and again and informed myself and slowly you find brave people like you who show that you can do it! You look great! A low-carbohydrate diet should really help. I'm going vegan since January and that helps a lot. Pain less and 12 kilos are already down. I cannot yet say whether something of this belongs to lipedema. We will see 😉
    Lots of courage and strength on your way! Thank you for sharing this story here!

    • I thank you and I am happy to be able to help you a little with my story. I'm currently on my second weight loss journey again. Take a look at the latest articles, there you will find my new approach with a ketogenic diet and a nutrition plan. 🙂

      Kind regards (currently from Bern 😉)

  • Yes, I've also managed a lot to get down from 90 kilos to 65/70 even with a change in diet, it is not always easy because my men want to eat normally, I always try to find a mediocrity in order not to get any food cravings and the art to keep his weight like that

  • Hello
    The heading Lose weight with lioedema is probably misleading here ... you had a liposuction
    Thus, the result cannot be attributed to diet. You cannot lose weight with lipedema. I'm affected myself
    LG Doris

    • Hello Doris,

      I'm sorry, but that's not true. You can lose weight with lipedema and the liposuctions have certainly not wiped 35kg away. I also hardly lost any weight as a result of them, which is a well-known phenomenon.

      There are enough women like me who have even lost 60kg with lipedema.

      Good luck with your therapy and all the best

  • Good morning Caroline.
    Thank you for this post, which, as always, I enjoyed reading.
    What you write encourages and strengthens.
    I've been fighting with and against my weight for 18 years. Caused by an unrecognized lipedema, medication and portions that are too large. A constant up and down, between 80 and 94 kilos, with a height of 1,68 m.
    This year I got my diagnosis of lip lymphedema and thus an explanation of why it is so difficult to lose weight.
    I just lost 8 pounds, more or less intentionally.
    Since acute diverticulitis forced me to hospital in January, I have had to completely change my diet and do without a lot. Now the pounds fall by themselves ...
    I still try to walk regularly, it's the only sport I can do.
    Clear your head and fresh air is healthy.
    As far as compression is concerned, I have you in mind as a shining example. I don't hide and wear mixed colors as I like. People talk one way or another, so I don't care.
    I wish you a good time and look forward to further contributions and suggestions.
    Best regards,